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         Improving Grassroots Efforts with Issue
         Advocacy Management Technology

                            Grassroots political activities can be powerful tools of influence. However,
                            the extensive coordination and communication required to make them
                            effective can be daunting. How can government affairs professionals
                            streamline the complicated process of recruiting, educating, encouraging and
                            retaining volunteers while intelligently analyzing the success of grassroots
                            efforts? Limited staff and resources make managing grassroots campaigns a
                            cumbersome and time-consuming experience. Fortunately, new technology
                            has eased the management burden, radically simplifying all aspects of
                            grassroots campaigns. Issue advocacy management solutions include easy-
                            to-use, web-based software to enable effortless coordination, communication
                            and tracking of entire grassroots programs.

                            Grassroots Management Challenges

                            Government affairs groups are challenged to communicate timely issues to
                            grassroots volunteers while making it easy for people to act. Improper
                            handling of tasks ranging from recruitment to retention diminishes the
                            effectiveness of grassroots programs.

                            Challenges Recruiting Volunteers

Asking members to           Increasing participation is a primary responsibility of any government affairs
participate and verifying
                            director. Participation is typically jumpstarted by captivating the core
their commitment can be
costly and time-            consituency with a well-crafted message intended to spur action. A
consuming                   commitment verification process often involves a reply card or telephone
                            confirmation. Placing phone calls and processing mail are time-consuming,
                            expensive to administer, require many manual processes and are
                            susceptable to human error. Ideally, a solution should automate as much of
                            the recruitment process as possible and make it very easy to confirm
                            volunteer commitment. Having all members in a central database for quick
                            and easy e-mail transmission streamlines grassroots recruitment efforts and
                            is more cost effective.
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                              Keeping Volunteers “In the Know”
                              Government affairs organizations struggle to keep people up-to-date on
                              issues important to the corporation or association. Presenting a solid
                              position on key issues is critical to keep grassroots volunteers well-educated.
                              Traditionally, educational information is broadcast to volunteers via fax or
                              mail. These time-consuming steps do not provide the immediacy necessary
                              to communicate hot issues and place a heavy cost burden on the
                              government affairs group. Ideally, communication with grassroots supporters
                              should be quick and easy. An automated solution can help facilitate greater
                              volumes and bursts of communication while also quickly educating members
                              on key issues and stances. Web technology makes this a reality.

                              Difficulty Encouraging Action
Translating requests into     Taking a grassroots volunteer from the commitment stage to performing a
action is a major             political objective is a challenging feat. Asking volunteers to craft letters or
challenge for grassroots
volunteers                    call legislators is easy enough. A disconnect typically occurs between the
                              request and the actual action. Requests that lead to dead ends are usually
                              caused by excessive steps needed for volunteers to act. For example, a
                              volunteer may not know who to contact, what to say or what to expect.
                              Government affairs groups may direct volunteers to sites that enable
                              legislator lookups, but the process tends to be disjointed. What is needed is
                              an easy way for volunteers to craft messages or access talking points while
                              directing them to the appropriate legislators. Modern technology eases the
                              process by connecting volunteers with legislators and drafting customized
                              letters that can be automatically e-mailed, faxed or mailed to key legislators.

                              Retaining Volunteers
                              Government affairs organizations walk a fine line between inundating
                              volunteers with action requests and not properly utilizing the strength of their
                              grassroots supporters. Make too many requests and lose the volunteers,
                              make too few and eliminate the feeling of ownership. The trick to retaining
                              volunteers is to make it easy for them to learn about the issues important to
                              them and act when needed. Many organizations write letters and make calls
                              to volunteers. This time consuming and costly process does not make it
                              easy for volunteers to take action. Ideally, volunteers' areas of interest are
                              recorded and communications are targeted only to relevant volunteers. In
                              addition, modern technology enables automated identification of who has or
                              has not acted for follow-on targeted communications.

                              Challenges Analyzing Results
Government affairs            Most government affairs groups have no knowledge regarding the actual
groups find it difficult to
know if volunteers have
                              efforts taken by grassroots supporters. Often, volunteers will be asked to
acted                         report any action performed; however, most actions are never recorded.
                              This makes it challenging for government affairs groups to analyze the
                              effectiveness of their efforts. Not knowing who responded, what the
                              participation rate was and what actions were taken makes it difficult to
                              determine the influence of grassroots campaigns. New technology enables
                              comprehensive recording and analysis of all actions taken by grassroots
                              volunteers for powerful campaign refinement.
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                                Improving Grassroots Efforts with Issue Advocacy
                                Management Technology

Issue advocacy                  Designed to help government affairs organizations streamline grassroots
management solutions
streamline all critical steps
                                efforts, issue advocacy management solutions automate key processes,
of grassroots campaigns         dramatically enhancing the effectiveness of grassroots campaigns. Issue
                                advocacy solutions significantly improve grassroots recruitment, education,
                                action, retention and analysis efforts via automated web-based processes
                                that increase awareness among volunteers and make it easy for them to
                                communicate with elected officials. Advanced solutions include issue and bill
                                tracking, legislator and staff contact information, and integrated volunteer-to-
                                legislator matching.

                                Benefits of Issue Advocacy Management Solutions:
                                Enhanced Efficiency

                                Issue advocacy management technology brings the strength of intelligent
                                software and the Internet to government affairs groups. The net result is
                                faster communication and better results.

                                Recruitment Benefits
                                Issue advocacy solutions make volunteer recruitment and verification a pain-
                                free process. Web-based forms make it easy for volunteers to commit to
                                grassroots efforts with a simple click of a mouse. The verification process is
                                handled automatically (i.e., sending an e-mail verifying the commitment)
                                without any labor requirements from the government affairs group. All
                                commitments are stored for future informational campaigns, making it easy to
                                send alerts to the appropriate audience. Issue advocacy solutions reduce
                                manual errors, make committing easier for volunteers and allow government
                                affairs departments to focus on important issues such as crafting compelling

                                Educational Benefits
Issue advocacy solutions        Keeping volunteers informed has never been easier. Issue advocacy
allow real-time
                                solutions enable real-time communication with volunteers via informative web
communication with
grassroots supporters           sites and e-mail communications. Urgent issues can be immediately
                                communicated to constituents. Educational information can be linked with
                                optional actions in an integrated location, making it easy for people to act in
                                an informed manner. An issue advocacy solution also eliminates the need to
                                rely solely on costly faxes and mailings. Issue advocacy solutions make
                                educating grassroots volunteers quick and easy.

                                Stimulating Action
                                Issue advocacy solutions achieve the objective of making it easy for
                                grassroots volunteers to act. Issue advocacy technology eliminates the need
                                for volunteers to locate legislators and produce customized communications.
                                An issue advocacy solution provides immediate access to the appropriate
                                legislators and offers ready-made communication templates relevant to the
                                topic at hand. Government affairs organizations can create speaking points
                                and letters that can be customized and automatically converted into faxes, e-
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                           mails or letters. All actions taken by volunteers are categorized, stored and
                           tied to issues and legislators for further analysis.

                           Improves Retention
                           Issue advocacy technology empowers volunteers, increasing involvement in
                           grassroots efforts. An issue advocacy solution minimizes the time necessary
                           for volunteers to act, provides relevant and timely educational information
                           and enables targeted communication to volunteers. For example, those who
                           have not acted can be contacted automatically with a customized message.
                           Additionally, participants can be automatically thanked or rewarded for
                           actions. As the number of volunteers grows, an issue advocacy solution
                           seamlessly scales, enabling a government affairs group to operate efficiently
                           with a large pool of volunteers.

                           Enables Analysis
Issue advocacy solutions   Powerful and insightful, issue advocacy solutions provide detailed analysis of
provide powerful insight   grassroots campaigns. Issue advocacy solutions automatically record all
into volunteer actions
                           actions performed by volunteers, ranging from reading news blasts to
                           generating customized letters for legislators. With this knowledge, a
                           government affairs group can easily categorize volunteers, such as those
                           who are exceptionally active. All information is stored, allowing actions to be
                           analyzed over time to gauge grassroots effects on legislative successes or
                           failures. In addition, actions, bills, issues, legislation, legislators and
                           volunteers can be correlated for analysis from any viewpoint.

                           What to Look for in an Issue Advocacy Management Solution

                           When seeking an issue advocacy management solution, be sure to select
                           software and a company that provide:

                               •   Proven Success: Seek a provider that has been in the market,
                                   understands the unique needs of government affairs organizations,
                                   has a large base of government affairs customers and can fully
                                   integrate grassroots and PAC efforts.

                               •   Advanced Analytics: Look for a solution that automatically tracks the
                                   success of your grassroots programs and provides a graphical
                                   representation of results.

                               •   An Easy-to-Use Solution: Government affairs employees as well as
                                   grassroots volunteers should find the solution easy and intuitive to

                               •   9-Digit Zip-to-District Tracking: To assure the most accurate match
                                   between volunteers and legislators, seek a solution that offers 9-digit
                                   zip code matching with optional +4 digit lookups based on a
                                   volunteer's on-file physical address.

                               •   News Integration: Look for a solution that can integrate news with
                                   issues relevant to your organization.
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                                •   Up-to-Date Legislation Information: The solution should provide daily
                                    updates to legislator contact information.

                                •   Hosted Solutions: Seek a hosted solution that does not require any
                                    hardware or software installation and does not burden the IT
                                    department. Demand the highest levels of security for hosted
                                    solutions including physical security, perimeter defenses, data
                                    encryption, user authentication, application security, internal systems
                                    security, operating systems security, database security and reliable
                                    backup systems.

                                •   Integration with PAC Data: Seek a solution that can integrate with an
                                    on-demand PAC solution for complete historical analysis of
                                    contributions for target contacts.

                            The Vocus Solution

Vocus' software for         Vocus' software for government
government relations is
the leading solution for
                            relations is a complete grassroots
managing all aspects of a   management solution for corporate
grassroots campaign         and non-profit government affairs
                            activities. Since its inception more
                            than a decade ago, the Vocus
                            solution has become one of the most
                            influential products in American
                            politics. Many of the nation’s most
                            successful lobbying organizations
                            rely on Vocus to manage their
                            grassroots     networks,     influence   E-mails can be personalized
                            legislation and run their PACs.          and quickly sent to volunteers

                            Vocus' software for government relations features powerful contact
                            management capabilities that manage relationships with legislators, staff and
                            grassroots volunteers by utilizing advanced features such as note-taking,
                            history tracking and correspondence generation. The solution can create
                            targeted lists and distribute action alerts and other messages by mail, fax
                            and interactive e-mail. The Vocus solution tracks projects, activities and
                            legislation; maintains a professional online advocacy site; and analyzes
                            lobbying efforts and legislative success.

                            To learn more about Vocus' software for government relations or receive a
                            complimentary demonstration, visit

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