Marketing Wellness Through the Professional Channel

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					Marketing Wellness Through the
    Professional Channel
   Presented By: Jennifer Petterson, EVP,
        Director of Consumer Health
Pronunciation: 'wel-n&s
Function: noun
: the quality or state of being in good health especially
as an actively sought goal
<wellness clinics> <lifestyles that promote wellness>
       Consumer Views on
Health & Wellness are Changing …
“Health” Redefined By Consumers




        Well-Being               Energy/

         The Role of Wellness Today

• A major shift is happening that is likely to affect
  the way products are developed and marketed

   "Wellness is a huge market, and is growing at double digit
   rates. But the way consumers consider wellness is changing, and
   we predict there will be great changes in the market over the next
   ten years …When the health and wellness market first emerged, the
   focus was on foods with health benefits. Now it is on a better
   quality of life. In the future, consumers will want to live longer."
                                                         - Chor San Khoo
                             Vice President of Global Nutrition and Health
                                                 Campbell Soup Company

The Health Continuum & Life

     Understanding Trends and Issues
      Growing Social Health                     Continuing Crisis-Driven
         Consciousness                                Environment
•   Good health as a ―personal value‖      •   Low health literacy, often leading to
•   Consumers actively involved in             low rates of compliance
    managing their health                  •   Convenience driven/time constrained
•   Baby boomers redefine aging                society
•   New technologies provide more          •   Limited individual accountability
    access to information                  •   Inconsistent, confusing and
•   Food/health advertising restrictions       contradicting information
    of targeting kids                      •   Poor nutrition and sedentary
•   Rising healthcare costs motivate           lifestyles driving rise in obesity and
    employers, health plans to find            diabetes
    solutions                              •   With medical advances, once deadly
                                               diseases have become chronic
                                           •   Increased scrutiny on marketing
                                               initiatives focused on children,
    The Empowered Health Consumer
Ranks good health as high life priority
• 81% believe they are directly responsible for their health1
Views health inside and out
• Beauty on outside = Health on inside
Wants to be educated
• 36% of health seekers say last search was related to own
    health or medical situation2
Listens to peers
• 85% more open to health and well-being advice from
    someone who has been in their situation or shared their
Believes in prevention
• 84% report actively taking steps to prevent future
    problems with their health3
1. Yankelovich. ―Preventative Health and Wellness in America.‖ 2005 Report.
2. The Pew Internet Project. ―Online Health Search.‖ 2006.
3. StrategyOne. ―The American Well-Being Study.‖ 2006.
            …Is Influenced by Many
                      HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
   COACHES/TRAINERS                          PHARMACISTS


  THIRD-PARTY                                     FAMILY
   INSURERS                                  ONLINE CHATTER

       GOVERNMENT                               MEDIA

                    And Influencing Change . . .           9
                                 Deeper Look at Boomers
                                  On Health & Wellness
 • They face challenges in maintaining or improving their
   personal health and wellness—specifically that of finances,
   time and energy
            – 41% perceive lack of money as greatest challenge
            – 30% lack of time
            – 30% lack of energy
 • However, they also have greater interest in achieving
   personal health and wellness goals today compared to 10
   years ago
            – Nearly 50% report more interest today
            – One-fifth are working harder than ever to achieve these goals
Source: StrategyOne/Edelman Boomer Study, September 2007                      10
Fielded among 1320 adult boomers by Harris Interactive Service Bureau
Range of error plus or minus 2.6%
                     Deeper Look at Boomers
                   On Health & Wellness (cont’d)
 • Virtually all Boomers are interested in better understanding
   the latest facts in science and medicine so that they can be
   their own advocates
            – 92% want facts to become better informed for themselves and
              loved ones
 • Boomers are actively taking steps to improve their health
   & wellness, particularly that of weight loss
            – Nearly two-thirds have purchased vitamins, taken an OTC pain
              medication or visited a healthcare professional for a preventative
              exam in the past year
 • Additionally, Boomers have mixed feelings toward
   products and their association with getting older
Source: StrategyOne/Edelman Boomer Sstudy, September 2007                          11
Fielded among 1320 adult boomers by Harris Interactive Service Bureau
Range of error plus or minus 2.6%
The Role of Health Influencers
              • The opinions of health
                influencers resonate with
                     – 52% believe information from
                       a doctor or healthcare
                       specialist is extremely
              • Influencers trust the science
                     – Programs and messages must
                       be supported with evidence
                     – Look for validation through
                       published work, news media
                       and peers

               1Edelman Annual Trust Study, 2007
   Case Study: Curves
The Women’s Health & Fitness

                        The Situation

• Curves is a unique workout for women
   – 30-minute circuit combines strength training and sustained
     cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic
   – 10,000+ franchises and 4 million members worldwide in just
     over a decade
   – Welcoming environment for women,
     especially those in gym for first time
       • Fast, easy, cozy, women’s ―circuit circle,‖
         friends, supportive community
       • Empowering:
         ―The Power to Amaze Yourself‖
• BUT … is 30 minutes enough?
  Does it really work?
                          The Research
• Unprecedented commitment to long-term partnership with Baylor
    – $5 million, 5-year unrestricted grant to Baylor University Exercise &
      Sports Nutrition Lab led by Dr. Richard Kreider, Ph.D to study:
        • How exercise and nutrition impact women’s overall health
        • Better understand the science behind Curves
        • Continue to refine, shape Curves offering to help women achieve improved
    – Create rich, ongoing resource to examine women’s nutrition, fitness and
      general health needs
• Additional relationships with high-profile groups such as the Cooper
• Initial findings show short and long term effects of Curves program
    – Helps women achieve weight loss, reduce body mass, improve aerobic
      capacity and increase bone density and resting metabolism rates

                 The Problem

• Limited awareness for research and success
• Cluttered environment around weight loss,
  women’s health
• Wide held beliefs that fitness requires tough
  workout, lots of sweat and intensity

                The Opportunity

• Increase knowledge and perception that the
  Curves workout really works
   – Based on sound science
     (not proven by)
   – Right mix of tools, motivation and support
   – Fun, easy and empowering
• Tap health influencers who women trust


• Position Curves as thought leader in women’s
  health, wellness and fitness
• Educate about the program, positioning Curves as
  proven health and wellness resource for their

              Core Strategies
• Leverage research, credible science to educate the
  medical community and other health influencers
• Capitalize on business landmarks to engage targets
• Deepen relationships with authoritative third-party
• Tap power of media influencers by providing
  news of research and ―real life" tips

      The Targets
• Members of the medical community and other health
    – Medical and health association leadership, staff and
        • Physicians and nurses caring primarily for women (e.g.,
          primary care physicians, OB/GYNs, nurse practitioners,
          diabetes educators)
        • Other health influencers
        • Association/influencer publications
        • Top 25 – 50 dailies, community papers and broadcast
        • National health and women’s long-lead magazines
        • Online women’s health, fitness and diet outlets
        • News talk radio
        • National business print and broadcast
• Franchisees
• Members – current, former and prospective
       Create Memorable, Positive
• Get personal and engage in two-way conversation
• Target smaller, meaningful audiences

           Take Curves to Physicians
• Exhibit at major medical conferences targeting 12,000 +primary care
  physicians and other health influencers who counsel patients on diet,
  fitness and weight management
    – Physicians
        • Pri-Med Conference and Exhibition Regional Meetings
        • American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Meeting
    – Nurse practitioner and diabetes-focused conferences
        • American College of Nurse Practitioners National Clinical Conference
        • American Association of Diabetes Educators
• Pre-show mailings, recognition in publications, booth where meeting
  participants share the Curves experience and try out the circuit
• Create large database of key influencers for repeat contact

Maximizing Health Influencer Reach

                          Blue 1,000 ≤
                          Orange 100 ≤ 999
                          Green 50 ≤ 99
                          Purple 1 ≤ 49

       Recognize Growing Appetite
            for Information
• Educate versus promote and be transparent
• Co-create for shared sense of ownership
   – Tap into their insights and creativity
   – Develop original content with impact
   – Opt for support and endorsement over total control of
• Provide validated, authoritative sources
• Encourage peer-to-peer communications

            Provide Relevant Health
             Influencer Resources
• Create educational materials, some bylined by independent
  physicians known for strong patient interaction skills,
  expertise in women’s health and wellness
   – Science behind Curves/Baylor program tri-fold brochure
   – Research abstracts and published studies, as available
   – Member success stories, particularly those that are medically
   – ―How to Talk to Your Patients about Weight Loss‖ brochure
   – Curves membership incentives to give patients

     Understand the Power of Digital
• launched
  February 2007
• Accessed through
• 231,124 unique visitors to date
• 502,381 total visits to date
• Offers health professionals:
    – Resources for talking to patients about
      their weight
    – Science behind the Curves workout
      and members’ success stories
    – Schedule of health professional
      meetings where Curves is exhibiting
• Information on insurance coverage
• Links back to to help physicians’
  easily identify Curves in their areas
Most-visited pages:                          Science Behind

                                                              Insurance Providers

        Home Page

                                                    9.0% Health Professional


                                         Locate a Curves
                              Other      Near You                             28
        Create an Ongoing Dialogue
• Quarterly e-newsletter, visually integrated with look and
  feel of Curves booth, healthcare professional resources
• Content includes
   – Highlights of existing and new research;
     profiles of Dr. Kreider and Baylor University
     Exercise & Sports Nutrition Laboratory
   – Patient success stories and healthcare
     professional testimonials
   – Information on new Curves offerings
     (new equipment, Curves food products, etc.)
   – Special healthcare professional and patient
   – Surveys of health influencers on patients’
     fitness needs, response to Curves, etc.

        Bring the News Home to Curves
• Create health and wellness resource tools that Curves franchisees can
  distribute to current and prospective members
• Partnered with International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub
  Association to create information sheets on exercise and disease
  prevention and management
• Focused on disease states with clear indications for exercise
    –   Osteoporosis
    –   Cardiovascular Disease
    –   Diabetes
    –   Arthritis
• Supported with Health & Wellness Talking Points to guide Curves
  owners in conversations related to exercise and other disease states

         Tap Into Media Influencers
• Understand that the pyramid of media influence has
   – Continue to tap traditional media but note rise in ―peer-to-peer‖
     communications and emergence of citizen journalists
       • Create distinct look for Women’s Health
       • Initiative and Baylor partnership
       • Conduct audit of press kit and created new
         materials as needed
            – Added electronic capability
       • Identify and prepare spokespersons and ensure
         they are available to speak to media throughout
         the year
            – Training with Q&A
       • Distributed to key media as well as internal
         Curves publications

              Learn from Our Efforts
• Influencer Outreach Program Strategy and Approach
    – Health professionals are receptive to this type of science based message
      and credible presence that allows them to experience the program
    – Integrating the look and feel of Curves’ consumer marketing program
      helps tell ―one story‖
        • But sound science is the true story for most credibility
    – Providing small, meaningful incentives fosters health professional
      relationship building
• Trade Show Exhibits
    – Not all trade shows are equal
        • Some provide connection with more direct influencers
    – Logistics vary from show to show
        • Prepare for differences in exhibit vendors and approach
    – Pre-show training for consistency of message is key
    – Engaging local franchisees gives important ownership to them and ―real-
      world" exposure for health influencers
    Learn from Our Efforts (cont’d)

• Research is true measure of success
   – Test the waters first and conduct research, if possible, to fine-tune
     activities and materials before full program roll-out or expansion
   – Establish metrics to further measure program impact
       • Apply variety of tools to evaluate initiatives
            – Survey health professionals through Curves’ booth (survey card)
            – Track redemption of health influencer and patient member incentive
            – Track downloads on Curves owner health resource materials
            – Track e-newsletter response
                » Distribution metrics (e-newsletters received and opened,
                   unsubscribe rates, etc.)

                         The Top 10 List
  Marketing Wellness Through the Professional Channel

1. Remember HCPs are also consumers
     – Understand where consumers (and influencers) are in life
          • Connect at physical places and emotional life moments
          • Rites of passage, everyday moments, lifestyle choices, and passions
2. Lead with the science
3. Engage in rich dialogue
4. Co-create by tapping HCPs for insights, strategic counsel and commentary
5. Align with leadership/organizations
6. Educate with relevant materials
7. Reach through trusted channels
8. Create positive, memorable experiences
9. Bring value to society
     – Design program to benefit consumers and influencers as well as brand/
10. Recognize brand and organization are accountable
     – Remember health business is held to high standard
      Questions and Discussion

Jennifer Petterson

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