Rivers, Estuaries, Deltas Beaches Traps for Fossil Fuels

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					    Rivers, Estuaries, Deltas & Beaches: Traps
                 for Fossil Fuels
                                6-7 November 2008

                                Thursday 6 November

08:30   Registration + coffee

09:20   Welcome and opening

09:30   Steel, R. and Olariu, C. (University of Texas at Austin)
        KEYNOTE: Deltas and estuaries: how do they grow the shelf and shelf-margin prism

10:15   Bowman, A., Reynolds, T., and Lowe, S. (BP Exploration)
        Lacustrine delta reservoirs of the giant ACG Field, South Caspian Basin, offshore Azerbaijan

10:45   Waters, J., Jones, S., and Armstrong, H. (Durham University)
        Sequence Stratigraphic Development of a Pleistocene Fan Delta Complex: Pissouri Basin,
11:15   Tea / Coffee

11:45   Howell, J., Enge, H. and Buckley, S. (University of Bergen)
        Quantification of shallow marine, deltaic clinothems from virtual outcrop models: Examples
        from the Cretaceous Western Interior of the USA
12:15   Olavsdottir, J. (Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate)
        Three-dimensional Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic study of Mid-Eocene clinoforms in the
        Faroe-Shetland Basin, NE Atlantic Ocean
12:45   Lunch

14:00   Hampson, G.J. (Imperial College London)
        Facies architecture, sediment volumes and dispersal mechanisms across an ancient shelf:
        Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway, USA
14:30   Blum, M. (Louisiana State University)
        New Views on Incised Valleys: Insights from Quaternary Systems of the Gulf of Mexico Coast
        and Shelf
15:00   Guimarães, J.K., and Dominguez, J.M. (Universidade Federal da Bahia)
        The Late-Quaternary History of the Sao Francisco River Delta, Brazil: from an incised valley
        to an equilibrium-state wave dominated delta

15:30   Tea / coffee

16:00   Bristow, C. (Birkbeck College)
        Coastal plain sedimentary architecture revealed by GPR
16:30   Kieft, R., Jackson, C., Hampson, G. and Larsen, E. (Imperial College London)
        Impact of syn-depositional faulting on shallow-marine sedimentation and reservoir
        distribution: Hugin Formation, Block 15/3, Norwegian South Viking Graben
17:00   Larsen, A.L., Andersson, A., Grunhagen, H., Jackson, C.A.L. and Howell, J.A.
        (University of Bergen)
        Preserved beach ridges in the Middle Jurassic Brent Group, Horda Platform, North Viking
        Graben: Recognition, origin and preservation
17:30   Wine Reception

                                   Friday 7 November

08:30   Registration + coffee

09:00   Paola, C. (St Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota)
        KEYNOTE: Scale dependence and independence in depositional systems: experimental and
        other evidence
09:45   Tornqvist, T.E., Wortman, S.R., Mateo, R.P., Milne, G.A. and Swenson, J.B. (Tulane
        Source-to-sink sediment flux during the last sea-level lowstand: Implications for stratigraphic
10:15   Moore, R., Fint, S., Wolf, J., and Souza, A. (University of Liverpool)
        Explaining estuarine sediment dynamics and morphological changes using numerical
        modelling and LIDAR analysis techniques
10:45   Tea / Coffee

11:15   Nichols, G., Hartley, A. and Weissmannm G. (Royal Holloway University of London)
        Are distributary patterns dominant in fluvial deposits in the stratigraphic record?
11:45   Jones, S. and Arzani, N. (Durham University)
        Constraining temporal controls on alluvial fan activity, Central Iran

12:15   Patterson, P.E., Skelly, R.L., Jones, C.R. (ExxonMobil)
        Hierarchical Description of Alluvial Strata
12:45   Lunch

14:00   Yu, Q. (Senckenberg Institute)
        Rates of Deposition and Stratigraphical Completeness, a Dynamical Modeling Approach

14:30   Morris, J., Jones, S., McCaffrey, K., Meadows, N., Archer, S., Middleton, J., Charles, R.
        and Waage, H. (Durham University)
        Triassic Fluvial Outcrop and Subsurface Architecture: Controls and Correlation

15:00   Reesink, A.J.H.and Bridge, J.S. (Brighton University)
        Effects of bedform superimposition and flow unsteadiness on cross-strata formed by dunes
        and unit bars

15:30   Tea / coffee

16:00   Samorn, H., Hurley, N. and McHargue, T.R. (Chevron)
        Fluvial reservoir architecture from near-surface 3D seismic data, Block B8/32, Gulf of
16:30   Forster, C.J., and Archer, S.G. (ConocoPhillips & University of Manchester)
        Middle Jurassic Pentland Formation of the Central North Sea: a re-evaluation of sedimentary
        environments and facies
17:00   Conference End