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									Olympics Supercourse
   Exercise and Health,
    an Olympic Ideal

 Collaborative efforts of US Olympic
Committee and Global health Network

Supercourse: www.pitt.edu/~super1/
Definition of Prevention
  “Actions aimed at eradicating,
eliminating, or minimizing the impact
of disease and disability. The concept
 of prevention is best defined in the
context of levels, traditionally called
   primary, secondary, and tertiary

          A Dictionary of Epidemiology,
     Fourth Edition Edited by John M. Last
1. To overview of supercourse and its
2. To Describe United States Olympics
   Committee (USCOC) and its
   functioning as related to exercise
   and health
3. To build an Olympics Supercourse
   for the Olympics and Paralympics
   with USOC, International Olympic
   committee and Supercourse Team
                      Why should one practice
                 60                                      World
(Age in years)

                 20                                      Developed









       Rising Life Expectancy (WHO Report, 1997)
 Concept of
 Telepreventive Medicine
Telepreventive medicine
 Inexpensive Low to High bandwidth
 systems designed to reach large
 numbers of healthy people to prevent
 Expensive High bandwidth systems
 designed to reach small numbers of
 sick people to cure disease
 Supercourse - model of global
       health network
The Global Health Network is a group
of leading public health and
telecommunications officials who are
bringing state of the art Internet
technology into global health.
To connect people involved in
prevention worldwide
• It was originally funded by NASA and
    currently funded by the National Library of
    Medicine, NIH, USA
•   Currently more than 151 countries are
    connected through the Supercourse
•   More than top notch scientific 1,700
    lectures available on the website
•   There are 8 noble prize winners who have
    contributed their lectures to supercourse
•   More than 40% members are from
    developing countries.
•   Many of the leading experts of exercise
    and health have contributed
What is the new global
language of teaching?
Focused lectures on prevention
 Every year, the supercourse team produce
    a lecture on a specific topic in prevention
    and spreads it around the world
•   Last year Hippocrates birthday was
    celebrated by developing golden lecture on
•   Golden Lecture of Prevention illustrated
    and commemorated the role of prevention
    in continuing to make our planet healthier
•   This lecture was seen and used by more
    than a 200,000 people from 138
•   We also include leading lectures on
        Olympics lecture on physical
            activity and Health
• This year we have developed a lecture on
    physical activity and health.
• This lecture has been dedicated to Olympics
    games in Athens, Greece
• This lecture integrates the Olympic ideals
    plus our knowledge of the science of physical
    activity and health
•   The lecture can be viewed at

• We hope that by September 2004, this
    lecture will be viewed by more than a million
    population worldwide, making this the most
    viewed lecture ever
      Information on health at
          Olympics website
• Exercise is a everyday part of your life
 can help develop and maintain a high
 level of health by reducing stress,
 improving energy, vitality and
 maintaining a positive self perception.

• Very little information regarding
 exercise, health physical activity etc is
 available at Olympics website. We will
 integrate our expert information with the
 Olympic site.
        United States Olympic
         Committee (USCO)
• USOC is a non profit organization and is the
  National Olympic Committee (NOC) for the
  United states
• Preserve and promote the Olympic ideal as
  an effective, positive role model that inspires
  all Americans USOC
• Supports American athletes in general and
  Olympic athletes in particular
• Athletes that wish to participate in the
  Olympics are approved and entered by USOC.
  The committee is also responsible for
  entering athletes in the Pan American
   Support of Athletes by USOC

• USOC has established a number of
  training centers throughout the
• Top athletes can live, train and get
  specialized medical attention in these
• USOC) serves as the National
  Paralympics Committee (NPC)
 USOC Sports Medicine Division
• Sports Medicine division Offers Athletic
  Training in several training centers
• Selected through an application and
  interview process, engage in daily
  responsibilities to learn, build and gain
  experience and insight towards the
  world of sports medicine
• Jim Scherr is CEO and Ed Ryan is
  currently the Director of Sports
  Medicine, USOC
  & medical coordinator for the U.S.
  Paralympics Team
  Collaboration of USOC, Olympics &
Objectives:  Supercourse
• Develop a partnership between USOC, Olympics
    and the Supercourse by sharing scientifically
    based health prevention information one
    exercise and health to the schools of the world.
•   Develop an Olympics Supercourse to share
    knowledge and take care of Olympics Athletes
    health through health prevention
•   Build a library of lectures focusing on exercise
    including top scientific quality prevention and
    care program
•   Establish lectures to employ exercise to prevent
    disease for those who are disabled, and
    distribute these to those who are disabled and
    those who are not
  Preserve and promote the Olympic ideal as
  an effective, positive role model that
  inspires all Americans
Supercourse Mission
  Preserve and promote the health of
  Olympics Athletes by sharing knowledge
  on physical activity and disease prevention
 Both these missions are in parallel to each
          other and can be partnered
According to Ed Ryan of USOC our joint
“Aligned with the betterment of society and
     Olympics Supercourse
Olympics games
• The five rings symbolize the five
  significant continents and are
  interconnected to symbolize the
  friendship to be gained from these
  international competitions
• Supercourse is an interconnected
  global network of preventionists linking
  more than 151 countries together with
  more than 40 % countries from
  developing nations
  The Olympics and supercourse should
   work hand and hand for better society
        Olympics Supercourse

                            • Strive and compete at
                                highest level to
• Striving to compete           provide knowledge of
    at the highest levels       prevention to world
    in sport                    renown athletes.
•   Link countries          •   Share world
    through their best          preventionists to
    athletes and link
                                Olympic players
    them together
•   Product = world         •   Product = health role
    renown athletes             mode athletes of the
    Olympics Supercourse


              Olympics 2004

Partnering Olympics, USOC & Supercourse

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