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Remedial Action Plans (RAP) by xak10506


									                   QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER #5 – FEBRUARY 17, 2010                                                                          POTTERSBURG PCB STORAGE SITE DECOMMISSIONING PROJECT

                                                       RAP                         Date Issued              Status        Quarterly Newsletter #5
Remedial Action
                                         1.   Vault Exterior Soil Impacts   March 31. 2009             Complete
Plans (RAP)                                                                                                               February 17, 2010
                                         2.   Vault 1 Cap                   April 28, 2009             Complete
Once confirmatory sampling is            3.   Vault 1 Groundwater           October 16, 2009           Compete            The operations at the Pottersburg PCB Storage Site Decommissioning Project site have reached a
complete, a RAP is prepared to:          4.   Vaults 1 and 2 Leachate       October 22, 2009           Vault 1 complete   critical milestone. This project was subject to a federal requirement to remove PCB waste from the site
   Document soil/groundwater                 Collection Sand                                                             by the end of 2009. This requirement was met on December 14, 2009, when the last truckload of stored
    results                              5.   Vault 2 RAP                   Revised January 19, 2010   Pending            PCB waste left the site.
   Provide estimates on extent of       6.   Vault 1 RAP                   December 15, 2009;         Complete           This newsletter summarizes the activities completed to date, alongside information about project
    impact                                                                  addendum January 8, 2010                      activities planned for the remainder of 2010.
   Present recommended                  7.   Vault 3 RAP                   January 19, 2010           Pending
    remedial options                     8.   Vault 4 RAP                   January 19, 2010           Pending
                                                                                                                          Project Success
                                                                                                                          The removal of PCB waste was completed on schedule.
Site Restoration
Site restoration will include the following activities:
   Vaults backfilled and compacted to match surrounding grades
   Enclosures dismantled and infrastructure removed
   Asphalt removed
   Site regraded to maintain positive drainage to the perimeter swale system and to minimize slopes
    to about 2%
   Surface hydroseeded                                                                                                   PCB-Contaminated Material Removed
                                                                                                                          The PCB-contaminated material from Vaults 1, 2, 3, and 4 has been removed. PCB-contaminated soils
Temporary Enclosure A - Over Vault 1                                                                                      were also excavated and removed from around Vault 1 to allow for construction. During the Phase II
Being removed February 2010. Fabric disposed of at licensed disposal facility as PCB waste. Steel                         Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) work, confirmatory sampling identified PCB-contaminated soils
recycled or reused. Concrete tested and will remain on-site                                                               that were subsequently removed.
                                                                                                                          The following table provides a breakdown of the material removed as of January 20, 2010.
Temporary Enclosure B - Over Vault 2, 3, and 4
Current Contract Plan - to be removed end of February 2010. Fabric to be disposed of at a licensed
disposal facility. Steel to be recycled or reused. Concrete to be tested and likely remain on-site.                              Location        (tonnes)                                             Comment

                                                                                                                           Area around Vault 1    2,415     Sampling identified isolated PCB-contamination above 25 parts per million (ppm)

Next Steps                                                   Communication Update                                                                           PCB-contaminated soils excavated to allow for construction

                                                                                                                                                            Discussed with Community Liaison Group (CLG) and presented at Public Information
                                                                                                                                                            Session #2

                                                                                                                           Vaults 1-4            103,939    All stored PCB waste has been removed from the Vaults

                                                                                                                           Vault 1Contaminated     445      Confirmatory sampling of Vault 1 walls identified PCB-contaminated soil
                                                                                                                                                            Soil was subsequently removed

                                   Project Hotline: 1.866.409.5492                                                                                Project Website:
                                                                                                                                                    Project Email:
                     QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER #5 – FEBRUARY 17, 2010                                                                      QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER #4 – FEBRUARY 17, 2010

Transportation Program Summary                                                                              Surface Water                                                       Groundwater
The Transportation Program was operated by Laidlaw. It began on May 4, 2009 when PCB-                       Project averages meet Certificate of Approval                       Results are in line with historical results for these
contaminated soils around Vault 1 were removed. On June 8, 2009 PCB waste removal from                      objectives, see the graph below for details.                        wells. Additional sampling and new monitoring wells
Vaults 1-4 commenced. On December 14, 2009 the last truck with PCB wastes from the Vaults left                                                                                  will be installed/sampled through February, 2010.
the site. There were a total of 2,892 truck trips. There were three operation incidents. Two incidents                                                                          See the figure below for details.
resulted in some spillage to the ground; cleanup was overseen by the Quebec Ministry of
Sustainable Development, the Environment and Parks.

Monitoring Program Results
On-Site and Off-Site Dust Surface Samples                  Offsite Particulate Matter
All but one sample collected were non-detect for           A total of 20,665 readings were taken. High
PCBs, see the graph below for a breakdown of               Wind Events did not lead to PCB
dust surface samples taken.                                concentrations off-site. Dust control on-site
                                                           was monitored consistently during site
                                                           activity. See the graph below for details.

                                                                                                           Status of the Monitoring Activities
                                                                                                                               Activity                                                                  Status
                                                                                                            Off-Site Swabs (Dust)                              Monitoring will continue periodically after February 2010
                                                                                                            Off-Site Air Monitoring                            Monitoring was completed in December 2009
                                                                                                            On-Site Air Swabs (Dust)                           Monitoring will continue periodically after February 2010
                                                                                                            Surface Water Monitoring                           Monitoring continues until site activity complete
                                                                                                            Groundwater Monitoring                             Latest quarterly sampling December 2009, additional monitoring during Phase II ESA

*A swab samples taken in December 2009 from a small                                                         Perimeter Dust Monitoring                          Monitoring will continue periodically after February 2010
excavator used in Vault 1 had a result that exceeded the                                                    Site Inspections                                   Monitoring will continue daily during work and site activity
project threshold for PCBs. Equipment decontamination      Off-Site Air - PCB
procedures were subsequently modified.                                                                     Site Characterization Activities
                                                           PCB air results were below threshold
                                                           throughout the monitoring program. See the      Confirmatory sampling is being carried out to identify remaining PCB-contamination and provide
On-Site Perimeter Dust                                     graph below for details.                        information for the Phase II ESA.
Dust Trak machines took roughly 20,160                                                                        Activity                     Description                     Status
measurements for total suspended particulates                                                               Vault 1         122 soil samples, 2 groundwater sample        Complete
(TSPs). None exceeded the Trigger Threshold of                                                                              locations
300 µg/m3.                                                                                                  Vault 2         192 soil samples, 2 groundwater sample        Complete
                                                                                                            Vault 3         84 soil samples                               Complete
                                                                                                            Vault 4         83 soil samples                               Complete
                                                                                                            Construction    Sampling of building fabric, steel surface,   Ongoing
                                                                                                            Material        asphalt, silt fencing, and concrete
                                                                                                            Phase II        Site-wide: 50 to 70 boreholes,                Through
                                                                                                            ESA             30 to 40 sediment, and 8 to 13 wells          February

                      24 Hour QMLP Emergency Response: 1.877.378.7745                                                                                    MOE Spill Number: 1.800.268.6060

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