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									                                                                   Golf Tournament Planner

Have you ever been to a golf tournament where:                       When selecting a course, you will need to know the date and
• You were late because you had bad or no directions.                time of the event and if you want food, beverage or social
• All you received for tee prizes was a golf ball and some tees.     services from the golf club. You will find most private clubs
• You were put in a group that was too serious & had no fun.         only allow outside events on certain days. Now it is time to
• The food or beverages were gone before you got in line.            contact some golf courses.
• They ran out of carts before you got one, so you had to
walk.                                                                ESTABLISH YOUR BUDGET
• There were not enough tables for everyone.                         Once your course is selected, you can establish your budget.
                                                                     Items to be considered include: green fees, golf carts, food
As you are aware, these and worse things can happen. If any          services (breakfast, lunch, dinner), beverages, use of driving
of these things have happened to you, we are sure you left           range, tee prizes and awards, printing, bag room, photogra-
the event feeling that someone did a poor job.                       phy, entertainment, insurance, lodging, and transportation. It is
                                                                     customary for prizes and awards to be 10% of your budget.
This planner is designed to make sure the next event you plan
is perfect. Remember, some items may need to be planned up           Once you have collected all this information, you will be able
to one year in advance such as reserving the golf course,            to establish your entry fee. Sponsorships will help subsidize
carts and dining hall.                                               the cost of the event. Do you want a sponsor for the entire
                                                                     event or a large number of small contributors?
What is your tournament objective?                                   If your event involves a charity, the appeal of tax advantage
• Raise funds for a charity                                          can be used as a selling point. Often a company’s advertising
• Gain recognition                                                   budget may allow support of the tournament for civic reasons
• Provide recreation                                                 and the sponsor gains in his relationships with the community.
• Gain good will as a thank you                                      You may try to find a local car dealer as a possible sponsor for
  for your support                                                   the Hole-in-One contest. Make sure that sponsor names are
• Competition for members                                            prominently displayed during the event, on the scoreboard, tee
                                                                     boxes, in the pro shop and at the award ceremony. Consider a
Then you will need to determine the                                  package deal whereby the sponsor
event format, handicap system and                                    receives some logoed shirts from
the number of participants.                                          the event or free entry fee for their
                                             TEE TIME KIT            group.
Formats: Stroke or match play, individual or team, best ball or
scrambles. For most corporate outings with people of varying         SIGN ME UP!
degrees of ability, we recommend a scramble. This will be less       Who wants to play in your outing
intimidating and more enjoyable by all participants and easier       and how do you get them
to score. Scrambles are events in which everyone in your             to sign up? You probably have a
group shoots from the best shot in the group.                        good idea as to your target              EAT, DRINK & GOLF KIT
                                                                     audience. It is important that you post, advertise or send out
Handicapping Systems: Handicapping of players (to equalize           invites as much as three months in advance. This will give
players abilities) is done by using the event's course rating        you a head start on other activities. You need to take into
along with the players USGA handicap. Many event players             consideration whether people are coming from out of town
will not have a USGA handicap so you will have to use a mod-         and if they need to arrange for travel and lodging.
ified handicap system such as selecting 6 blind holes to calcu-
late a handicap or use handicap systems such as the                  Invitations should include the event date, time, location,
Callaway, Wilson or Peoria                                           format, cost of the event and the entry due date. If you are
                                                                     handing out apparel, you will want to be sure to ask for shirt,
Number Of Participants:                                              pants or glove size and right or left handed glove.
Most 18-hole golf courses can handle up to 144 golfers
(36 groups of four). If you have a shotgun start, this would         Thirty days prior to the event you will want to send out an
require two groups                                                   information packet with the information above, as well as a
                                  on every hole. If your group       map to the course, phone numbers, housing information, golf
                                  is larger, you will need two       course dress codes, golf shoe spike rules, shop hours, range
                                  courses or a morning and           hours and the hours of social activities.
                                  afternoon start.

                                                                      Golf Tournament Planner

WHAT IS THERE TO DO?                                                    ARE YOU HAVING A GREAT TIME?
As mentioned previously, there are many tasks involved when             If you are using golf cars, to ensure availability, a rental fleet
coordinating a golf tournament. Here are some areas you will            may be needed and must be reserved as much as a year in
want to make sure you recruit assistance in:                            advance. You will want to request the availability of a few extra
• Team pairings               • Marking of golf course                  cars to cover breakdowns, rangers, delivery of messages, and
• Scorecards                  • Scoreboard                              for food and beverage assistance on the course. Use a print
• Rules sheet                 • First tee coordinator                   shop to create cart signs with your
• Bag drop                    • Special events                          sponsor and lines for
• Gifts/ Tee prizes           • Award presentations                     player’s names and
• Food service                                                          their starting hole.
                                                                        To avoid confusion
Other areas you may need help include: preparing and mailing            and for safety, you will
flyers, rules sheet, printing score sheets, collecting fees,            want to keep the keys
posting results, preparing bag tags, establishing check in table,       out of the cars for a
preparing list of participants, assigning golf carts, special event     shotgun start until just
                                     signs, photography, food           prior to the start.
                                     service, special events, dec-
                                     orations, entertainment or         During the event some-                   STAY COOL KIT
                                     speakers.                          one will need to be
                                                                        available for first aid, rules interpretations, and for monitoring
                                    You will want to meet with          the Hole-in-One/FREE car or prize contest.
                                    the golf course’s Director of
                                    Golf and General Manager            HOW DO WE FIGURE OUT THE WINNERS?
                                    to discuss available options        The players are responsible only for their individual hole
                                    and costs.                          scores, not the addition of the totals. This is the responsibility of
                                                                        the official scorer. Each team should sign and witness their
                                EAT, DRINK AND BE                       scorecard. The scoreboard should be located in an area which
     GOLF ON THE GO KIT         MERRY?                                   is easily accessible after finishing play. All scores should be
Food and beverages are a very important part of the event.              posted for everyone to review.
You will need to know:
• Meal times                • Type of meal (sit down/buffet)            WHAT DID I WIN?
• Bar services              • Hors d’oeuvres                            What’s nice about golf is that the handicap system gives
• Meal prices               • Method of payment                         everyone an equal chance to win. It is easy to have multiple
• Location of Head table    • Guest speaker                             winners with a team event. In addition, you can have individual
• Podium and microphone     • Prize and award table                     winners for longest putt, , longest drive, closest to the pin,
                                                                        fewest putts, most greens in regulation and closest drive to the
Bar arrangements can be either a cash bar, billing to the event,        center of the fairway. You can also set up putting contests on
or tickets. During the event it is customary to offer beverage          the practice green or offer raffles to allow more winners.
service on the course. You must decide if this cost is included
in your entry fee.                                                      AFTER THE EVENT
                                                                        Did everyone have a great time? Will they remember the event
It is very important that you have planned for proper timing            as one they would like to return to next year and invite some
between golfing and meals. It is not unusual for a scramble             of their friends? You may want to send them a thank you note,
event to take anywhere from four to six hours. You may also             a decorated golf flag as a memento of the event or a team or
need to plan for rain delays.                                           group picture that will get displayed! Also, don’t forget to thank
                                                                        the assistants who helped you make the event a great success.
The registration table is your first chance to make a favorable         Just because the event is over, don’t think you’re done. The
impression on the tournament participant. The table should be           best time to plan next year’s event is now. It is also a good time
located near the clubhouse entrance or the first tee. Items you         to reserve your facilities for next year and start to plan the
will need include: pencils, scorecards, bag tags, tees, divot                                          prizes and awards. Have fun and
tools, tee gifts, pairing sheets, tee times, golf cart information,                                    Good Luck!
alphabetized player rosters, cash box, rules and format sheets,
paperweights and a trash can.

                                                                          GOLFER’S PAL KIT

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