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					Fun Scuba watch

                          A Swatch® watch is more than just a timepiece. It
                          represents an exciting vibrant lifestyle. The Fun Scuba watch
                          was launched in September 2004. A waterpoof watch for
                          underwater swimming; it is waterproof to 200 metres.

                                                                                   1 The beginning
                                                                                   • Swatch® – extreme
                             2 The power of                                          athleticism. Swatch®
                               the trade mark                                        sponsors extreme sportsmen,
                                                                                     for example, snowboarders
                             • Through unorthodox
                                                                                     at the Swatch® Border-X
                               designs and imaginative
                                                                                     competitions, mountainbikers
                               marketing they have
                                                                                     at the Swatch® Dual World
                               established the Swatch®
                                                                                     Series, skateboarders,
                               trade mark as synonymous
                                                                                     kayakers and surfers.
                               with youth, adventure and

      3 Brand image
      • Swatch® have invested
        huge sums of money in
        creating their exciting
        image. They need to protect
        that image and reap the
        bene ts. Ownership of their
        trade mark gives them
        protection against anyone
        else using the name.

                                      4 Registered design
                                      • Swatch’s® unique brand
                                        image is closely linked with
                                        their designs. They register
                                        their designs to prevent
                                        anyone else using them.