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					 Mobile Inner

 What Google thinks of Mobile?

    Mobile is Google’s #1 i nitiative
In February 2010 Google's CEO Eric Schmidt announced at
 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Google will consider
             "mobile first" in all future endeavors.

Anything Google creates from here on out will be first placed on the mobile
          platform and then be worked around for the desktop.

    He concluded by saying, “Mobil e is pretty much the
    answ er on everythi ng,”
         announcing a major shift in Google’s strategy.
Just a few months after
Experian released its report,
Nielsen came out with its own
(on September 18, 2008)
where the firm indicated that
60% of mobile internet users
were likely to accept mobile

The report contained
information about mobile
Internet usage penetration
across sixteen measured
countries in the first quarter
of that year, with the U.S. and
U.K. In the top two slots.
It also showed a year-to-year comparison of the number of
active mobile Internet users in the US from 2006 to 2008.
The year 2009 saw an explosion of the Appstores. Non-carrier
appstores jumped from a mere 8 to 38 last year.

                                         Chetan Sharma Consulting
                                         Industry Study Commissioned
                                         by                    Getjar
The corresponding revenue figures for 2009 were over $4.1
billion growing 62% CAGR to $17.5 billion by 2012.
Ondeck paid had the biggest share of the pie followed by offdeck
paid. Advertising based revenue accounted for about 12% of the
overall revenue though by 2012, advertising is expected to
generate 28% of the app revenue.
Over 64 million US wireless subscribers surfed the mobile
Internet in May 2009 – almost twice as many as in the previous
year. This accounts for more than 20% of the total US population,
28% of US wireless subscribers and more than 30% of desktop
internet users.

                    SEMPO Emerging Technologies Committee: Mobile Task Force
Per Insight Express’ aggrega te brand study data, users exposed
to online ad campaigns show a 2 percent increase in purchase
intent while users who have been exposed to mobile ad
campaigns show a 12 percent increase. Similarly, mobile ad
campaigns deliver significantly better on every brand metric,
including message association (3 percent increase online vs. 14
percent on mobile) and brand favorability (2 percent increase
online vs. 10 percent on mobile).

Mobile ads don’t s uck. Mobile ads work. They work today,
and they represent enormous and unbounded opportunity
tomorrow. The numbers don’t l ie.

                                                         Jason Spero
                                                 VP, General Manager
                                                 AdMob North America
  Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

• Super fast • Has the
broadest reach
• Extraordinarily effective
• Has relatively low cost •
Has high ROI • Easy to
measure • Has immediate
What can Mobile Marketing do?

• Traffic Generation - Offline & Online Leads •
List Building • Brand Awareness • Promotions
• Loyalty & Customer Retention • Coupons

• Polls / Voting
• Contests • Alerts - Instant / Urgent / Time Sensitive
Notifications • Fundraising • Paging • Mobile Commerce
  Why is Mobile Marketing HOT?!
• Mobile has the broadest reach. Mobile 4.8 billion vs. Internet 1.7 billion users
• 5 Billion Mobile users expected in 2010 – World population is 6.8 Billion •
There are almost 5 times more mobile devices than computers • Mobile text
messaging has the fastest read rate at 90% in 15 minutes with a
97% final open rate (graph comparing SMS vs email) • The only marketing
media that reaches consumers while they are on the go • Mobile has 5X better
sales conversion rates than online • Mobile has 7X better coupon redemption
rates than online & offline • Text Message Marketing is 5 X more effective than
Online Marketing • Mobile has much less media competition (online & email is
very crowded) • Mobile device is personal (extension of the person)

   270 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. 91% of them keep their phone
   within 3 feet of themselves 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
• Very few businesses are using it. Mobile marketing is where internet
marketing was in 2000. Get a huge head start by using Mobile NOW!
Why is Mobile Marketing HOT?!


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