Mini SQL 2.x Invoice by sof13907


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               Qld 4217 Australia                        Email

                            Mini SQL 2.x Invoice

To purchase your Mini SQL 2 End User License, please complete this form and return it with
payment to the postal address shown above. Payment must be made by cheque and accompanied
by this form. Please note that cheques must be written in the currency of the bank account on
which they are being drawn. If you live outside the United States, please convert the total of this
invoice into your local currency using the current exchange rate.

This document is an interactive form. Please complete the form prior to printing this document.
Your information will then be presented as typed text. If you print this document and complete
the form by hand we may not be able to read your writing or determine your details correctly.

                                       Customer Details
Contact Name
Postal Address

E-Mail Address
Date                       17 May 2001

                                         Order Details
    Qty                      Item                    Unit Cost                    Sub Total
                Single License                     US $ 250
                5 License Pack                     US $ 1,190
                10 License Pack                    US $ 2,250
                25 License Pack                    US $ 5,000
                                                   Total             US$

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