TCRA Work Plan Approval, Forest Service 3030 Road Cleanup, by cus77764


									United States          Forest         Alaska Region                        P.O. Box 21628
Department of          Service                                             Juneau, AK 99802-1628

                                                              File Code:   2160
                                                                   Date:    September 7, 2008

Mr. Mike Traffalis
Project Manger
Western Federal Lands Highway Division
Federal Highway Administration
610 East Fifth Street
Vancouver, WA 98661-3801

Dear Mr. Traffalis :
The Forest Service has reviewed the Time Critical Removal Action Workplan, FS 3030 Road
Site, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, Submitted to Western Federal Lands Highway Division,
Vancouver WA, by AMEC Geomatrix, Inc., Seattle Washington. The document was made
available on September 5, 2008 in the form of three electronic files 2008_09-04_TCRA Work
Plan.pdf; 2008_09_05_Appendix_E_TCRA_Workplan.pdf; 2008_09-04_TCRA Sampling and
Analysis Plan.pdf. These three files, in aggregate, constitute the Workplan reviewed. The
second file listed is Appendix E, and was added to the review record at Gary Dupuy’s request on
September 5, 2008. As such it is not listed in the Table of Content of the Workplan.
The Workplan is substantively complete and represents an adequate analysis to support the Time
Critical Removal Action at three locations along with the consolidation of removed materials at
the B-1 limestone rock pit. The workplan presents plans for the development of limestone rock
at the B-1 rock pit.
The Workplan was developed in a short time interval to meet the exigencies of available
resources, and anticipated normal seasonal weather limitations. The efforts of Western Federal
Lands Staff and Contractors in accomplishing the workplan development in a short time is

/S/ Kenneth D. Vaughan
Forest Service On Scene Coordinator

cc: Forrest Cole, Jason C Anderson, Sam Carlson

                                 Caring for the Land and Serving People                 Printed on Recycled Paper

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