Workshop on Opportunities for Wind Energy in China Tuesday 8 May 11 00 12 30 Milan Convention Centre Yellow Room Workshop chairmen by xfo14057


									  Workshop on Opportunities for Wind Energy in China

                           Tuesday, 8 May, 11.00-12.30
                      Milan Convention Centre, Yellow Room

Workshop chairmen:   Li Junfeng, Secretary General, CREIA
                     Arthouros Zervos, Chairman, GWEC

11.00-11.15   Overview on Chinese market developments in 2006/2007
              Shi Lishan, Division Director of Renewable Energy, Energy Bureau, NDRC

11.15-11.30   The legal and regulatory framework: Wind policy and pricing issues
              Li Junfeng, Secretary General, CREIA & Vice Director General, Energy
              Research Institute, NDRC

11.30-11.45   CDM certification for wind power projects in China
              Song Yanqin, Deputy Director & Associate Professor, Centre for Renewable
              Energy Development (CRED), Energy Research Institute, NDRC

11.45-12.00   GWEC/CREIA/CWEA Memorandum on Opportunities in the Chinese
              Wind Market
              Arthouros Zervos, Chairman, GWEC

12.00-12.30   Industry Round Table
              Guo Jian, Manging Director, Goldwind
              Han Junliang, President, Hua Rui
              Wu Yundong, General Manager, Zhejiang HeWind
              TianYe, Vice President, Zhong Hang (Baoding) Huiteng Windpower
              Eddie O’Connor, CEO, Airtricity
              Per Hornung Pedersen, CEO, Suzlon Energy
              Søren Hesselberg Jensen, Sales Director, China, Vestas
              Gabriel Nebrada, Head of Business Development, China, Gamesa
              Fernando Caller, Asia Development Manager, Iberdrola

                                 Workshop sponsored by

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