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									General Directorate

Direction générale

Date :           11 July 2007                                                To :   ENPRM Consultation List

Our Ref. :       DG/RU/SES/SES MANDATES/MSI/Management/IR                           Members of the SCG
                 Workshop                                                           Members of the CMIC
Subject :        Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on the draft                     Members of the ANSB
                 implementing rule for Mode S Interrogator Code Allocation          (through their respective Secretariats)

Contact :        Mr Jean-Luc GARNIER                                                List of Focal Points nominated for the Mode S
                                                                                    Interrogator Code Allocation mandate
Direct Line :    + 32 (2) 729 3563

Encl. :          0                                                                  Members of MICOG
                                                                                    (through their respective Secretariat)

                                      Dear Sir / Madam,

                                      Within the Single European Sky framework, the European Commission has
                                      sent to EUROCONTROL a request for the development of a draft
                                      implementing rule for Mode S Interrogator Code allocation (MSI).

                                      In accordance with the Initial Plan, agreed by the Commission and the
                                      EUROCONTROL Agency, a Regulatory Approach document was developed
                                      in close consultation with stakeholders. A written informal consultation took
                                      place between 26 October and 17 November 2006 which culminated in a
                                      workshop on 6 December 2006 where the outcomes of this consultation
                                      were discussed with stakeholders. The Regulatory Approach document,
                                      amended as a result of the consultation, was transmitted at the end of
                                      December 2006 to the European Commission, which then formally accepted
Organisation for the                  Taking into account stakeholder input on all aspects of the MSI
                                      requirements, a draft implementing rule on MSI has been developed as
Safety of
                                      foreseen by the Regulatory Approach.
Air Navigation
                                      A formal consultation, using the mechanisms of the EUROCONTROL Notice
Organisation                          of Proposed Rule-Making (ENPRM) process, on this draft implementing rule
européenne pour la
                                      commenced on 9 July 2007 and will end on 26 September 2007. Formal
                                      consultation allows all States, stakeholders and interested parties to express
sécurité de la
                                      their formal views on the draft implementing rule.
navigation aérienne

Rue de la Fusée, 96
1130 Bruxelles
Tél. : +32(0)2-729 51 97
Fax : +32(0)2-729 51 90
Telex : 21173 EUROC B

The request received from the European Commission asks EUROCONTROL
to organise a public workshop to discuss the results of this formal
consultation. In this context, I have the pleasure to invite you to a
stakeholder consultation workshop which will take place in our premises

          Thursday 25th October 2007, from 10H00 to 16H30 at
            EUROCONTROL HQ, POLLUX conference room.

The aim of this one-day workshop is to present and discuss the results
of the formal consultation in respect of the draft interoperability
implementing rule for MSI. Please note, therefore, that the workshop will only
address comments received during the formal consultation process and will
not invite new comments. We intend to present our proposed responses to
the comments received and our rationale behind them. Participants will then
have the opportunity to provide feedback as appropriate. After the workshop
and on the basis the results of the consultation, EUROCONTROL will finalise
the amendments to the draft rule and consolidate the final report for the MSI
mandate, to be delivered to the European Commission by November 2007.

Workshop registration will start at 09H30 on 25 October. The workshop will
be conducted in English. I would like to ask you to notify us in advance in
case that you intend to attend or be represented at the workshop.

Please register via our web site at:
European Sky/Mandates Workshops Registrations - closing date for
registration is on 15 October 2007.

More information on the consultation process and on the mandates is
available on the EUROCONTROL website via the direct link:

The formal consultation documents            can    be   downloaded     from:

The necessary documentation will be dispatched to you prior to the

Yours sincerely,

SES Interoperability Mandates Manager

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