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									    July 2007                                                                      NEWS
   “Where finance and friendship come together.”

                       Blueprint for Financial Success...
                       An AVFCU Home Equity Line of Credit!
       Cash in with
              pg. 2
                       W      arm weather is a great time to put financial
                              plans to work: Remodel the kitchen, make
                       tuition payments, or refinance higher-cost debt.
                       Whatever your financial goal, you’ll need a
      CEO Message
                       blueprint. And AVFCU’s HELOC is a great way
            pg. 2
                       to measure, plan and complete your goal:
We Appreciate Your
   Patience During     LOW Rates Based on Prime...
              pg. 2    ■   PRIME MINUS 1.0% APR* for loans up
                           to 70% of your home's appraised value.**
    Meet Gil Castro
              pg. 3    ■   PRIME MINUS .50% APR* for loans
                           71-80% of home's appraised value.**
   Student Calendar
        Competition    ■   PRIME PLUS 1.0% APR* for loans
               pg. 3       81-90% of home's appraised value.**
       e-Statements    ■   10 year draw period, with an additional
            are here       15 years to repay the loan                                  ■   Equity is accessed on a REVOLVING basis...
               pg. 4   ■   Low, ‘“user friendly” monthly payments.                         so as your balance is repaid, your credit line
   Coming Soon to a        Of course you could pay more at any                             is replenished!
Labor Day Near You!        time to more quickly build equity.
                                                                                       To apply for your HELOC, stop by or call today:
              pg. 4    ■   Potential Tax Advantages– ask your tax
 New security Doors        adviser                                                                    (661) 945-5805
               pg. 4           *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All loans are subject to credit approval. Loan rates, terms & conditions are subject to change
                               without notice. We Do Business in Accordance With Federal Fair Lending and Equal Credit Opportunity Laws.
    Important Dates            ** Appraised value, less 1st TD or other encumbrances.
              pg. 4

 Theme Park Tickets
                           AVFCU Co-Sponsors “Going to College” Workshop
     for Sea World,     Antelope Valley FCU is pleased to announce we are co-sponsoring the “I’m Going To College” Workshop,
    Disneyland and      along with other Antelope Valley area businesses. Scheduled for Saturday, August 11, from 8:00 am to
   Magic Mountain.      12:30 pm at Antelope Valley College, the worksop is designed to encourage higher education among
  Watch for Details!    grade school students. Featuring food, fun activities and special giveaways, the workshop is open to
                        all local 4th- and 5th-graders. For more information or to RSVP, please call (661) 722-6333.
                                              Message from the CEO:

   Cash in with                              “Welcoming Our Valued
   COINSTAR®                                              New Members””
We all have it. Loose change. It
accumulates in our pockets, purses,

                                               am very pleased to welcome our valued new members this quarter,
dresser drawers, between sofa
cushions, and in coin jars.                    including the staff and volunteers from Lancaster Community Hospital, the
                                               students as well as staff of Antelope Valley Community College, and the
If you’re like most people – about 80
                                            students and staff of the University of Phoenix. We thank you for the oppor-
percent of American households – you
accumulate change. The latest estimates     tunity to serve you and look forward to adding to your financial success.
indicate that $10.5 billion in change is
sitting idle in American homes –that’s      Working to Meet Your Financial Needs
nearly $100 per household.                  Currently, your credit union is working with a number of area schools to
                                            welcome more students into our field of membership. We have designed special
Not any more! A new Coinstar® cash-
counting machine will be available to       programs to help students learn smart money management skills, and are very
AVFCU members beginning August              honored to help the youth in our area work towards a bright financial future.
1st, 2007. Just come to the Credit
                                            I also thank you for your patience during our conversion to our new
Union to have change efficiently
                                            processing system. We are diligently working on new services that will
counted at the Coinstar® Center... at
no charge! You’ll be able to get cash       improve our ability to meet and surpass your expectations. We are also very
on the spot to use for a splurge or         proud of our staff including our new Operations Supervisor, Gil Castro, who
perhaps to stretch the family budget.       brings many years of financial expertise to his position.

Coinstar® is fast and easy to use.          It’s been great to meet our members and potential members as I visit our
Simply pour loose, unsorted change          select employee groups. Your comments are not only interesting, but provide
into the machine and it counts 600          valuable insights on how we might improve our services. Please stop by my
coins per minute. The display will          office any time and say hello.
provide a running total by coin
denomination and when completed,            It is always a pleasure to serve you, the valued members of our credit union.
issues a voucher for the teller to
convert to cash or deposit.                                                                                 Mark Davey, CEO

Let Coinstar® help you tap the
wealth in your home today!
                                            We Appreciate Your Patience During Upgrades
                                           Your Credit Union is currently conducting two major system upgrades that will
                                           dramatically enhance the quality of service we provide:
                                           Computer Conversion– Our computer/data processing system is adequate for
                                           current needs, but not for the growth and service expansion we project for the future.
                                           When the conversion now underway is complete, our internal systems will not only be
                                           more efficient... they will lay the foundation for exciting new service improvements.
                                           We appreciate your understanding of any inconvenience during the conversion.
                                           Website Upgrade– Our current website is being upgraded to offer expanded
                                           services, improved navigation, and a livelier, more readable format. When
                                           complete, the upgraded website will offer exciting new account access options, and
                                           will serve as a genuine financial resource for all members. Watch for details!
    VISIT   OUR   WEB SITE       AT                                                                             PAGE 3

  Meet Gil Castro,                            The “Art of Saving” Student Art
                                              Calendar Contest
Operations Supervisor
                                                     VFCU is pleased to announce the
                                                     “Art of Saving” Student Art

        hen you visit the AVFCU office               Calendar Contest: we’ll produce a
        there’s a good chance you’ll spot     2008 Calendar with 12 pages plus the
        Gil Castro, our new Operations        cover illustrated by 13 winning entries!
Supervisor, behind the teller line.
                                              Art Teachers are encouraged
A “hands-on” supervisor, Gil remains          to have their students participate in this
available in case a member asks a             contest. If you are a student and would like
question a teller can’t answer on the spot,   to participate, please ask your teacher to
or to resolve other operational issues as     contact the credit union. We will contact
they arise. Gil says, “AVFCU is here to       local school districts and private schools in
provide good service, and that includes       early August with further details of the
answering members’ questions when they        contest. It is very important that both the
ask them. We respect the fact that our        schools and the students are recognized.
members’ time is valuable.”

Formerly an Operations Supervisor at
                                              Preliminary Contest Details
Matadors Community Credit Union and a         ■    Eligibility– Any student grade K-12
Branch Operations Supervisor for LA                attending public or private school**
Police Federal Credit Union, Gil brings a     ■    Theme– The Art of Saving
great deal of experience and expertise to
his new position at AVFCU. “We strive to      ■    Media– Water-color, Acrylic, Markers, Crayon,
make members feel comfortable when                 Pen & ink, Construction Paper, Electronic graphics etc.
conducting their Credit Union business,       ■    Size– Artwork must be landscape on 18” by 12” high or high definition
and that takes a strong commitment to              graphics.
personal service,” he said. “We’ll never
                                              ■    Identification– On the back of the entry piece, please print: title of the
charge members for speaking to a live
                                                   artwork; student’s name, address, telephone number and grade; and name
person, as some banks do.”
                                                   of student’s school and teacher.
Gil invites members to ask him questions,     ■    Contest Deadline– Teachers will be able to deliver the art to a designated
or just say “hello” when they visit AVFCU.         location by Friday October 5, 2007.

                                              ■    Prizes–Winners will be selected by a panel of local artists and creative profes-
                                                   sionals. Winners will have their art published in the 2008 Art of Savings calendar
                                                   which will be available to the AVFCU membership in time for the holidays. $100
                                                   will be awarded to the 13 winning artists plus $100 will be awarded to the school
                                                   attended by the artist. All entrants will receive a Certificate of Participation.

                                                  This is a great opportunity for students
                                                  to creatively express ways to save
                                                  money for a bright financial future.
                                                  ** AVFCU employees and their family members are not eligible to enter.
                                          Coming Soon...
                                          to a Labor Day
                                          Near You!
                                                 huge off-site tent sale is planned
                                                 for the Labor Day weekend. Local
                                                 dealers will combine forces to offer
                                          a selection of about 500 pre-owned
                                          vehicles to be sold from one location. You
  e-Statements                            could get a great deal on a luxury car, a lower-priced “basic transportation” vehicle,
                                          and everything else in between. More details are coming soon, but consider this:
         Are Here!                        On-the-Spot Credit Approval from AVFCU
AVFCU members may now access
their accounts online to view and         For the very first time, your Credit Union loan representatives will be on
                                          hand during the sale to provide instant, on-the-spot credit approval! Better
print quarterly statements. Just visit
                                          yet, stop by the Credit Union just before the sale and arrange your pre-, log onto AVOnline
                                          approved auto loan commitment. That way you can shop with confidence
and click the Products and Services
                                          by knowing exactly how much you are approved to finance.
button.You’ll be prompted to enter
the necessary security information to     “Hometown” Auto Dealers
authorize account access... and with a
                                          All participating dealers are local “hometown folks,” which means we help
few clicks of your mouse, printable
                                          benefit our community by keeping our tax dollars in our local economy.
e-statements for periods beginning        That is not the case when we buy from outside our area. Those tax dollars
June 1st, 2007 will appear on-screen!
                                          go to the community where the vehicle was sold (or brokered from). And
                                          when you buy from a local dealer, it’s convenient to take your car to them
                                          for servicing... try doing that with an out-of-area dealer!

                                          Flex Your Buying Power
                                          By the way, Antelope Valley Federal Credit Union is developing a dynamic
                                          program that would help you flex your new-car buying power. You’ll hear
                                          more about this exciting new way to shop and save in just a few days. And
    Your                                  yes, you would be doing business with locally owned dealerships!
   Money NEWS
 Published quarterly by Antelope Valley
 Federal Credit Union“Where finance
                                            New Security Doors... Protecting Your Assets
 and friendship come together”            AVFCU works hard to protect our members and their assets. That’s why you’ll find
                                          something new when you visit our lobby... double security doors. While the doors have a
  43816 15th Street West                  high-tech appearance, they are easy to use. Just enter through the first door. When the green
  Lancaster CA 93534                      light appears on the second door, open it and enter as usual. It takes only a few seconds
  (661) 945-5805            longer than entering through a traditional door, but since some members may not feel as
                                          comfortable with the security doors, we thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
  Hours: Monday through Friday
  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
                                               Important Dates
  AVFCU Supervisory Committee
  P.O. BOX 6857
  Lancaster, CA 93539-6857                                              Wednesday, July 4– Closed, Independence Day
                                                                        Monday September 3– Closed, Labor Day
                                                                        And Labor Day Weekend... See You at the Auto Sale!
                                                                        Monday October 8– Closed, Columbus Day

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