R4 DS Card & Colors DS Brings Digital Art To NDS and R4 by r4ds


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									   R4 DS Card Brings ColorsDS
  Create Digital Art On Your Nintendo
  DS or Nintendo Dsi console with the
          R4 DS and ColorsDS!

Colors is the premiere digital art and drawing
  application for the Nintendo DS and Dsi
  systems. With ColorsDS you’ll be able to take
  your art from your imagination and put it
  down on paper – virtual DS paper that is.
  Using your stylus on the Nintendo DS or Dsi XL
  you can draw to your hearts content. It really
  is one of the best and most used nds
  homebrew applications available today.
Take a look at some of the truly
amazing Art created with only a
Nintendo DS and the R4 DS Card
 Using only the stylus and the DS
and R4 Card – I can’t believe how
         cool these are!
This is one of my favorites, it looks just
     like a real mountain painting!
The thing that makes Colors stand out is a
combination of its complexity and the quality of
the art you can create with it - right along side
the extremely easy to use interface that allows
you to pick it up and start painting right away. No
wonder then that it has had over 250,000
downloads since it's creation - and this is just for
R4 DS users (and other NDS Flash Card products)

Just go and take a look at the Colors!
gallery, where you can see the type and quality of
digital art created just for fun by homebrew
enthusiast like you and I.
Creepy! Not the picture, but the fact that the Nintendo DS can products art
like this! All done with the stylus and a FREE homebrew game. Commercial
                   quality homebrew is where it’s really at!
Where can you buy an R4 DS Card?

• There are several stores that I know of, stores
  that carry the official, or original R4 DS card
  and not clones or knockoffs. They’re listed in
  no particular order
• http://www.ModChipStore.com
• http://www.NeoConsole.com
• http://www.ps2cover.com
   I’m not associated with any of the
 mentioned online stores. Just happen to
      know people from forums and
    homebrew communities that have
     shopped at them and they come
There are thousands of other homebrew
 applications available… So make sure you
  search NDS HOMEBREW on google for

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