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					                       School Development Plan Template
                          (What are you planning to achieve in this 2009 - 2010 school year?)

Group: Intramural Planning for Student Engagement                     Group Members: Wilmot,

Outcome #1:
(Begin with, “Students have …or Students are…” “What will this look like when we get to where
we want to be?” SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time dependent –
Directly linked to school vision/mission /priorities/goals– Clear and measurable)

Students and staff are engaged in school life through their participation as leaders/organizers,
participants and/or spectators in intramural programming

Outcome #1 CBE Linkage:
(Please indicate which CBE End your outcome most closely                         E1        Mega End
 addresses)                                                                      E2        Academic Success
                                                                                 E3        Citizenship
               E3                                                                E4        Personal Development
                                                                                 E5        Character
Baseline Date for Outcome #1:
(2009– 2010 baseline data – State data at present time – provides a benchmark. Used to gauge
future success or failure – “What is the current state of affairs?” e.g. what you reported on your
last annual report or data that you have collected in advance of planning

Students involved in gym-based activities as participants: 262
Number of students involved with intramural activities last year: 574 (this number is derived from
our inclusion of ‘whole school’ intramural events (ie Stamps VS Students game)).

Baseline Analysis/Trends – 1:
(Why are 2008 – 2009 results the way they are? Conditions that may be affecting your group’s
ability to reach goals and outcomes – Challenges identified, external factors affecting outcome
achievement – Explanation of current state of data, historical factors – analysis/identification of
root cause)

The restraints to groups effort to improve staff and student participation (and subsequent feeling of
citizenship/membership within the school community) include:
     - Time. The demands of our daily routines continue to evolve and grow pulling us in other
        directions. There is a feeling of being ‘spread too thin’ among staff, which makes it difficult to
        feel ownership and/or make a priority of ‘extras’.
     - 08/09 Data collection is inadequate for evaluating our work last year or for providing a
        baseline for this year’s work. We have refined our measurement and data collection methods
        for this year to better supply feedback for the initiatives we have planned this year.
External factors include:
   - The changing dynamic of our student body (we’re aiming at a moving target).

Positive factors include:
   - Continued commitment by group members to work toward this goal. Working toward
       improving school life and establishing a connection and community feel among Clarence
       Sansom students and staff is a part of our daily work and shared passion for this initiative.

Strategies for 2009 - 2010 – 1:
(Actions taken to achieve desired outcomes in terms of instruction – Answers the question, “What
do we need to do to achieve this outcome?”)

   i)      Create staff ownership and involvement in the intramural program. Our intention is to
           build on the student enthusiasm and connection that has been generated during
           ‘student VS staff’ activities by introducing ‘staff’ teams to several intramural ‘team’
           events. A team sign-up will be placed in the staff room for each house with an
           opportunity for staff members to ‘team up’ and enter the grade based tournaments.
           Sign-up sheets will include a ‘captaincy’ position which will allow a staff member to
           coordinate the team in alignment with the philosophy of the intramural program. Staff
           ‘team’ sign up will be made available for Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, Sansompalooza, and
           possibly future fun events such as ‘pie in the face’ and ‘students revenge’.
   ii)     Put the ‘fun’ back into gym activities. We plan to sample a variety of rule and
           equipment modifications in an effort to level the playing field and allow students of all
           skill levels to feel like they can compete and contribute to an intramural team activity
           without feeling like they need to be a ‘skilled’ player. Activities could include: Beach
           ball volleyball (with house points awarded for dress as well as for earning ‘wins’). Pool
           noodle floor hockey, where participants use pool noodles and a dodge ball to play the
           game rather than the traditional implements.
   iii)    Continue to broaden the variety and number of ‘non-gym-based’ intramural activities.
           It is our intention to work toward offering programming in two locations by introducing
           activities that can be sustained without needing the gym space. Activities will include:
           Rockband (Sansompalooza), a stage based ping-pong ladder tournament, and Wi
           sports activities. We will also look to increase the number of ‘special event Thursdays’
           and non-team based activities such as: the LCD contests, Flag Finders, etc.
   iv)     We will continue our work in recognition by continuing with the Foyer Points board and
           improved LCD recognition. It is our intention to assign a student photographer to
           intramural events for the purposes of running an LCD slideshow and doing a bulletin
           board display of more events (as was done with Sansompalooza).
   v)      Promotion: We will work to continue improving our promotion of events with LCD
           display, House Points board information, STUCO room rep, and lifestyles scorpion
           promotion of upcoming activities.

Assessment of strategies – 1:
(What methods [interim measures] will be used to analyze the effectiveness of the strategy? How
will we know if what we do has moved the school forward?)

We will measure student and staff participation in intramural programming as leaders/organizers,
participants and spectators. Measurement will be determined and tallied through lifestyles
scorpion ‘school-life’ checkboxes that will indicate participation in school activities. We will use
the date to examine the trends in participation of intramural programming over the whole year as
well as by month and activity offered.

Performance Measures/Targets 1:
 (Numerical in value – Indicates assessment tool used to measure outcomes [links back to tool
used to provide the baseline] – Indication of desired level related to outcome in a time period:
2009/2010[Where will you be at the end of the current school year?])

       School Year                        Measure                           Target

        2009/2010           Students record their intramural           100% of student
                            participation as ‘organizer/leader,        and staff
                            participant and/or spectator’ on           population will
                            monthly Lifestlyes scorpions.              be involved in
                            Data will be tallied to indicate           intramural
                            monthly and yearly participation           programming
                            in intramural programming                  each year.