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New 1995 president plans to move forward by xak10506


									    fall 2009
                                                                V o l u m e 2 - I s s u e 2

    New 1995 president
    plans to move forward
    I   t was a home-run election
    victory this spring for brother
    Bill Duck – Local 1995’s newly
    elected president. Duck says it’s
    time to move on and leave the
    past in the past. He’s looking
    forward to working with a new
    slate of local executives who will
    provide new insight to the local
    that has been struggling for a

    Knowing that things had to
    change within the local is what
    helped Duck persevere through        Members of Local 1995 working on seismic upgrade at
    the tough times. “I’m really feel-   Walter Moberly Elementary School, in Vancouver.
    ing good about the new slate of      From left: Murray Srigley (standing front), Michael
    executives who will offer fresh      Marchioro, Ross MacDonald, Joe King and Brian Rose.
    ideas as we plan our local’s fu-
    ture.”                               Duck, who has been involved          frustrated with the negativity
                                         with the local since 1975 (then      that has been getting us no-
    The five new executives could        452), says that he understands       where.”
    also help restore the working        that members want to see har-             . . . 1995 continued on page 8
    relationship between 1995 and        mony within our union. “Mem-
    CMAW Council.                                                              See also seismic upgrade – page 20
                                         bers are saying they’re just plain

    Inside This Issue
    president’s report - Page 2          cep president - Page 5        acker profile - Page 12
    cwbp cuts benefits - Page 4          sec-treasurer report - Page 6 local turns 100 - Page 14

President’s Post

 Raid report                                                               propaganda in the mail, or on
                                                                           the job site, please contact and
 The annual B.C. raid period                                               advise your CMAW local union
 (Nov. 1 to Dec. 31) is upon us                                            representative.
 and many of you will be ap-
 proached by representatives                                               Saskatchewan
 from the UBCJA.
                                                                           CMAW’s partner, CEP, has se-
 During the last six years we have                                         cured work on the Belle Plaine
 been forced to protect ourselves                                          site in Saskatchewan. This means
 against this U.S.-based under-                                            that carpenters from all parts of
 handed and corrupt leadership.                                            British Columbia are currently
 . . . It’s interesting to note that                                       employed on the project, along
 UBCJA has never won a raid vote                                           with a sizeable contingent of
 where there wasn’t at least some                                          Saskatchewan locals.
 employer collusion. So, if they’re
 such a good thing, then why                                               The project involves a substan-
 must they turn for support from                                           tial civil package, and related
 employers while offering cut-rate                                         mechanical work. Because of the
 collective agreements?                                                    quality of our members’ work,
                                                                           Mosaic Potash Corp (the own-
 Ten years ago, the men and
                                               Jan Noster                  er) has also awarded a second
 women of CMAW voted over-                                                 project – the Esterhazy Storage
 whelmingly in favour of dump-                                             Shed. During the next few years,
 ing the UBCJA and forming             The contractor was somewhat         CMAW hopes to become one of
 CMAW. Our intention was then,         horrified that the UBCJA would      the largest construction unions
 as it is now, to have an autono-      approach him and offer a collec-    in the province of Saskatchewan.
 mous Canadian union. And this         tive agreement that contained
 is their greatest fear – they know    no protection from the employer     CNRL
 that other union members in           being able to subcontract 100
 Canada will eventually come to        per cent of the work to non-        CMAW members recently rati-
 the same conclusion we came           union carpenters. The agree-        fied a new collective agreement
 to – that the only way for carpen-    ment UBCJA offered, in effect,      for workers engaged in the main-
 ters to truly protect their own in-   provided no union protection        tenance of CNRL’s huge Hori-
 terests is to band together in the    whatsoever!                         zon Oil Project in Fort McMur-
 place where they live. Canada!                                            ray. (We currently have more
                                       Brothers and sisters, CMAW is       than 150 members employed on
 I recently obtained a copy of a       our union. Let’s not allow an       the project and we hope to pick
 presentation that UBCJA made          undemocratic American union,        up some more work when Phase
 to a CMAW contractor.                 that does not have our best in-     2 begins sometime in the next
                                       terests at heart, destroy what we   year.)
                                       have built. If you receive UBCJA
    CLRBC                                                                    in the first place. And, the rest of
                                        In order for members to access       us also want to know that there
    Along with fellow council           Boies, you must first contact your   will be benefits in place when we
    officers (Pat Haggarty, Chris       local union office. The office       retire.
    Polanski and Paul Nedlec), I        will then ask CMAW Council for
    attended CLR BC’s 40th anniver-     approval to engage her services.     So it’s up to us to fix this prob-
    sary celebration in September.                                           lem together, and to fix this
                                        CWBP cuts retirees                   problem now.
    (For those of you who don’t
    know, the unionized employers       Without consulting our mem-
    group in B.C. is represented by     bers, or the elected men and         Training
    Construction Labour Relations       women of this union, the trust-
    of British Columbia.)               ees of the Carpentry Workers’        As I’ve previously reported,
                                        Benefit Plan decided to cut          CMAW put more than 500 mem-
    For the last several years, while   benefits to our retirees.            bers through training courses
    we waited for the BC Labour                                              this year. We also paid out more
    Relations Board to rule on          Our CMAW Executive Board             than $100,000 in bursaries to
    CMAW’s status, we didn’t have a     finds this completely unaccept-      apprentices in order to offset
    lot of formal contact with CLR      able and is actively pursuing        school costs.
    BC.                                 alternatives that would restore
                                        most of the benefits that have       Next, we plan to obtain certi-
    I am pleased to report that we’ve   been lost. This will not be cheap,   fication for our safety training
    turned the page and renewed         quick, or easy, but we are com-      in the Fort McMurray area and
    our relationship with the orga-     mitted to finding a solution         then roll out our Journeyman
    nization. This did not go unno-     – not only for retirees, but for     Scaffold Upgrade Course. This
    ticed by the union contractors      the future of our current active     will allow our members to obtain
    present at the celebration. We      members.                             certification in scaffolding.
    had some really positive interac-
    tions with B.C. contractors like    Now, to be frank, no benefit         Work safe. And remember,
    Viking Construction, WIC Con-       plan that provides coverage to       CMAW is your union. Feel free
    struction, and Kingston Con-        retirees is going to be a really     to contact me at the CMAW
    struction. I’m looking forward to   good deal. Insurance companies       office with any questions or
    working with the CLR BC in the      are not in the business of char-     concerns. My phone number
    future.                             ity, and will only pay out less      is 604-437-0471. Or, you can
                                        than they take in. However, rest     reach me by e-mail at
    WCB advocacy                        assured that we will find the best
                                        coverage, for the best price.
    I am pleased to advise members                                                          Jan Noster
    that CMAW has engaged a Work-       Certainly, we recognize that                        President
    ers Compensation Board advo-        coverage needs to be provided to
    cate. Her name is Karen Boies.      the members who built the plan

CWBP cuts benefits to
retired members
W          ithout prior consulta-
tion with our CMAW Executive
                                      tion locals. Local 2020 has gone
                                      on record opposing the trustees
                                                                           making key decisions that im-
                                                                           pact our members.
Board, CWBP chair, brother            decision, and Local 2300 has
John Davies, and the trustees,        called for the resignation of the    At the time of writing this article
recently terminated benefits          trustee.                             it has not been confirmed wheth-
provided to retired construc-                                              er Davies has accepted invitation
tion workers. The plan owners,        The locals have deemed the           to these meetings.
CMAW, has declared this action        decision to cut retired members’
unacceptable and is working to        benefits arbitrary, and that it      In the meantime, members are
find options for those affected       came about without a word of         advised that CMAW has struck
by the cuts.                          mention forewarning anyone           a Benefits Committee to review
                                      of a potential change. They’re       potential alternatives, and to
This termination of benefits was      appalled that mention of it did      see what the costs are to replace
unexpected. CWBP suddenly             not even appear in the plans’        benefits for our members.
advised retired members that          newsletter which was sent out
their benefits were being cut in a    this past spring, although it did    Retirees affected by this plan cut
letter that included the cost of an   mention a “new model of coop-        are also advised to let their local
alternate carrier they might like     eration.”                            know their PharmaCare Card
to consider. CWBP provided no                                              number.
explanation of their actions to ac-   Members want to know if this is
tive members, or to locals. (Locals   the type of cooperation the plan     If you do not have a PharmaCare
were merely sent notice that the      chairperson wants? Local 2020        card you are encouraged to ap-
subsidy to provide benefits to        is demanding that Davies attend      ply for one as soon as possible.
retired members was no longer         two hall meetings on Vancouver       (As you may be aware, Pharma-
affordable.)                          Island to explain the rationale      Care is the government agency
                                      behind this decision and to look     that subsidizes the cost of drugs
CMAW agrees that the $39 per          at alternatives.                     and MSP, based on three per
month payment retirees made                                                cent of your family’s combined
towards their benefits was not        Local 2020 president, brother Dave   income.)
sustainable. However, CMAW            Crosby, said it may be easier to
also believes that more options       call for the removal of the trust-   You can register for PharmaCare
should have been pursued and          ees (to ask for their resignation)   on line at:
considered, as opposed to the         who supported the decision, and
quick-and-dirty boot out the          to replace them with persons
door that transpired.                 who have a better understanding
                                      of the nature of a democratic
Phone calls have been pouring         process and the ability to involve
into CMAW, along with letters         our membership – or in this case
of complaint from our construc-       the CMAW Executive Board – in

    coles says vision & strength
    needed like never before
       CEP President, Dave Coles

    W          hen we look at the
    bloody mess this country is in,
                                                                            ment of Newfoundland stepped
                                                                            up to work with CEP and provid-
    and see the shattered lives of                                          ed $45 million in severance pay.
    hundreds of thousands strewn
    like so much industrial debris                                          But the federal government did
    across industrial Canada – it’s                                         nothing. That is, until we occu-
    clear that the labour movement                                          pied Conservative Party offices,
    needs strength and vision like                                          including four cabinet minis-
    never before.                                                           ters, and then called a national
                                                                            day of action on June 2 when
    Capitalism is broken. The system                                        we blocked the Trans-Canada
    has failed us. Huge companies                                           Highway, brought thousands of
    are going into bankruptcy and                                           our members to Ottawa, and
    hiding behind legislation to at-                                        stopped the traffic in front of
    tack workers and gut our collec-                                        the Prime Minister’s offices.
    tive agreements. We are losing
    a pension plan a week. We are        Dave Coles                         That resulted in a partial pro-
    being sold out by our economic                                          gram from the federal govern-
                                        At CEP, we fought Petro-Canada      ment – but only half the relative
    bosses and our political leaders.
                                        and won a 13-month lockout to       value of what the Americans
    Isn’t it time to challenge the      preserve national bargaining,       are doing to salvage their forest
    system that is falling around us?   and at AbitibiBowater and many      industry, and of course, to this
    Isn’t it time to draw our line in   other mills in the forest sector,   date, not a penny has been actu-
    the sand and say no more con-       our members have said enough        ally delivered.
    cessions? Isn’t it time to come     is enough.
    together as a movement and                                              But, I have to say that there are
                                        The result is that the govern-      some missing ingredients in our
    fight back?
                                        ment of Quebec has provided         fight-back.
    Of course, CEP and many other       loan guarantees for some com-
    unions are fighting back. I         panies. In Newfoundland, when       We have not yet been able to
    salute the workers in the auto      AbitibiBowater closed its mill      break through the noise with a
    and airline industry who have       in Grand Falls, the government      clear analysis of why this system
    navigated treacherous waters        took back its timber and water      is broken and why and how it
    and maintained their wages and      rights.                             must be changed.
    pensions. CUPE won important
                                        And when the company denied         And we have not yet combined
    struggles this past summer in To-
                                        severance pay to those workers      our struggles with those in other
    ronto and Windsor. The Steel-
                                        who lost their jobs – Premier       unions to form a line in the sand
    workers are fighting very hard at
                                        Danny Williams and the govern-      that we can all stand behind.
    Vale Inco in Sudbury.
                                                                                           . . . continued page 9
Secretary - Treasurer’s Report

I hope you enjoyed your summer                                           Given the fact that the building
and that it was a safe one.                                              had not changed owners –
                                                                         Local 1346 remains the sole
It has been a busy summer for                                            owner of the building – the
our council office.                                                      executive immediately looked
                                                                         into how to avoid the possible
In July, CMAW participated in                                            tax and learned that to avoid
more meetings to settle out-                                             capital gains UBCJA would have
standing issues with the UBCJA.                                          to sign the necessary owner/
                                                                         name change transfer
The Labour Relations Board                                               paperwork.
(LRB) has been working with
UBCJA and the rest of the build-                                         UBCJA refused, of course.
ing trade unions in an effort to           Pat Haggarty
put together a structure whereby                                         The issue then went to the
CMAW will fit into the Bargain-                                          Labour Relations Board where
ing Council of British Columbia                                          CMAW Council was able to point
Building Trades Unions (BCB-
                                      Local 1346 Vernon                  out that this violated a condition
CBTU).                                avoids tax                         of the UBCJA/CMAW agree-
                                                                         ment which permitted locals to
                                      Vernon Local 1346 executives       retain their assets. Michael
Next year will be another year of
                                      turned to CMAW Council for         Fleming of the LRB agreed
negotiations with Construction
                                      assistance when recently faced     that this was a possible violation
Labour Relations (CLR). The
                                      with a real estate problem —       of that agreement and recom-
key is to figure out how CMAW
                                      their building’s land title was    mended a process to facilitate
and the UBCJA carpenters will
                                      still in the name of “UBCJA        the transfer.
negotiate within the framework.
Michael Fleming, vice chair of        Local 1346.”
                                                                         The necessary paperwork is
the LRB has drafted an outline
                                      When they tried to transfer        currently being completed and
of how he thinks it might work
                                      ownership to CMAW Local            ultimately Local 1346 should
and the CLR has been coopera-
                                      1346, the taxation office ad-      be able to have their building
tive in seeing it come to fruition.
                                      vised the local that a transfer    transferred into their current
                                      of ownership implies that a sale   name and avoid paying capital
                                      has taken place and therefore      gains tax.
                                      they would be required to pay
                                      capital gains tax on the

    Executive committee updates        As a result of the removal of       by independent carriers, the
                                       UBCJA locals that served the        committee suggested that
    At our June executive board
                                       area around Mission/Chilliwack      CMAW do some research and
    meeting several sub-committees
                                       and Kelowna, CMAW had to re-        review how CWBP compares to
    were struck. Here is a status
                                       assign these areas to the appro-    these other plans. (The review
    report of what these committees
                                       priate CMAW local.                  would take into consideration
    are working on:
                                                                           hourly rates and also the ab-
                                       Structure Review                    sence of MSP in the CWBP
    Dispatch Committee:                Committee:                          benefit plan.)
    Members are reviewing provin-      The committee was struck to
                                                                           Locals that have their own inde-
    cial construction dispatch rules   review how we can streamline
                                                                           pendent benefits coverage are
    with a view to standardizing       procedures to improve efficiency
                                                                           Local 506 – Shipbuilders, Local
    procedures among locals.           and cost effectiveness. Members
                                                                           1928 – Industrial, Local 2511
                                       of the committee are also review-
                                                                           – Industrial, Local 470/3000c –
    Constitution Committee:            ing several new concepts for our
                                                                           Construction (Alberta).
                                       union’s organizational structure.
    The committee was directed to
    review the resolutions brought                                         CMAW industrial
    forward at our 2008 CMAW           Fight for reciprocity
    convention. Recommendations        CMAW has been unsuccessful in
    have been submitted to our exec-   attempts to receive the chairper-   Our council office has also
    utive board for consideration.     son’s cooperation on the issue of   been busy assisting locals with
                                       reciprocity. Chairperson, brother   contract renewals. Details are
    Training Committee:                John Davies, even suggested that    covered under Local News, on
    The committee is reviewing the     CMAW look at another admin-         page 10.
    criteria of who should be          istrator to collect the contribu-
    entitled to receive the CMAW       tions sent in by contractors.
    bursary, which recently in-
    creased to $500.                   Due to this lack of cooperation,    In solidarity,
                                       and also recognizing that several
    Jurisdiction Committee:            CMAW locals have their own                 Pat Haggarty
                                       separate benefit plans provided            Secretary-Treasurer
    Members of this committee are
    reviewing construction local

. . . 1995 continued from front page
                                                                            CWPP area includes welcoming
Duck says that the lack of har-       an improved local bulletin and        discussion and debate, no matter
mony between 1995 and CMAW            the website will also receive an      what the topic. “But, at the end
Council has been damaging             overhaul.                             of the day we need to leave those
and that it has even caused                                                 discussions at the table and part
some members to choose other                                                with a brotherly handshake – not
unions. “A lack of harmony gives                                            with hostility or animosity.
an advantage to our competing
unions. This needs to stop, now.”                                           “We are one union and need to
                                                                            begin to recognize this. Fight-
Duck also hopes to work harmo-                                              ing is for our opposition, not
niously with our parent union                                               our own brothers and sisters,” he
– CEP. “I know they’re there to                                             adds.
support us and help to make our
union stronger.”                                                            Duck believes that it would be
                                                                            beneficial for our pension and
Although the new executive is                                               benefits people to also be in-
armed with brotherly spirit and                                             volved at the bargaining table.
good intentions, Duck says that        Bill Duck                            “I would really welcome this – I
as far as work is concerned it’s no                                         think it’s important that they be
                                      Duck also has plans to work on
secret that times are bad right                                             there too.”
                                      further improving the relation-
now and that we need to hope
                                      ship between the local and our
this recession ends soon so that                                            Overall Duck says that members
                                      pension and benefits area.
people can get back on the job.                                             should feel reassured that things
                                      “I’m looking forward to estab-        will change for the better in all
“The last six months have been                                              respects for 1995 and he wel-
                                      lishing an even more harmoni-
the slowest I’ve ever seen it,”                                             comes and encourages thoughts
                                      ous and respectful relationship
Duck says, adding that poor                                                 and ideas. He says he’s also there
                                      with everyone in our pension
economic times has put a hold                                               to hear any concerns.
                                      and benefits area. This is imper-
on major projects the local was
                                      ative so that we can work togeth-
anticipating. “There’s obviously                                            “We work for our members and
                                      er to make necessary improve-
just no money right now.”                                                   I want members to feel comfort-
                                      ments to our health and welfare
                                      plan,” he emphasizes. “And, I         able contacting us. I want mem-
But while the local is waiting for                                          bers to know they can contact us
                                      know that members would also
the work situation to change, the                                           any time and shouldn’t wait for
                                      like to be better informed of all
new executive will not sit idle.                                            bad times to get in touch.”
                                      benefits provided.”
“We have plans to clean up shop
and improve many areas during                                               Members can reach Bill Duck
                                      (Duck encourages members who
this time,” Duck reports.                                                   at 604-437-0491 or by e-mail at
                                      have pension and benefits ques-
                                      tions to contact the CWBP/CWPP
A priority he says is to address
                                      office directly at 604-438-2434, or
the need to communicate more                                                Members should also feel free to
                                      toll free 1-877-411-2806.)
effectively with members.                                                   contact business agent Eugenio
                                      Part of establishing a stronger       Zanotto at 604-329-4788 or by
Local 1995 can expect to see                                                e-mail at
                                      relationship with our CWBP/
    Coles says vision needed
    . . . continued from page 5

     CEP is ready for that. I know       largest company in Eastern         there have always been two
     that other unions are ready.        Canada is under bankruptcy         things we could count on.
     We need leadership. We need         protection and we must now go
     strong voices. We just need a       to the table with that company     First, the membership who
     spark to light the fire.            to renew our pattern.              have never let us down. And
                                                                            second, the solidarity and
     We must keep on organizing          The core issue will be the pen-    friendship of others in our
     and protesting. I don’t mean        sion plan. The company will        labour movement.
     quiet and polite affairs on Par-    demand we give up our pen-
     liament Hill and letters to the     sion plan – even though we         I know we can count on this
     editor. We have learned that if     have a negotiated moratorium       again, and our allies can count
     you let them ignore you, they       on changes to the pension plan     on CEP to stand with them as
     will. And we won’t be ignored       until 2014.                        they take on challenges.
                                         This is quite possibly the big-    The summer started out wet
     Our goal is quite simple – in       gest challenge our union has       and cold, but it’s hot and dry
     the next election, not one Con-     ever faced in the forest in-       out there now. So let’s start
     servative is to be elected in any   dustry. We know, as you have       some fires.
     forest industry riding. As for      learned, that there are no cape
     the Liberals, when we met with      crusaders who will rescue us,
                                                                            Dave Coles is the president of the
     Michael Ignatieff and other         or silver bullets that change
                                                                            Communications, Energy and
     Liberal leaders, we made our        everything. We will have only      Paperworkers’ Union of Canada.
     position clear. They wanted to      our solidarity, and our resolve
     speak at our rallies in Montreal    to act together.
     and Ottawa. We said, if you
     say clearly that you will sup-      We have to remember that for
     port our demands to save jobs       a union every win and every
     – sure. But they did not, and so    loss is relative. The really im-
     far have not. And they remain       portant factor is the unity and
     today part of the problem.          strength of our membership.
                                         For CEP this means that we
     That is the political side. It      move forward together, and if
     is difficult enough, but the        we must, we step back together
     bargaining side will be more        and we maintain our pattern
     difficult.                          bargaining system.

     We have a 50-year system of         This is not the first time we
     pattern bargaining in pulp and      have faced great challenges.
     paper in Canada – two pat-          And whenever we have been
     terns, one West, one East. The      in tough and had to dig deep

Local News

council assists                       has been downsized by 60 per        “While the proposed member
                                      cent. (The company is down to       wage increases did not look to
Industrial                            20 workers, from an original        be attainable this year, on July
Locals with                           60.)                                28 we reached a tentative agree-
                                                                          ment for a three-year deal.
bargaining                            “Negotiations went as expected.
                                      The company argued that the         The agreement, which would ex-
Structurlam Products:                 unstable conditions would           pire Apr. 30, 2012, calls for a 50
                                      not allow for wage increases.       cent increase this year, two per
Our CMAW executive recently           We were however successful          cent in the second year, and two-
assisted Local 2511 Penticton         in obtaining money to cover         and-a-half per cent in the third,”
in their bargaining efforts with      increased health and welfare        says Haggarty.
Structurlam Products. (Chris          costs. Members will receive 17
Polanski, who replaced recently       cents per hour, effective May 1,    In addition to the wage increase,
retired Tony Heisterkamp, does        2009 and another seven cents        employees with 10 or more years
not yet have sufficient experi-       per hour, effective Dec. 31,        of service, or who have reached
ence in this area.)                   2009,” Haggarty reports.            the age of 50, will receive a $500
                                                                          pension contribution, effective
Structurlam, a manufacturer of        “We will be going back to the       Sept. 1, 2009.
laminated beams, is nearing the       table this fall when an increase
end of a three-year agreement,        in work orders will provide us      The employer will also provide
created back when work was            with more bargaining power,”        a new health and welfare plan
abundant.                             he says.                            carrier.

Our secretary-treasurer, brother                                          (A ratification vote was sched-
Pat Haggarty, says that as a result   Pacific Truss – Duncan:             uled for the last week in August.)
of our poor economy, our bar-
gaining strength has weakened.        Negotiations are ongoing with
“The current reality is that we       this Local 2020 employer. Not
are faced with across-Canada          unlike Structurlam, Pacific
and U.S. competition for fewer        Truss has decreased their work-
jobs.”                                force significantly – down to 13,
                                      from a high of 75.
The Okanagan has lost thousands
of jobs during this recession and
the Structurlam Products crew

                                                                  Local News
     west bros reno
     mean more
     for 1928
     Local 1928 member Joe Demelo
     shows off the West Bros Frame
     & Chair recent expansion that
     provides more shop space with
     better lighting, and a new lunch
     room. The larger work area
     could potentially mean more
     work for our members.

                                                                  From left: Joe Demelo, Geraldino Raposo
       Shell Albian Sands millwright crew
                                                                  506 is hoping
                                                                  for a better
                                                                  end to year
                                                                  Business agent Bob Eaton says
                                                                  that Marine & Shipbuilders Local
                                                                  506 is hoping for a better second
                                                                  half of the year.

                                                                  "We went from boom to bust,” he
                                                                  reports, “but we’re hoping things
                                                                  will begin to turn around.”

       Our millwright crew, at Shell Albian Sands Project, send   A little good news for Local 506
       greetings to CMAW. Albian is the operator of the Muskeg    members is that despite these
       River Mine, an oil sands mining project located 75 km      poor economic times, their pen-
       north of Fort McMurray. At production, the Muskeg River    sion plan, which is administered
       Mine can produce 155,000 barrels a day of crude bitumen    by Blue Cross, is holding up
       – a naturally occurring semi-solid form of crude oil.      better than most.


Acker takes the wheel with a
drive to do better
D       riven by the need to
protect fellow members, brother
                                    year until BCM called him
                                    back to work, and within a
Louis Acker has never hesitated     couple years he ran for his
to jump into the driver’s seat      first union position – shop
whenever necessary.                 steward.

Throughout almost three de-         Acker says, “The guys in the
cades of loyal membership,          shop needed someone to
he has held almost every local      represent them. At the time,
executive position. And in May      I was one of four stewards,
he became the new president         and then low and behold I
of Local 1928. This time, he        was elected head shop stew-
says, he was driven to respond to   ard,” says Acker.
members’ need for a change in
administration and to promote       While he never set out to be
and protect our union from the      president of his local, this
competition.                        is where his willingness to Louis Acker
                                    help out – wherever his fellow
Acker, who is originally from       members and union needed him
                                                                       Improvements that Acker plans
Nova Scotia, first began working    – ultimately led him.
                                                                       to make include implementing
on the boats after obtaining his
                                                                       training courses that he says
fourth class marine engineer’s      As the new president, he says his
                                                                       have been missing for too long.
ticket. But the need for steady     primary objective is to move the
                                                                       Training will include shop stew-
work encouraged him to come         local in the right direction while
                                                                       ard and display courses. “We’ve
to Vancouver. Acker soon joined     never forgetting that he works
                                                                       acquired many new members in
BCM Manufacturing, where his        for the members.
                                                                       the last few years. We need to
brother was already employed,
                                                                       start telling them and educat-
and also joined our union.          “I’d like everyone to be as proud
                                                                       ing them about the benefits of
                                    as I am to be a member of 1928.
                                                                       our union, and hopefully we’ll
He was laid off, just one year      I plan to be accessible to all
                                                                       encourage them to get more
later, when the recession of the    members – this includes visiting
                                                                       involved,” he says.
early 80s hit. So Acker headed      work sites and listening to con-
back to Nova Scotia and went        cerns,” says Acker.
commercial lobster fishing for a
                                                                                   . . . continued next page

     . . . Acker continued
                                                                             David Offley
     Despite these poor economic         “This should translate into
                                                                             June 1959 – July 2009
     times, Acker is happy to say        more work for our members –
     that Local 1928 has maintained      we’ll no doubt see our display
     most workers in shops and in        area expand.”
     the display industry. “Although
     some shops are down as much         This long-time union supporter
     as 25 per cent, some are up.”       says he is also hoping for better
                                         economic times ahead. And,
     Kingspan (formerly Zerloc), a       he’s really happy with recent
     manufacturer of industrial insu-    election results because he feels
     lated panels with customers like    that many honest, democratic
     Volkswagen, laid off half their     CMAW supporters are now in
     employees in late 2008. But early   place.
     this spring they hired everyone
     back, plus about 22 new mem-        Acker says he’s looking forward
     bers. “They have three shifts       to working with Local 1995 and       offley (left) at his
     working and they’re continuing      other sister locals – where Local    50th birthday party,
     to hire,” Acker reports.            1928 calls for assistance when       with jim Pearson
                                         they occasionally exhaust their
     While display work has been         own resources and have the op-      It is with great sadness that
     down about 30 per cent due to       portunity to offer a little work    Local 1928 advises members
     the downsizing of trade shows,      to other members.                   of the passing of brother
     with the Olympics on the hori-                                          David Offley.
     zon Acker says we’re going into     In his spare time, Acker can
     the unknown and that there          be found on a golf course or        Offley was a former executive
     could be a need for a lot of dis-   driving around his 16-year-old      board member of the local.
     play work as venues are set up.     daughter and her friends.           For the last four years, he
                                                                             served as a trustee, until ill-
     “And after the Olympics are                                             ness forced his resignation.
     done, we’re expecting a series
     of big trade shows to come to                                           He will be remembered by
     Vancouver now that they can                                             all as a dedicated, hardwork-
     be accommodated at our new                                              ing member and will be sadly
     Trade and Convention Centre,”                                           missed.
     says Acker.
                                                                             Offley was a 10-year employee
                                                                             at Cove Tops Ltd., in Burnaby.

Oldest chartered local in
Western Canada turns 100
I   n 1906 a steamer entered
Prince Rupert’s harbour, then
known as Tuck’s Inlet, with two
carpenters onboard who’d ar-
rived to build a cookhouse and
tool shed. This was the first step
in the construction of the town
of Prince Rupert and also in the
formation of Local 1735. This
August, the local which is the
longest continuously charted
Local in Western Canada, proud-                Steamer Constance in 1906
ly celebrated its centennial.        World War.                            members and covers an area of
                                                                           more than 120,000 square kilo-
In 1909, Local 1735 was char-        After the war, fishery expan-         metres of B.C.– with members
tered and members worked to-         sion, mining, and developments        in almost every community from
gether right from the beginning.     including pulp mills, ports in        Port Neville to the Yukon bor-
When the local was first formed,     Prince Rupert and Alcan in Kiti-      der, west from Quick, and to the
members collaborated to offer        mat created the need for hous-        Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida
either a day’s pay or a day’s work   ing and facilities for workers and    Gwaii.
to build a union hall. Although      families. All of this contributed
they had no money to purchase        to a healthy construction indus-      On behalf of all members of
property, they had Jack Hildrith     try and the number of members         CMAW, we wish 1735 a very hap-
– a 1735 member who was also         soared to 1,500.                      py 100th year! And, we tip our
alderman on the first city coun-                                           hats to all workers – the real skill
cil. Hildrith obtained permis-       By the 1960s the union had            and muscle behind the mines,
sion to build a hall on the Fraser   moved into a new building – the       mills, railways and smelter that
Street lane allowance.               original one was demolished to        have contributed to the wealth
                                     make way for the Fisherman’s          of so many.
The local then happily operated      union hall which is still there
out of this building for almost      today, along with its longtime        To help celebrate its 100th anniver-
50 years before the city finally     tenant – Local 1735.                  sary, local businesses, construction
discovered that they had never                                             employers and even members have
been billed rent or property         In more recent years, a shrink-       generously donated funds. Local
taxes.                               ing economy in Northwestern           1735’s Centennial Committee is
                                     B.C. translated into fewer con-       busy working to plan an appropri-
The busiest period for 1735 was      struction projects, and many          ate way to commemorate the occa-
during the 1940s when it ex-         members have had to leave to          sion while taking into account its
panded into the interior, along      find work elsewhere.                  far-flung membership.
with the towns that grew in
population during the Second         Today, the local represents 190
                                                                              News & Views
     Dam expansion project will
     create work for carpenters
     M         embers of Local 2300
     are waiting for the opportunity
     to truly celebrate CMAW’s Dec.
     2008 supreme court win which
     declared our union the official
     representative of carpenters on
     the Allied Hydro Council (AHC)
     in December 2008.

     The opportunity for members to
     celebrate will definitely come to

                                                                                                      Dave Livingston
     fruition for members when the
     Waneta dam expansion project
     begins – as early as this fall.

                                         years to complete and will em-       stream will be reduced. (This
     The current preferred contrac-
                                         ploy as many as 100 members at       will improve water quality for all
     tor for the project is SNC
                                         peak times.”                         aquatic species downstream of
     Lavalin. Our members would be
                                                                              the project.)
     employed by them and repre-
     sented under the Allied Hydro       The Waneta expansion consists
                                         of the construction of a second      While this multi-million dol-
     Council/Columbia Hydro collec-
                                         powerhouse at the dam, which         lar project is the largest block
     tive agreement.
                                         is located on the Pend d'Oreille     of potential work currently on
                                         River, south of Trail.               the horizon for Local 2300, the
     Business agent and Kootenays
                                                                              local has its ear to the ground
     vice-president brother Paul Ne-
                                         In addition to creating clean, re-   and is also hoping for upcoming
     delec says, “Not unlike other lo-
                                         newable power for our province,      smaller jobs.
     cals, our members of Castlegar’s
     Local 2300 have been feeling        the Waneta expansion will also
     the pinch of the recession with     provide environmental benefits
     about 65 per cent out of work.      for the Columbia River.
     We’re hopeful that this project
     will go ahead as planned.           The second powerhouse will re-
                                         duce the amount of water spilled
     “Once underway, the Waneta          at the existing Waneta Dam
     project will take three to four     and total gas pressure down-

How the home
reno tax credit works
Dept. of Finance Canada/CALM

H       ome improvements add
to the value of a house and cre-
                                     costs for projects such as finishing a basement or re-modelling a
                                     kitchen will be eligible for the credit, along with associated expenses
ate economic activity by             such as building permits, professional services, equipment rentals
increasing the demand for            and incidental expenses. Routine repairs and maintenance do not
labour, building materials and       qualify for the credit. Nor does the cost of purchasing furniture, ap-
other goods. Renovations can         pliances, audio-visual electronics or construction equipment.
also reduce energy consumption       Taxpayers can claim the HRTC when filing their 2009 tax return.
and the long-term cost of own-
ing a home. As an incentive to
renovate, this spring’s federal
budget included a temporary
Home Renovation Tax Credit                Eligible expenditures include:

The temporary nature of the             • renovating a kitchen, bathroom, or basement
credit is supposed to encourage         • new carpet or hardwood floors
Canadians to undertake renova-          • building an addition, deck, fence or retaining
tions promptly. The credit ap-            wall
plies to eligible home renovation       • new furnace or water heater
costs for work performed, or            • painting the interior or exterior of a house
goods acquired, before Febru-           • resurfacing a driveway or laying new sod.
ary 1, 2010. The tax credit is a
percentage of expenditures, not
a lump sum amount. The 15 per
cent credit may be claimed on              Ineligible expenditures would be:
the portion of eligible expendi-
tures exceeding $1,000, but not
more than $10,000, meaning the
                                        • furniture and appliances (refrigerator,
maximum tax credit is $1,350.
                                          stove, couch)
                                        • purchase of tools
The credit can be claimed on ex-        • carpet cleaning
penditures for one or more of an        • maintenance contracts (furnace cleaning,
individual’s dwellings. Properties        snow removal, lawn care, pool cleaning, etc.)
eligible for the HRTC include
houses, cottages and condo-
minium units that are owned for
personal use. Renovation

                                                                             Health & Safety
     H1N1 Flu Virus

     The majority of the H1N1 flu virus cases in British Columbia have been relatively mild and were
     detected by the Province’s robust and responsive public health surveillance system.

     The Province is prepared for a potential resurgence of the virus moving into the fall and winter flu
     season and towards the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in February and March. Visit often, as new information and tools will be made available to inform the public
     and help people protect themselves against the H1N1 flu virus.


     Influenza is caused by viruses,    4) Wash your hands. Washing          ing them. See a health care pro-
     and is generally spread when       your hands often will help pro-      vider if your symptoms become
     an infected person coughs or       tect you from getting sick. When     worse but call ahead of time to
     sneezes.                           soap and water are not available,    let them know you have fever or
                                        use alcohol-based disposable         cough illness.
     Here are six simple, common        hand wipes or gel sanitizers.
     sense precautions that can help                                         You can call HealthLink BC at
     safeguard everyone’s health:       5) Avoid touching your eyes,         8-1-1, 24 hours a day/seven days
                                        nose or mouth. You can be-           a week to speak to a nurse if you
     1) Stay home when you’re sick or   come ill by touching a surface       have more questions or if feeling
     have influenza symptoms. Get       contaminated with germs and          ill.
     plenty of rest and check with a    then touching your eyes, nose or
     health care provider as needed.    mouth.                               For more steps on how to protect
                                                                             you and your family, visit
     2) Avoid close contact with        6) Practise other good health
     people who are sick. If you are    habits. Get plenty of sleep, be
     sick, keep your distance from      physically active, manage stress,
     others to protect them from get-   drink plenty of fluids, eat nutri-
     ting sick.                         tious foods, and avoid smoking,
                                        which may increase the risk of
     3) Cover your mouth and nose
                                        serious consequences if you do
     with a tissue when coughing or
                                        contract the flu.
     sneezing, and throw the tissue
     away immediately. It may prevent   If you have a fever or cough
     those around you from getting      illness, regardless of where you
     sick.                              have travelled, stay home from
                                        work or school and limit contact
                                        with others to keep from infect-

  Wanted                          New t-shirts
    one                           for scaffolders
   good                           available now
CMAW is looking to hire a
scaffolder to fill a temporary
rep/organizer position for the               CMAW
Lower Mainland area.                       scaffolders
The incumbent’s primary
duties will be to represent the
views of member scaffolders
and organize current non-
union scaffold contractors.

Wages and benefits provided
as per Industrial Agreement.

If you are interested, please
apply to CMAW using one of
the following contact avenues:
                                  In preparation for the raiding period, CMAW has
Address: 305 – 2806 Kingsway,     ordered long-sleeve t- shirts for our scaffolding
Vancouver, BC V5R 5T5             division.
Fax: 604-437-1110
                                  The shirts should be available by the third week
E-mail:           of October. Scaffolders who would like a shirt are
                                  asked to contact their business agent.

     and fellow
     lend a

                                             Peter Cail (left) and Pascal Fillion.

                hen Habitat for           the KTS Millwork building                  near the end, but it was a really
     Humanity came knocking,              where KTS was one of 14 entries.           good time.”
     brother Peter Cail and other
     members who work at KTS             The driving and “powering” of               Cail, a millworker and four-year
     Millwork in Prince George were      the tub was also a joint effort.            member of CMAW is no stranger
     ready to lend a helping hand.       The drivers were Sean Duthie                to offering a helping hand where
     They worked together to build a     and Graham Mear and the                     needed.
     push-powered tub they entered       “Power units,” or members who
     in the charity’s annual bathtub     physically pushed the tub 100               Recently, he also completed a
     race.                               feet to the finish line, were Peter         project for Local 1998. He
                                         Cail, Brian Lind, John McFaul,              built a table that now proudly
     A neighbouring plumbing supply and Gary Geise.                                  accommodates the member
     store donated a bathtub and Cail                                                sign-in book at union meetings.
     and other Local 1998 members         “On our first trial lap we took out        It’s made from a recycled old
     used their skills and creativity to the “spoked” wheels so we had to            tabletop and bares the carpen-
     build the boat on wheels – in the quickly build some wooden ones                ter’s logo in veneer wood inlay.
     shape of an old car.                which worked amazingly well. We
                                         ended up coming in somewhere                “I went over the old table with a
     Cail says while his main part-                                                  router and took it down to the
     ner in this 20-hour project was                                                          thickness of the veneer
     brother Pascal Fillion. virtually                                                        used for the design and
     all employees at KTS worked on                                                           letters of the logo and
     the entry. “The guys in the shop                                                         then filled it in,” says the
     worked to build it and sisters                                                           talented Cail.
     Brandie Valentine and Andrea
     Schweder painted it.”
                                                                                              Left: Peter Cail and his
                                                                                              new table which bares
     The race took place on Sept. 24
                                                                                              the carpenters’ logo in
     in the parking lot in front of
                                                                                              wood inlay.

Postscript                                                                                                      1995 working on
                                                                                                                seismic upgrade

training                                                                                                       B       rother Murray Srigley is
                                                                                                               one of the carpenter Local 1995
bursary                                                                                                        members working on a seismic up-
                                                                                                               grade at Walter Moberly Elemen-
                                                                                                               tary school in Vancouver.
                                                                                                               The upgrade, which began in
apprentices                                                                                                    June 2008 will ensure the school
                                                                                                               is able to withstand an earthquake
increases                                                                                                      of up to 6.9 on the Richter scale.
                                                                                                               Part of the upgrade includes new
to $500                                                                                                        seismic pilasters on all corners
                                                                                                               of the school. (The pilasters are
                                                                                                               three inch steel anchors, encased
                                                                                                                                                         From left: Brian Rose, Ross
CMAW’s training bursary has                                                                                    in six inches of concrete grout,          MacDonald, Murray Srigley and
increased from $300 to $500.                                                                                   embedded 20 to 30 metres deep.)           Michael Marchioro
For information on how you can                                                                                 Srigley, who has been a member of 1995 since day one says, "I'm really
take advantage of this bursary,                                                                                happy to be working when there are lots of others out of work." He
speak to your local business rep.                                                                              says he's always been a union supporter and is grateful for the benefits
                                                                                                               that go along with membership.
                              Return undeliverable mail to: CMAW, 305 - 2806 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5T5

                                                                                                               Members on this seismic project are working for Smith Bros. & Wilson
                                                                                                               – voted contractor of the year by the Vancouver Regional Construc-
                                                                                                               tion Association (VRCA) in 2008. Superintendent, brother Ross
                                                                                                               MacDonald, says that while this is the first seismic upgrade contract
                                                                                                               Smith Bros. has acquired, the company hopes to successfully bid on

                                                                                                                                         This newsletter is published quarterly for the
                                                                                                                                         6,000 members of the Construction, Maintenance
                                                                                                                                         & Allied Workers Bargaining Council.

                                                                                                                                         President: Jan Noster
                                                                                                                                         Secretary - Treasurer: Pat Haggarty

                                                                                                                                         Construction, Maintenance &
                                                                                                                                         Allied Workers Bargaining Council

                                                                                                                                         305 - 2806 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5T5

                                                                                                                                         Telephone: 604-437-0471
                                                                                                                                         Facsimile: 604-437-1110
                                                                                                                    Newsletter Editor:   Marian Zadra — E-mail:


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