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					BPA CRM for SharePoint
  Easy CRM Solution for SharePoint
          About BPA Solutions
Founded in 2001, 20 SharePoint Experts
Microsoft Certified Partner IW
SharePoint Business Applications
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  BPA Recruiting
  Your Application
SharePoint Professional Services
50+ Customers WW
15+ Partners WW
6 Languages
CRM Applications
         Native Office Integration

Document          Excel mass       Generate
Management      Import & Export   Workflows

Easy navigate                     Connectors
& Customize                          & Sync
                     CRM Automation

                First Contact      Demo            Quote          Closing

Assigned to
Person             Create

Manager                         Get automatic

Sales Team
                                                Get automatic

Sales Manager
                                                                Get automatic
CRM Automation
            Analytical CRM

Easy Excel Export         Real time Dashboard
                          & Charts


Advanced Queries      SQL Reporting Services
Advanced BI using RS 2008
                     Dedicated CRM Sites

Board                                   Board CRM

                                                                               Data Consolidation & replication
Internal           Department A        Department B             Department C
Departments            CRM                 CRM                      CRM

External              Office 1               Office 2              Office 3
Offices                CRM                    CRM                   CRM

External           Sales Office A           Reseller B            Partner C
Partners               CRM                    CRM                   CRM

Public Directory                                         Customer
                                 Web Site
Customers                                               Self-Service
Manage Permissions
     100% Customizable – No Code !

Contacts    Projects
                         Project Details   Project Name

                          Project Steps    Project Date

                              Activities   Project Health

 Col 1     Col 2                            …/project.aspx?ID=1
                       Edit      Hoover
   BPA Applications for SharePoint

Share Lists                           Aggregate Lists

Affordable - Fast ROI       Deployment flexibility
Pay for what you need       On-premise or SaaS
Maximize SharePoint         Integrated CRM
investment                  Connect to external data,
Lower your CRM costs          systems or web sites
Ease of use                 Built on WSS & MOSS
Drive user adoption         Collaborate with SharePoint
                              advanced features
Ease of integration
                            Efficient and scalable
Fast and reliable
                            Spread load on different
100% customizable             CRM sites or servers
with no code                Test it for free
Get a customized CRM in     No download is required
  hours not months
Maximize User Adoption and Features

            BPA CRM covers
              80% of your
            needs at 20% of
                the cost

              BPA CRM
       Reduce your CRM Costs
Reduce your hidden costs up to 90% if using SP
2+ times lower license costs than MS CRM
2+ times lower license costs than salesforce.com
Payback time < 6 months
         Non SharePoint based           BPA CRM SharePoint
             CRM Software


                                                 No additional
                Hardware                         Hardware
                Personal                         Personal
               Maintenance                       or Training

                                Hidden Costs
         Agip Success Story

Agip (Suisse) SA qualified different CRM Solutions and chose
BPA CRM because of its flexibility, integration capabilities to
existing external systems and its lower cost.

BPA CRM was very quickly customized to our needs
including the integration with external systems.
            Customer Quotes
“After 2.5 hours of online training, we were able
extend the system to meet our specific needs”
Falfurrias Capital Partners (US)

« We have used several CRM solutions in the
past. BPA CRM is the most flexible, easy to use
CRM solution we have seen”
Synesis International (US)

“We chose BPA CRM because of its flexibility,
integration capabilities to existing external
systems and its lower cost”
Agip Switzerland (CH)
                            BPA CRM Project

                                       Specification document
                Scoping Analysis or    Quotation
                    Prototype          Prototype

              Launch & Customization   Customized CRM
5 – 15 days

                   Data Import         Data imported in BPA CRM

                     Training          Trained administrators

               Deployment & Tuning     Application is ready for use
                     BPA CRM Pricing

   BPA CRM Site: 990€ - 1’490 USD
   5 users pack: 990€ - 1’490 USD
   Server license (unlimited sites & users):
   19’990€ - 29’990 USD
   Annual Maintenance (free updates & support):

   18€ - 25 USD per user/month*
* Plus SharePoint hosting fees
BPA Outlook Connector (5 users):
295€ - 445 USD or 5€ - 8 USD / month
BPA Outlook Sync (5 users):
295€ - 445 USD or 5€ - 8 USD / month
BPA Query; Mail Merge (5 users*):
295€ - 445 USD or 5€ - 8 USD / month
BPA Replication; Mail Merge; Query; External
Connector (server license):
2’990€ - 4’490 USD
BPA Permissions; BPA Web Connector (server
license): 1’990€ - 2’990 USD
* Based on the purchased number of BPA CRM licenses
Example: Finance
Example: Finance
Example: Commissions
Example: Media
Example: Media
Example: Multi Locations
Example: Capabilities
Example: Governance Questions
          Videos & Free Trial
Product Presentation: http://www.crm-
Functional Quick Tour: http://www.crm-
All Videos: http://www.crm-
Free Trial: http://www.crm-sharepoint.com/free-