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  ISSUE 46                                                        Summer 2006

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       services in your area today
                                           Epping Forest District Council can be contacted at:
                                           Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ
                                           You can telephone us on 01992 564000                 Website:

                  Elections bring changes to Council by Councillor Mrs Diana Collins -
                  New Leader of Epping Forest District Council

                   The Conservative Group      have been provisionally allocated       and Scrutiny which monitors the
                   has formed a new            to Epping Forest. Most local            Council’s actions and holds the
                   administration for Epping   Councillors agree that although we      Cabinet to account is Councillor
      Forest District Council following the    need more houses, the proposal for      Richard Morgan. Mrs Collins said:
      local elections on 4 May. The Group      11,000 is far too many and we will      “As the previous Chairman of
      increased its share of the 58 Council    be fighting the proposals vigorously.   Overview and Scrutiny, I know how
      seats to 29. Working in conjunction        “Nearer to home, the introduction     important the role of monitoring
      with the Independent Group, the          of new the refuse collection            the Cabinet is and look forward to
      Conservative Group now has overall       arrangements has stirred up many        working with Councillor Morgan.”
      control.                                 passions. We intend to carry out a        Epping Forest District Council
         Councillor Mrs Diana Collins is the   review of the current systems and to    returns to a position of overall
      new Leader of the Council.               look at the concerns and difficulties   political control for the first time
         Councillor Mrs Ann Haigh              raised by local residents.              since 1994. During the intervening
      succeeded Councillor Brian Sandler         “Epping Forest District Council       period of no overall control,
      to become Chairman of the Council.       has been well run in comparison         members from a range of different
      Mrs Haigh, a Liberal Democrat            to many other Councils but there        political groups worked together
      Councillor from Buckhurst Hill           is always room for improvement. I       following the introduction of the
      enjoyed cross-party support for the      am very conscious that it is you, our   Cabinet system.
      non-political role of Chairman.          Residents and Council Tax Payers,         Details of the new work
         Councillor Mrs Collins said: “The     who pay for services. We will be        programme for both the Cabinet and
      4 May election results are the most      looking hard at the services we         Overview and Scrutiny will feature in
      significant for Epping Forest district   deliver to see where we can make        the next edition of The Forester.
      in more than a decade. For the first     improvements and save you money.”
      time a single political group, with        The new Chairman of Overview
      the support of the Independent
      Group will have overall control of the   The Cabinet of nine is made up as follows:
      Council. The incoming administration
      will be making changes.                  Councillor Mrs Diana Collins    Leader
         “The Council is in a strong           Councillor Chris Whitbread      Deputy Leader, Leisure and Youth Services
      financial position and we have set       Councillor Mrs Anne Grigg       Planning and Economic Development
      one of the lowest Council Taxes          Councillor Andrew Green         Civil Engineering and Maintenance
      in Essex. That will continue to be       Councillor John Knapman         Finance, Performance Management and
      one of the top priorities. However,                                      Corporate Support Services
      there are major challenges facing        Councillor Stephen Metcalfe     Customer Services, Media,
      us. Regionally, the Government is                                        Communications and ICT
      committed to building hundreds of        Councillor Mary Sartin          Environmental Protection
      thousands of new houses across           Councillor David Stallan        Housing
      the south east. Some 11,000              Councillor Mrs Syd Stavrou      Community Well-being


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                  All the latest news about Epping Forest District Council and what's
                  happening around the district, ‘hot off the press’
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      Bobbingworth Tip
As the new refuse and recycling              were promised the transformation of
collection service rolls out across          the tip into a pocket park as some
the district, a team of organisa-            recompense. After years of trying,
tions led by Epping Forest District          the solution now appears to be on
Council is tackling a landfill pollution     the way.
legacy from 1970s. For more than                Plans are now in hand for a mas-
ten years the former gravel pit at           sive construction and cleaning and
Bobbingworth near Ongar was used             reinstatement project involving the
as a landfill tip for domestic rubbish.      Council, Moreton, Bobbingworth and
Now, in a £1.35 million project, the         the Lavers Parish Council, consult-
Council aims to stop the continuing          ants Atkins and expert contractors       Moreton, Bobbingworth and the
pollution from the site, turning it from     Cleanaway. Huge underground              Lavers Parish Council Clerk Colin
a liability into a public asset.             concrete barriers and drains are to      Thompson surveying the views
   Bobbingworth Tip closed in 1972.          be installed to manage and control       from Bobbingworth Tip
Ownership of the site passed to              polluted water, directing it away
Epping Forest District Council on            from the Cripsey Brook to treatment
its creation in 1974. Gradually over         facilities. By the end of the project
the following decades people have            only clean, healthy treated water will
become much more aware of the                flow into the Brook.
environmental damage caused                     The plans are guided by research
by landfill and much tougher envi-           ranging from on-site investigation to
ronmental laws were introduced.              searches of the archives including
Legally, the Council is liable for the       a crucial aerial photograph taken in
pollution and must find a solution.          the early 1960s.
   No-one wants landfill near them.             A degree of local disruption is
                                                                                      Small boreholes across the site
Local people had little choice but           inevitable during the construction
                                                                                      monitor gas and water pollution
History of the Tip
                                                                                      and soil importation phases. Part of
Until around 1940, fields to the           became known) seemed the perfect           the site was re-covered in the 1980s
south of the village of Moreton had        local solution and in accordance           with clean clay taken from the North
been used for traditional farming.         with best practice of the day the site     Weald Flood Alleviation Scheme but
The land was then opened up and            was not engineered to provide con-         only covered part of the site. Clean-
quarried for gravel. Mostly the work       tainment for the deposited wastes.         away plans to import an additional
was small scale but at significant            The containment and control of          60,000 cubic metres of clean soil to
moments such as the development            waste is now a pre-requisite for any       seal the rubbish in and provide the
of North Weald Airfield during WWII,       modern landfill and these engi-            foundation for a new green park.
gravel extraction reached major            neering measures now need to be               Some 6,000 lorry loads of good
industrial levels.                         adopted at Bobbingworth to improve         quality soil need to be brought on
  As Britain went through a mas-           environmental management and               site. Combined with the sound of
sive commercial and house building         prevent pollution.                         construction machinery some local
boom in the early 1960s, people               It will cost an estimated £1.35 mil-    residents will experience a period
looked for cheap ways to get rid of        lion to achieve these objectives to        of noise and disruption. Cleanaway
their rubbish. Huge ready-made             put matters right.                         has tried to minimise the impact with
holes like Bobbingworth Tip (as it                                                    plans to control lorry movements and

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Local Plan Alterations
Changes to requirements for               glasshouse industry.                       produces. It sets out in great detail
development in Epping Forest are            The Alterations to the Local Plan        the way in which the Council wants
nearing completion. The district’s        must be in place by 21 July to ensure      to see the district develop. It affects
Local Plan sets out the Council’s         the document carries the maximum           nearly everyone who lives and works
planning policy for all developments      weight in legal deliberations. These       in Epping Forest in some way.
that need planning permission. The        will be the last Alterations as the          The Council chose to make
Alterations, which are soon due for       Government has changed the law             Alterations to the Local Plan as the
adoption, are the first major revisions   to require Councils to replace Local       most efficient and cost-effective way
since the Plan was published in 1998.     Plans with new Local Development           of updating the Plan. Especially
  One of the most significant             Frameworks. These Frameworks               as the debate over building levels
Alterations to the Local Plan is the      will be made up of a number of             included in the draft East of England
Council’s requirement for developers      individual documents relating to           Plan is not over (including the 11,000
to provide 40 per cent of new             issues such as housing and the             homes proposed for our district).
homes built as affordable housing         Metropolitan Green Belt.                   The outcome of that debate will have
for rent or for shared ownership.           Enormous amounts of work and             to be incorporated into the new Local
This reflects the need for more           consultation with local people have        Development Framework from 2007
homes for key workers and people          gone into the production of the Local      onwards.
on low incomes identified in the          Plan Alterations. It may not have a          The Local Plan and the draft
Council’s latest Housing Needs            snappy title and it is certainly not an    Alterations can be viewed by logging
Survey. The Alterations also provide      easy read but it is one of the most        on to the Council website
for the realistic needs of the local      important documents the Council  

restricting hours of work, building
temporary earth walls to baffle sound
and cleaning lorries before they
leave the site to minimise mud on
local roads. For a short period sig-
nificant disturbance may affect some
local residents but the long term
advantages should benefit everyone.
   As The Forester goes to press the
plan is for the disruptive construc-
tion works to be completed between
June and October. If the project is
delayed, work may be suspended
temporarily until next spring. An-
cient hedgerows and native trees
will be preserved and enhanced
with new planting and landscap-
ing. Pollution will be controlled and
removed from the environment and
after decades of waiting, the people
of Bobbingworth and Moreton will
have an environmental asset. The
future of Bobbingworth Tip looks          Bobbingworth will be similar to this restored surface at Cleanaway’s
green!                                    Pitsea Landfill site

                                                                                    THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006             21
NEWSDesk                                      Indicates more information on our website

Boswell’s Bulletin Board
                                        from the suitcases and they can’t          RSPCA. Owners who put an animal
                                        fall on him. It is preferable to cage      at risk in this way could face fines
                                        your dog whilst in the car, then he        of up to £5,000 and/or a six month
                                        won’t cause any distractions to the        prison sentence.
                                        driver. Putting him on the roof rack          Finally, if you are going on holiday,
                                        is not a good idea though! Please          I would love to receive a postcard
                                        also discourage him from putting           from you so I can see all the lovely
                                        his head out of the window as there        places you have been visiting and I
                                        are many hazards such as passing           may even feature the best ones in
                                        vehicles, cyclists and grit which          my next column! You never know I
                                        could get into his eyes. Remember          might be able to find a prize for you
                                        to pack a familiar toy and blanket or      somewhere in my kennel.
                                        bed to help your dog settle at night -        That’s about it for this time and
                                        I like to take my favourite teddy bear.    I look forward to speaking to you
                                           Be prepared for the stops you           again soon.
                                        may make on the way and take
Hello everyone!                         some water so that your pet can join
As we are now approaching the main      in with your tea break.
holiday season I thought it would          If you are going on a beach holiday,
be helpful to provide you with some     do be aware of other holidaymakers.
useful information before you go.       Make sure that dogs are allowed on          Rent your property
   I am shortly going to the seaside
for my holidays. It’s a place called
                                        the beach, as some areas have re-
                                        strictions during peak holiday times. If
                                                                                    with START
Widemouth Bay in Cornwall. I’m          they are, then be a responsible owner       If you have a property to let,
really looking forward to it and have   and make sure you clean up after            START - The Short Term Accom-
packed my case already! I might         your pet. Check the local byelaws as        modation and Rental Team - may
even try my paw at surfing.             there may be other restrictions such        be able to help.
   My owner Kevin Cope the              as being kept on a lead or keeping to          START is part of East Homes,
Council’s Animal Welfare Officer        particular footpaths. Also make sure        a Registered Social Landlord
and his family are very kindly taking   your dog is kept under control at all       (RSL), which owns and manages
me along with them. For those of        times. A friend of mine, a particularly     homes across east London and
you who are unable to do so, then       greedy Labrador, used to steal picnics      Essex. East Homes is a subsidi-
a little planning ahead will save you   which never went down very well.            ary of the East Thames Group.
a lot of bother in the long run. If     Also keep in mind the needs of your            START leases properties from
you need to leave your dog or cat       pet such as a shady area and access         private landlords to provide tempor-
behind, then check that any kennel      to fresh water.                             ary accommodation for people on
or cattery that you use is licensed.       If you go out for a country walk,        Council waiting lists for permanent
If you are unsure Kevin on 01992        keep your dog under control near            accommodation. It currently has
564153 will be able to advise. Your     wildlife and farm animals. Be careful       1,300 properties across eight Local
pet’s vaccinations and worming          near rivers and ponds. When you             Authorities and is looking for more.
will also need to be up to date or      get back check for ticks which could           Working with Epping Forest
they won’t get a bed for the night.     have been picked up in fields. These        District Council, START is looking
Even if you are taking your dog with    need to be removed professionally as        for suitable properties for which
you, up to date vaccinations and        leaving behind the head can cause           the Council nominates a resident.
worming will provide protection as      problems. It’s also a good idea to          It not only manages the tenant re-
you will be visiting unknown areas      pack an animal first aid kit which are      lationship but also provides a full
or perhaps staying where there is a     available from your vet or pet shop.        property management service.
concentration of animals, meaning a        In warm sunny weather, never             The landlord is paid a guaranteed
greater risk of infection.              leave an animal in your car. The            rent during the term of the lease.
   Think ahead to your destination      temperature inside will soar to                If you have a property to rent or
and find out where the local vet        danger levels in minutes turning it         would like more information about
is in case you need them in an          into a death trap. An open window           START, please contact Ray Sum-
emergency.                              or bowl of water will not save them.        mers Property Services Manager
   When packing up your car for            If you see a distressed animal           on 020 8536 3913 or go to
the journey, please do so safely.       left in a parked car, please report
Make sure your dog is separate          it immediately to the Police or the

Party time for noise team
....or how you can avoid a penalty        plaints will be passed to the Duty
shoot out with your neighbours            Noise Officer. Outside these times
                                          the Council operates an emergency
If you are planning a party to            service, please be aware that all
celebrate England’s success in            enquiries are recorded.
the World Cup - or to drown your            Copies of the Council’s leaflet
sorrows - try to avoid disturbing your    ‘Bothered by Noise - A guide to the
neighbours!                               Council’s out of hours noise service’
   Every summer Epping Forest Dis-        are available on request or visit our
trict Council’s Environmental Health      website at www.eppingforestdc.
Noise Team receives complaints  
about noisy parties - yet many could      mental_health/noise.asp
be avoided by warning neighbours
    “Most people will tolerate some             Celebration of faith
noise from a party or can make ar-
rangements to be away on the night        Back in February the former
if they are given plenty of warning,”     Chairman of Council Councillor Brian
said Noise Team Leader, Richard           Sandler hosted a celebration of faith
Gardiner.                                 event at Theydon Bois Village Hall.
   “It’s always a good idea to let your     Councillor Sandler said: “I don’t
neighbours know how long they may         claim to have had any special insight;
be disturbed for - and try to keep to     my wife Brenda and I simply wanted
what you have told them.”                 to be part of a service that recognised
   Keep music to a reasonable level       the positive contribution faith makes
and windows and doors closed to           to our community. However, it did
contain music inside your house. If       seem to touch a special nerve.
you are playing music outside or in       After the terrible events in London        colour, race, or faith, the people of
a marquee, you need to think about        last summer, I think the celebration       Epping Forest came together with a
turning the volume down or off            of faith service gave everyone the         clear message of hope and the total
before midnight.                          chance we all craved to show our           rejection of the philosophy of hate
   Epping Forest District Council has     solidarity and mutual support.”            preached by the London Bombers.”
strong powers under the Environ-            He went on to say: “Whatever our
mental Protection Act 1990 to deal
with noise that amounts to a statuto-
ry nuisance. Legal action can result
                                          Councillor Mrs Haigh becomes Chairman
in fines and equipment being seized
and permanently confiscated.
   If you are being disturbed by noise
from a party, before complaining
think about whether you can tolerate
it. It may be the party is a one-off
that may not happen again for a
long time - like England winning the
World Cup!
   Remember too, that if you own
your house and plan to move, you
must declare any formal complaints
you have made.
   Within normal working hours
the Council’s Noise Officers can
be contacted on 01992 564608,
outside normal working hours noise
complaints can be reported to the         Councillor Mrs Ann Haigh receives the Chairman’s Chain of Office
Council on 01992 564000. Before           from Councillor Brian Sandler at the Annual Meeting of Epping Forest
midnight and after 1.00pm all com-        District Council on 18 May

                                                                                    THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006           21
Who gets a Council                        Who supports                             Council accommodation. Anyone
home?                                     asylum seekers?                          applying to join Epping Forest
                                                                                   District Council’s Housing Regis-
Every year Epping Forest District                                                  ter, following a successful asylum
Council reviews the way it lets           Asylum seekers may be entitled to        claim, will be put into a priority
properties to people on the Housing       housing and other support from the       band and treated in the same way
Register - that’s the list of those       Government depending on their            as other applicants with that level
who have applied for a Council or         circumstances. But most destitute        of priority.
Housing Association property.             asylum seekers are supported by
  Currently there are around              the National Asylum Support Serv-        Useful phone numbers:
3,600 people on the register so an        ice (NASS), not by Councils.             Home Office Immigration and
allocations scheme is used to make           Those applying for asylum in the      Nationality Directorate (IND)
sure the system is fair to everyone       UK must contact the Government’s         0870 606 7766
and reflects current needs.               Immigration and Nationality Direc-
  In April this year changes              torate (IND) as soon as possible         National Asylum Support Service
were made to the system, most             after arriving in this country. While    (NASS)
importantly in relation to an             their applications are being consid-     0845 602 1739
applicant’s financial assets -            ered they may be given assistance
property and money - and their            by NASS, including accommoda-            Shelter 0808 800 4444
income.                                   tion and financial support to cover
  The aim of the changes is to            food or other basic necessities.         Refugee Council Advice Line
make sure applicants in most              If asylum seekers - or their chil-       020 7346 6777
need of housing are helped first.         dren - have special needs, or are
Everyone on the Housing Register          under 18, they may be supported          Have you got a housing question?
is put in one of seven ‘priority’         by Social Care which in Essex is         If so, please phone 01992 564292
bands, depending on their level of        provided by the County Council.          or write to Chris Sobey, Housing
need. Applicants are given a lower           If an asylum claim is successful,     Services, Epping Forest District
banding if, in the Council’s opinion,     only then can the person apply for       Council, Civic Offices, High Street,
    they could afford to purchase         benefits in the same way as Brit-        Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ. Or you
           a home suitable for their      ish citizens. This might include an      can E-Mail: housinginfo@epping
               needs.                     application for Housing Benefit or
                   Another change
                  relates to the
                    prevention of        information on housing applications.
                     fraud and all       Go to
                     applicants now      uk/housing; E-Mail: housingneeds
                     have to provide to request
                     photographs of      a housing application pack; call the
                    themselves.          Housing Needs Section on 01992
                       The allocations   564107; or write to them at Epping
                  scheme was             Forest District Council, Civic Offices,
                reviewed and updated     High Street, Epping, Essex CM16 4BZ.
             in consultation with          Demand for Council and Housing
         Councillors, the Tenants’       Association accommodation is very
and Leaseholders’ Federation and         high in the Epping Forest district.
other agencies.                          Applicants given a low priority
  To apply to go on the Housing          may wait a long time for an offer
Register applicants must first           of housing but you can apply for
complete a Housing Application           housing anywhere in the country.
Form. There are several ways to          A full list of local Councils can be
get a copy of the form and more          found on

Help at the touch of a button
                                                                                  Carbon Monoxide Detector -
                                                                                  warns of dangerous carbon monox-
                                                                                  ide levels, triggering an alarm call to
                                                                                  Careline - £51.25 per annum.

                                                                                  Extreme Temperature Sensor -
                                                                                  monitors high and low temperatures
                                                                                  in the property and triggers a call to
                                                                                  Careline - £49.70 per annum.

                                                                                  Pull Cord Installation - for raising
                                                                                  alerts in high risk locations such as
                                                                                  the bathroom or kitchen, or for users
                                                                                  who don’t always wear their pen-
                                                                                  dants - £52.70 per annum.

                                                                                  Fall Detector - a device worn by the
                                                                                  user which automatically detects a
                                                                                  fall and raises an alarm call to Care-
                                                                                  line - £50.25 per annum.

                                                                                  Pressure Mat - a mat placed in an
                                                                                  area often used by the client which if
Peace of mind with a Careline alarm                                               not walked on for a pre-timed period,
                                                                                  triggers a call to Careline - £49.20
Epping Forest Careline helps to keep    knowing that help can be summoned         per annum.
hundreds of elderly, vulnerable and     at the press of a button. It works
disabled people safe in their homes     through the public telephone network      Bogus Caller Button - fitted
throughout the district through an      and can be used by anyone who has         near the front door. This
emergency alarm system.                 a direct telephone line. You will need    discreet button can
   Everyone in Council sheltered        a telephone connection and an elec-       be used to call for
housing has them and many vul-          trical socket situated on the same        assistance if a
nerable people in privately-owned       wall within six feet of each other.       stranger tries to
homes and other Council accommo-           Anyone who has a Careline emer-        enter the prop-
dation have Careline alarms, too.       gency alarm fitted in their home is       erty - £39.00
   Sheltered schemes have pull          eligible for extra services to help       per annum.
cords in the flats and communal         keep them safe. These are:
areas while people living in other                                                Large Button
kinds of housing have pendant radio     Additional Pendants - £32.30 per          Telephone
triggers that they wear.                annum.                                    - to assist
   Careline operates through the                                                  visually impaired
telephone line and operators are        Smoke Detectors - dangerous               clients - £16.40 per
able to talk to users in their homes,   smoke activates an alarm call to          telephone.
or nearby garden area and get help      Careline for investigation or action
for them if they are in difficulties.   - £35.90 per annum.                       For more information about these
Staff are on duty at the control                                                  additional safety services, or to find
centre 24 hours a day, providing        Flood Detector - a floor mounted          out about Epping Forest Careline,
round-the-clock support to users.       device which, when submerged in           please contact the Careline Enquiry
   Careline is for anyone who wants     water, triggers a call to Careline        Line on 020 8532 1065.
to feel more secure in their home,      - £39.00 per annum.

                                                                                 THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006             21
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Museum news                                                                             All change at
                                          ping Forest district during the war
                                          and immediately afterwards and
                                                                                     Epping Forest
                                          those who lived in the district but left
                                          to fight for their country in fields of
                                                                                     District Museum
                                          conflict across the world.
                                             The exhibition is being shown at        Epping Forest District Museum is
                                          the Royal Gunpowder Mills, Beau-           planning to redisplay its archaeolog-
                                          lieu Drive, Waltham Abbey every            ical gallery and create a new intro-
Epping Forest District Museum has         weekend.                                   ductory space but wants to consult
a busy summer planned:                       Phone 01992 707370 for entrance         local residents on the changes first.
                                          charges and opening times.                   Focus group meetings for adults
Hay Sweeps and Horse Hoes                       and children have already taken place,
20 May-19 September                                                                  giving an opportunity for proposals to
Away from the London suburbs              Out and About                              be viewed and comments made.
much of the Epping Forest district        The Museum will have stalls at the         But input is being sought from more
still retains its rural character, with   Essex History Fair in Braintree on         people in the district and a question-
farming the dominant industry. This       Sunday 25 June and at the Epping           naire has been posted on Epping
exhibition looks at the changes that      Forest Festival in Chingford on            Forest District Council’s website at
have taken place in rural life through    Sunday 3 September.              
the rich collections of objects,            Contact the Museum on 01992              sure_and_culture/leisure_serv-
photographs and memories held             716882 or visit our website for            ices/district_museum/default.asp
by the Museum. It also looks at the       further details.
growth of the Cottis Iron Foundry         www.eppingforestdistrictmuseum.
in Epping, which forms part of this

Essex and the Sea
1 July-29 August
                                           Norway House                              for the homeless and renamed it
                                                                                     Norway House to commemorate
Featuring material from ten Essex          gets ‘listed’                             the young Norwegians who lived
Museums, this show explores the                                                      there during the war.
story of Essex and its coastline,          Norway House, Epping Forest                 One of the Norwegian veterans
from seaside resorts to lifeboat res-      District Council’s hostel for             who recently visited Norway
cue and natural history.                   homeless people, has become a             House felt this use was particularly
   Archive images and colourful            listed building.                          apt. He said: “It is fitting that the
photos interpret our county’s rela-           The property in North Weald has        building that provided a home for
tionship with the sea whilst visitors      an interesting history and has been       us homeless people in the war is
view items collected together from         awarded a Grade II listing by the         today once again providing such a
Museums across the county - a              Secretary of State for Culture,           service.”
Tilbury Docker’s hook, P&O Liner           Media and Sport for its special             The former officers’ mess was
playing cards, an oyster dredge,           architectural/historic interest.          selected for listing because it is a
motorboat engine and much more.               Norway House was the RAF               good example of a standard 1920s
This is a Museums in Essex Travel-         officers’ mess for North Weald            design for military buildings. It is
ling Exhibition.                           Airfield - one of the ‘nerve centre’      also the major surviving structure
                                           sector stations during the Battle of      on this World War II military base.
Keep Smiling Through                       Britain.
29 April-30 September                         Around 60 Norwegian pilots
First shown last year at the Epping        managed to get to Britain when
Forest District Museum, this exhibi-       Norway could no longer resist the
tion contains stories of some of the       German forces and two Norwegian
men, women and children whose              Squadrons, 331 and 332, were
lives were transformed after war           based at North Weald from 1942 to
broke out in September 1939. It            1944, forming part of the RAF’s 11
does not try to give a comprehen-          Group.
sive history of the Second World              In 1977 the Council renovated
War, rather it aims to explore the         the building for use as a hostel
experiences of people living in Ep-

Get registered!!                                                                     iPlan - Planning
Are you one of the missing millions      Just because you are registered for         Services goes
whose name does not appear on            Council Tax does not mean your
the electoral roll?                      name automatically appears on the           interactive
  If so, did you realise the electoral   electoral roll - each department has
roll is used by many organisations       different rules and regulations.            Epping Forest District Council’s
for identity and address checking                                                    Planning Services has launched a
purposes? These range from voting        I’m just renting so I don’t need to         new interactive website
and credit referencing purposes to       register.                         
joining your local library or applying   Whether you rent or own the                    The site is a major step forward in
for a passport?                          property you live in if you are eligible    making planning services available
  Last year’s autumn canvass             to vote, you MUST register.                 online outside normal working hours
showed that Epping Forest district                                                   and therefore more accessible to
had over 5,000 ‘non-responding           I’m moving soon so I don’t need             residents, who can now find out
properties’ so many people who           to send the form back.                      about planning applications in their
should be registered, aren’t.            There is a section on the form to let       area and submit comments elec-
  The Annual Canvass of Electors         us know you are moving. Please              tronically.
form is delivered at the end of          tell us so we can deal with your form          Planning applications can also
August/beginning of September and        in a particular way.                        be made online and their progress
you must fill it in and return it.                                                   checked through the website.
  Here are some frequent                 The details haven’t changed                    The entire planning register -
problems:                                since last year, so do I need to            since Epping Forest District Council
                                         send the form back?                         was formed in 1974 - is available to
Why should I register, I don’t           Yes. You know there are no                  view, as well as a large amount of
want to vote?                            changes to the details, we need             information dating back to 1948.
The law says that if you are             to be told to avoid any problems.              Key features already available on
eligible (ie 18 or over, a British,      Therefore, you must confirm the             iPlan include:
Commonwealth or EU citizen living        details by sending back the form.              Up to date information on planning
in the UK) you MUST register. The                                                    applications and appeals received;
Electoral Registration Officer can       The wrong names are on the                  information on planning applica-
take people to court if they fail to     form, what do I do?                         tion decisions is available as soon
return a form, give false information    The form is for the property, not           as the Decision Notice is produced
or refuse to register. This could        the people. If you now live in the          - including any conditions or rea-
result in a conviction and a fine of     property, you must amend the form           sons; the ability to make planning
up to £1,000.                            by crossing out any wrong names             applications (and related payments)
  Voting at an election is               and adding yours to let us know the         electronically via the Planning Portal
your choice but registration is          up to date details.                         (; the
compulsory.                                                                          ability to submit representations
                                         Look out for the form at the end            online; a searchable version of the
I can’t get credit because I’m not       of August, check the details, sign          planning register with details of all
on the register.                         it and send it back straight away           applications received since 1974;
Credit Reference Agencies check          - an envelope is provided and you           decision notices for applications de-
the register to help prevent fraud.      don’t need a stamp. This will save          cided since 1 December 2005 can
If your name does not appear, you        the Council time and money as no            be viewed; an interactive version of
could be refused credit.                 reminders will be needed. It only           the Local Plan which allows the user
                                         takes a few minutes and it could            to choose the information which is
I’m having problems getting              save you a lot of hassle.                   displayed and easily access related
a mortgage/opening a bank                   If the circumstances in your             policies; access to agenda and
account.                                 household change after you send             reports for Planning Sub-Committee
Banks and Building Societies check       back the form, you can contact us           meetings.
the electoral roll before agreeing       on 01992 564411 to update your                 Key features that will be intro-
mortgage or loan facilities or allow-    records.                                    duced soon include; plans and
ing you to open an account as a                                                      supporting documents for all new
new customer.                                                                        planning applications received;
                                                                                     and copies of plans and supporting
I pay my Council Tax, why am I                                                       documents for many older applica-
not on the electoral roll?                                                           tions.

                                                                                    THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006            21
                                                                     KNOW YOUR WA
  UPLAND AND NAZEING          BUCKHURST HILL EAST                                            BUCKHURST HILL WEST                                 CHIGWELL ROW              CHIGWELL VILLAGE
                                                                                                  LIBERAL DEMOCRAT        CONSERVATIVE       CONSERVATIVE
                                                                                                                                   LIBERAL DEMOCRATS                   CONSERVATIVE            INDEPENDENT

    Penny Smith              Peter Spencer          Malcolm Woollard             Bob Goold              Ann Haigh            Robert Church         Brian Sandler       Lesley Wagland          John Knapman
                                                                                                                                                                                             HASTINGWOOD, MATCHING
  CHIPPING ONGAR, GREENSTED AND MARDEN ASH           EPPING LINDSEY AND THORNWOOD COMMON                                                         GRANGE HILL                                  AND SHEERING VILLAGE

   Derek Jacobs               Keith Wright           Matthew Colling            Andy Green            Chris Whitbread     David Bateman           Gagan Mohindra        Gavin Stollar         Richard Morgan


 Margaret McEwen           Stephen Metcalfe            Rodney Law               Terence Farr                                                                                                                  0
    LOUGHTON BROADWAY                               LOWER SHEERING

                                                                                                                    2                                                                               HIGH LAVE

    Susan Clapp           Thomas Richardson          Heather Harding
                                                     MORETON AND
      LOUGHTON FAIRMEAD                                FYFIELD

                                                                                                     20 NAZEING                                                              NORTH WEALD
                                                                                                                                                                             NOR       D
                                                                                                                                                                               BASSETT BOBBINGW
                                                                                                                                  EPPING UPLAND
    Peter Turpin          Patricia Richardson          Doug Kelly                                       30
                          INDEPENDENT LOUGHTON
  CONSERVATIVE                                       CONSERVATIVE
                          RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                                                               7                                   STANFORD
                                                                                                                                                          EPPING                         24
                                                                                                                                                                             STAPL EY

                                                                                               32         29             ABBEY
                                                                                                                                                                               THEYD T
                                                                                                                                                               THEYD N





                                                                                                                              18                         7

   Diana Collins              Peter House              James Hart

        LOUGHTON RODING                                ROYDON                                            28                    LOUGHTO
RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION      INDEPENDENT             CONSERVATIVE                                                                         1
                                                                                                                                1                                   12
                                                                                                                        16                                     LAMBOURNE
                                                                                                                            T                5
                                                                                                                    3  HILL
                                                                                                                       HIL                   CHIGWELL 4
Kenneth Angold-Stephens     Stephen Murray             Mary Sartin

                                                                                                                                                                                    F rester Advertising

                                Transform your garden
                                  with a compost bin

       PLUS FREE

       Order today and receive a handy kitchen caddy FREE
       with your bin. Hurry and buy while stocks last.

       TO ORDER YOUR BIN CALL 0845 077 0759 or visit us online at

                                 CONVERTABIN                                                                SOIL SAVER
                                    (220ltr)                                                                  (600ltr)                            NAME
                                   (CON220)                                                                   (SS600)

                                    £4.00                                                                 £15.00
                                    SRP £39.95                                                               SRP £69.95
                                    Height 90cm                                                             Height 111cm
                                 QUANTITY                                                                QUANTITY                                 POSTCODE                                  DAYTIME TELEPHONE

                                                                                                                                                  I enclose a cheque/postal order for £             payable to BLACKWALL
                                                                                   From time to time WRAP (the Waste
                                    COMPOST                                                                                                       Or please debit my Mastercard/Visa/Delta/Switch/Maestro account £
                                                                                   & Resources Action Programme)
                                   CONVERTER                                       and Essex Councils may send you                                Start Date                              Expiry Date                                       Issue Number
                                     (330ltr)                                      FREE useful info, newsletters
                                    (CON330)                     and tips & advice to help make composting easy                                   Card Number
                                    £6.00                        and fun. Please tick this box if you do not wish to
                                                                 receive these items       If you prefer us to keep you
                                    SRP £49.95                   informed by email please provide your email address                              Please return to:
                                   Height 100cm                                                                                                   ESSEX COUNCILS OFFER,                          CODE
                                                                 EMAIL: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                 QUANTITY                                                                                                         BLACKWALL, FREEPOST LS6334,
                                                                  ..........................................                                      LEEDS LS14 1YY                               ECC03FMP1

Offer limited to 3 bins, 1 kitchen caddy and 1 roll of liners per household and to Essex County Council and Southend on Sea Borough Council residents only. Expect delivery within 14 working days but please allow up to 28 days during peak periods. If you wish to cancel
your order before the bin is delivered, please contact us by telephone on 0845 077 0759. If the bin has been delivered and you wish to return it please phone the order line within 7 working days to arrange for a suitable collection date. Offer is subject to availability and
closes 31st December 2006. WRAP is an independent Government funded organisation set up to create stable markets for recycled products and materials and remove barriers to waste minimisation, re-use and recycling.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FORESTER ADVERTISING
                        What does the
                    future hold for you?

           Enrolling now
               for full and
            part-time courses
           Borders Lane, Loughton, IG10 3SA
                020 8508 8311


          Independence • Safety • Security
                      Ideal gift for Mum or Dad
   Epping Forest District Council offers peace of mind
             with the Piper Alarm System
If you live alone or you are worried that you may need assistance in an
emergency, the Piper Alarm System could be for you. The unit works in
conjunction with your telephone line and has an associated body-worn
radio trigger which can easily be used to summon help in an emergency
from anywhere in your home.

If you would like to know more about the service please write to:
Housing Manager (Older Peoples Services), Epping Forest District
Council, Housing Services, 2 Parsonage Court, Loughton,
Essex IG10 2BB.

              Telephone: 020 8532 1065
                       (24 hour answerphone for enquiries)
         Please Note: All enquiries to the Careline Centre will be monitored

        An Independent School With High Academic Achievement & Small Classes

 Coopersale Hall
 Kindergarten & Preparatory 21⁄2 - 11

 Tel: 01992 577133

    We are a thriving, caring local independent preparatory school with a high standard
      of academic achievement and a wide range of activities. We have small classes
         and many specialist teachers. The school is set in beautiful grounds on the
  outskirts of Epping. Self-confidence, responsibility and discipline are encouraged for all
  pupils. Prospective parents are welcome to visit the School and meet the Headmistress.
                   Please telephone for an appointment or a prospectus.                               3

                  Flux’s Lane, Off Stewards Green Road, Epping, CM16 7PE

                                                                               FORESTER ADVERTISING
                                                wi ook
                                                  th in
                                                    th g a
                                                      is h
                                                        co ou
                                                          up se
                                                           OF wh lean
                                                            on c
                                                             F en

     • Residential & Commercial
     • Recomended and used by leading
       insurance companies
     • Fire & Flood Damage Restoration
     • Stain & Soil Resisting   Independently
       Protection                  Owned
                                and Operated
     • Leather Suites
     • Stain Removal
      My name’s Eddie Batson and I have a special cleaning service
      that will renew, refresh and revitalise your carpets and uphol-
             stery to leave them looking and feeling like new.
               01279         864183
                                All major credit cards accepted
            the most comprehensively trained carpet cleaning
                       technicians in the industry


    If close personal attention, exceptional service and a successful home sale are im-
              portant to you - call Hetheringtons and discover the difference
 Experience, Maturity, Sound Local Knowledge, Close Personal Attention and a Reputation
for Success - all part of the service when you choose to sell your home with Hetheringtons.

                   01992 815314 • 020 8501 5039 • 020 8508 5424

                                                                                             Loughton Branch
                                                                                      THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION
                                                                                        118 Church Hill, Loughton,
                                                                                              Essex IG10 1LH
                                                                                         Telephone: 0208 508 5044

                                                 The Loughton Branch of the British Legion and its affiliated Club welcomes

                                                 Our weekly programme of activities is as follows:
                                                 Monday                  - Bingo from 8.00pm, convivial and friendly atmosphere.
                                                 Tuesday                 - Branch and Club meeting held on the first Tuesday in the
                                                                           month at 8.00pm.
                                                                           Fables Psychic Fayre held on 2nd or 3rd Tuesday
                                                                           from 6.00pm. Poppy Bar open as usual. Line Dancing
                                                                           with Jan, beginners and old hands welcome from
                                                 Wednesday               - Royal Naval Association meetings and socials on 1st and
                                                                           3rd Wednesday. Fun Quiz Nights on 2nd and 4th
                                                                           Wednesday at 8.00pm. Cash prize to be won.
                                                 Thursday                - Bingo from 8.00pm. Lots of prizes to be won.
                                                 Friday                  - Darts, pool and social from 8.00pm.
                                                 Saturday                - Dancing to live music or DJ. Every third Saturday
                                                                           Country & Western evening from 8.00pm.
                                                 Sunday                  - Entertainment on Sunday from 8.00pm. Line Dancing
                                                                           every other Sunday.
                                                                           Family get-together every Sunday lunchtime 12.00-2.30pm.
                                                                           Members and children welcome.

                                                 The club is open every lunchtime between 12.00noon and 3.00pm. Drop in for
                                                 a friendly chat and a drink. Membership available for anyone over the age of 18
                                                 (especially ex-servicemen and women). There is darts and a pool table available.
                                                 We also organise coach outings to coastal resorts, weekend and mid week breaks       5
                                                 throughout the year and visits to other Legion clubs.

                                                 Please advise in writing or by telephoning if you are a visiting group or party.

                                                 The hall and bar facilities are available for hire for any forthcoming
                                                 event. Early bookings advised to avoid disappointment. Please call
                                                 Isobel Clifford, Club Secretary for details on 0208 508 5044.

                                                                                             FORESTER ADVERTISING
                                              Beautiful lights for
                                                fantastic homes

                                                    137-139 High Street, Epping
                                                          01992 574744
                                                  55-57 George Lane, Sth Woodford
                                                          020 8989 6226

                                              WOODLAND & WILDLIFE
                                             CONSERVATION COMPANY
                                                               We offer full Funeral
                                                                 Director services
                                                               with a private Chapel
                                                              of Rest; your loved one
                                                               never leaves our care

                                                              Burial or Cremation and
                                                              Ashes Burial, among the

                                                              Choose a personalised
                                                              and unhurried service
                                                                  in our Hall of
                                                                Remembrance at
                                                                Herongate Wood.
                                                                   Winner of
                                                               ‘BEST NEW GREEN
6                                                              BURIAL SITE 2005’

                       01992 814909
                                                             for free brochure
  Resolving your legal problems
  Our legal services include

  Conveyancing                             Employment
  Leases                                   Commercial
  Wills and Trusts                         Disputes
  Matrimonial                              Litigation
  For further details please contact:
  John Worby                               John Jones
  181 High Street                          106-108 High Road
  Epping                                   Loughton
  Essex CM16 4BQ                           Essex IG10 4HN

  01992 578 642                            020 8502 3991

  W hly end
  Hi mm ie
     o ed
                m    EXCITING NEWS!!!!

    c             a            THERE’S A NEW FISHING TACKLE SHOP OPEN IN ESSEX
 Re arp to nFr
  C           i
      h Ca        Your local supplier for all major brands of bait & tackle.

    Epping fishing Tackle


                                                           CARP SPECIALISTS

 Located at: Art Nursery Garden Centre, Vicarage Lane West,
         North Weald, Nr Epping, Essex, CM16 6AL
                     Tel: 01992 522345

         Opening Times: Mon-Sat: 9am-6pm,
         Thursday: 9am – 8pm, Sunday: 10am-4pm

                         All major credit cards excepted

                                         FORESTER ADVERTISING
                       P r o n u p t i a t h e U K ’s n u m b e r o n e b r i d a l r e t a i l e r
                         and mens formalwear hire. Exclusive ranges
                             from Paris and other leading designers.

                                                 P RO N U P T I A
                           24-26 High Street, Romford, Essex RM1 1HR
8                                   Te l e p h o n e : 0 1 7 0 8 7 4 3 9 9 9
                             Opening times: Mon-Sat 9.30am-5.30pm
                                       w w w. p r o n u p t i a . c o. u k

           LOUGHTON ST JOHN’S                                  LOUGHTON ST MARY’S                             LOWER NAZEING                    NORTH WEALD BASSETT                       SHELLEY

        John Markham               Caroline Pond                Tony Lee             Mitchell Cohen     Daphne Borton     Antoinette Cooper     Anne Grigg               Dave Stallan    Peter Gode

                               EPPING HEMNALL                                               THEYDON BOIS                   WALTHAM ABBEY NORTH EAST                 WALTHAM ABBEY PATERNOSTER

         Susan Perry             Janet Whitehouse           Jon Whitehouse           Roland Frankel       Kay Rush           Jeane Lea           Pat Brooks              John Wyatt     Richard Haines

                                                                                                                                                     WALTHAM ABBEY HONEY LANE
                                                                                                                                              CONSERVATIVE          CONSERVATIVE        CONSERVATIVE

                                                                   WARD BOUNDARY

                                                                   PARISH BOUNDARY
                                                                                                                                               Peter McMillan       Jimmy Demetriou      Don Spinks
                                                                                                                                               WALTHAM ABBEY
 G                                                                                                                                              HIGH BEACH          WALTHAM ABBEY SOUTH WEST
                                                                                                                                              CONSERVATIVE          CONSERVATIVE        CONSERVATIVE

                                ABBESS, BEAUCHAMP
 ER LITTLE                      AND BERNERS RODING

         22                                                   11
                                                                                                                                                Syd Stavrou             Ryan D’Souza    Ricki Gadsby

                                                                                                           Epping Forest District Council covers an area of 131 square miles
                                                                                                           and has a population of 120,896. The district is divided into 32
                                                                                                           Wards and there are 58 Councillors. As can be seen some Wards
                                                                                                           have three Councillors whilst others have only one. This is worked
                                     HIGH ONGAR                                                            out on the number of residents living in each Ward. This map
                 6                                                                                         should help you identify your Councillors.

                                                              Key to Wards


                                                                                                                                               THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006                            21
NEWSDesk                                        Indicates more information on our website

Epping Forest Arts: Border Dialogues                                                 Epping Forest Arts will be working
                                                                                     with theatre artist Mark Storor, visual
                                                                                     artist Anne Eggebert, multi-media
                                                                                     artists Carl Stevenson and Roxanne
                                                                                     Permar and Emily Jost a freelance
                                                                                     visual artist. Emily will be developing
                                                                                     the ‘Mini Sheds’ aspect of the project,
                                                                                     which is an education and outreach
                                                                                     initiative. This work will run alongside
                                                                                     ‘Common or Garden’ and will involve
                                                                                     schools and community groups
                                                                                     across the district.

                                                                                     16-17 June
                                                                                     Come and explore all five sheds
                                                                                     as they are displayed in all their
                                                                                     glory on the village greens. A map
                                                                                     and information booklet about the
                                                                                     individual sheds, their background
                                                                                     and the artists and groups involved
                                                                                     in their creation will be available.

                                                                                     8-9 July
                                                                                     All six sheds, including the commu-
                                                                                     nity shed, will be at Theydon Bois
                                                                                     Village Green. Performances, guided
                                                                                     walks, gardening, picnics and other
                                                                                     events will form an all-round celebra-
                                                                                     tion. If you would like further informa-
                                                                                     tion, please telephone 01992 564551.

Border Dialogues is an innovative         artists and breaking down barriers
three-year arts development pro-          to accessing the arts.                     All change at
gramme exploring and celebrating
Epping Forest district’s history,         Common or Garden - an exploration
                                                                                     Information Centres
heritage and environment.                 of sheds and village greens, Year 1:       The Council has Information Cen-
  Funding has been secured from           November 2005-October 2006.                tres where residents and visitors
Arts Council England by Epping For-       Common or Garden will feature a            can find out about Council services
est Arts, the Council’s Arts Section.     series of new site-specific commis-        and much more besides.
  Investment and support for talent-      sions - devised and led by visual art-        Two have recently undergone
ed artists will be provided through       ist Sofie Layton. It will be a touring,    some changes. Firstly Ongar Infor-
the programme whilst developing           interactive ‘installation’ sited at five   mation Centre is now provided by
new audiences and partnerships in         village greens in Roydon, Matching         library staff on behalf of the Council.
the district and beyond. Much of the      Green, Theydon Bois, Epping Up-            However, if residents need to con-
work will take place in rural and of-     land and Chipping Ongar. The aim           tact staff at Epping, they can use a
ten quite remote parts of the district,   of the project is to draw attention        freephone link from the Library.
allowing stronger links to be forged      to the uniqueness of these spaces             Following Loughton library’s
with community groups.                    but also to challenge and transform        refurbishment and conversion to
  Projects featured in Border Dia-        these sites by introducing a struc-        RFID technology, Loughton Infor-
logues include ‘Common or Garden’,        ture - a garden shed - that is both        mation Centre has relocated into
‘Homelife’ and ‘Transitions’. The work    familiar and alienating.                   the main library from the office next
will underpin sharing good practice          The sites have been selected            door. Residents will still be able to
with the artistic and education com-      because they will enable the project       access the same services as previ-
munities in the district and beyond.      to be developed in different areas         ously, during the same hours which
  Over the next three years Ep-           and communities, with a wide range         are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to
ping Forest Arts aims to be at the        of beneficiaries. Key to the project       Thursday and 9.00am to 4.45pm on
forefront of rural arts development,      is artist research and development,        Friday. The Information Assistants
investing in local communities and        which started in November 2005.            can be contacted on 01992 564808.

           CAB Questions and Answers

Q.    I have taken out a new mobile     cancel. If it does, the mobile phone      If you do decide to cancel your
      phone contract but have just      company may charge you to do this         mobile phone contract, contact the
      seen a deal in a newspaper        - details should be in your contract.     mobile phone company and let them
that gives cheaper calls. Can I            However, there may be other            know and confirm the cancellation in
cancel the contract and return my       circumstances in which you can            writing.
new phone?                              cancel your contract free of charge.         For more information on your
                                        For example, if you have paid by          consumer rights, visit the Citizens’
A.    You cannot return your phone      credit, signed the contract in your       Advice website www.adviceguide.
      or cancel the contract just       own home, or ordered the service by or call us on 01992 574989.
      because you have changed          post, phone or over the internet.            For details of your nearest CAB,
your mind or found a cheaper               If any of these circumstances          including those that can give advice
deal unless your contract allows        apply, you should talk to an expe-        by E-Mail, look under ‘C’ in the
you to do this. Check to see if         rienced adviser, for example, at a        phone book.
your contract gives you a right to      Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

 Epping Citizens’ Advice Bureau, 50a Hemnall               appointments are available on a Wednesday from
 Street, Epping, tel: 01992 574989 is open Monday to       6.30pm to 7.30pm, as well as solicitor’s appointments.
 Friday 10.00am to 2.00pm and Wednesday 5.00pm             We also offer specialist money and employment
 to 7.00pm. We give advice, information and practical      advice. Outreach sessions are held at Chigwell Primary
 support on a wide range of subjects. Our service is       HealthCare clinic, 548 Limes Avenue, 10.00am to 1.00pm
 free, independent, impartial and confidential. We also    Monday and Wednesday mornings by appointment on
 have outreach sessions at Chipping Ongar, North           020 8501 4193.
 Weald and St Clare Hospice and a Home Visiting            Waltham Abbey CAB, Town Hall (side entrance),
 Service for disabled or housebound people. For            Highbridge Street, Waltham Abbey, tel: 01992 710353
 further information, contact us on 01992 574989.          is open Monday 10.00am to 1.00pm and first and
 Loughton District CAB, St Mary’s Parish Centre,           third Mondays 5.30pm to 7.30pm, Tuesday 10.00am
 High Road, Loughton, tel: 020 8502 0031 is open           to 1.00pm, telephone service 1.00pm to 4.00pm,
 Monday to Friday 10.00am to 1.00pm and Mondays            Wednesday and Friday 10.00am to 1.00pm telephone
 and Wednesdays 2.00pm to 4.00pm.                          and appointments only, Thursday 10.00am to 1.00pm.
 For those unable to attend during the day, evening

Big Lottery funding for Epping CAB
Epping Citizens’ Advice Bureau has      especially keen to make sure peo-         The service is free, confidential,
been awarded a further Big Lottery      ple get their full benefit entitlement    independent and impartial. For
grant to fund its outreach service      and help relieve stress on people         further information, contact Rachel
until March 2009.                       with money worries by helping them        Poulter on 01992 574989.
    The grant of £110,000 over three    manage their debts.
years means it can continue to em-        Home visits are available along
ploy a dedicated Outreach Service       with regular advice sessions at
Co-ordinator (26 hours a week) and      Chipping Ongar Library, Norway
a new adviser to assist clients with    House Homeless Hostel North
mental health problems.                 Weald, the psychiatric wards at St
    The outreach service aims to        Margaret’s Hospital Epping and
reduce poverty and social exclusion     the Spanners ‘Drop-In’ centre at St
in the Epping Forest district. CAB      John’s Church in Loughton. The
advisers work with elderly, disabled,   CAB also works closely with St
homeless, terminally and mentally       Clare Hospice, the SAFE advocacy
ill people, providing high quality      service and Essex County Council
information and advice. They are        Social Services.

                                                                                 THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006           21
NEWSDesk                                        Indicates more information on our website

Lighthouse Furniture Project - turning houses into homes
Lighthouse Furniture Project - a                                                    Upholstered furniture must comply
community organisation providing                                                    with fire safety regulations and be
good quality furniture, appliances                                                  in good clean condition. Electrical
and household items - has expand-                                                   items should be in working order.
ed into the Epping Forest district.                                                 Fridges and fridge freezers should
   The scheme has been running                                                      ideally be less than five years old.
successfully in Brentwood for 11                                                       Working in partnership with ‘Moses
years but thanks to some Lottery                                                    Basket’ the charity also collects near-
funding it has been able to move                                                    ly new clothing and baby equipment
into a warehouse where furniture                                                    for children under seven years.
can be displayed and has expanded         ture and white goods from landfill           Beds, sofas, small wardrobes,
its area of operation.                    sites, bringing significant environ-      chests and electrical items are
   It is open to the public and people    mental benefits and helping local         always needed and all electrical
on means tested benefits are eligible     Councils meet their recycling targets.    items are thoroughly tested prior to
to buy at discounted prices, which        The warehouse at the Hutton               re-distribution.
could be up to 50%. There is every-       Industrial Estate, Brentwood is open         The scheme is a not-for-profit
thing to turn a house into a home         for viewing and buying Monday             operation, managed by a small team
and they are able to help people          to Friday 9.30am to 4.00pm and            of staff and relies on the support of
setting up home either for the first      Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm. A deliv-      volunteers from the community. If you
time or following some crisis in their    ery service is available with a one-off   would like to get involved, please
life. Customers can also be referred      charge regardless of the number of        contact Project Manager Brian
by organisations like Citizens’ Advice    items delivered.                          Darwood for further information.
Bureaux, Social Services or churches.        Collections of clean domestic fur-        To contact the Lighthouse Furniture
   The scheme not only meets the          niture, white goods and household         Project, telephone during office
very real needs of those in housing       items are arranged by telephone and       hours on 01277 222050 or at
crisis but also diverts tons of furni-    there is no charge for this service.

Green awards for local churches
A Buckhurst Hill church is the first in   with the community in litter picking      Ingwall at Epping Forest Dis-
the district to receive an Eco-           and supporting the Cubs on several        trict Council by E-Mailing her at
congregation Award.                       occasions.                      
   The initiative developed in 2000         If this sounds like something           or calling 01992 564357 or logging
from a partnership between the Gov-       you would like your church to get         on to the Eco-Congregation website
ernment-funded environmental char-        involved in, you can contact En-          at
ity ENCAMS (which runs the Keep           vironmental Co-ordinator Lisa
Britain Tidy Campaign and the Going
for Green brand) and the Environ-
mental Issues Network of Churches
Together in Britain and Ireland.
   St James URC in Buckhurst Hill
received the award after meeting
all the criteria set up by Eco-Con-
gregation. This includes connect-
ing environmental issues with the
Christian faith in the spiritual life
of the church, carrying out some
practical/tangible initiatives, working
with the local community or having a
positive impact on it.
   St James’s incorporates the
environmental theme into every-
thing it does, holding services and
bible studies with an environmental       (L-R) Chair of the Committee and an elder of the church Steven Neville,
theme, distributing regular environ-      treasurer Roger Neville, validator Elizabeth Rendall, the Rev June Colley
mental newsletters and working            minister of St James’s church and Gale Salmon an elder of the church

Need a Handy-                             Help us build a new scout hut
person?                                                                            by parents in the early 1970s on its
                                                                                   present site.
Well Caring and Repairing in Epping                                                  The projected cost of rebuilding is
Forest’s (C.A.R.E.’s) Handyper-                                                    a scary £1 million so the idea is to
son Service might be right up your                                                 replace it with a new brick building
street!                                                                            that is multi-functional and can be
The Handyperson Service carries                                                    used by the whole community.
out small low-cost jobs like fixing                                                  The 1st Theydon Scout group is
a lock or re-washering a tap but                                                   a registered charity No 302082 and
we also fit grab-rails, hand-rails        The current scout hut                    the land on which the hut stands is
and other low-cost falls prevention                                                held in a Trust so all funds raised
measures. In addition, all of our         Local Scouts are trying to raise         will be used just for facilities for the
caseworkers are ‘Approved Asses-          cash to rebuild their headquarters at    community.
sors’ for Essex County Council’s          Brookfield, Flux’s Lane, Epping and        Fundraising ideas and support
Adult Social Care and are able to         have a Summer Fayre to help raise        are being sought to raise money to
access a limited range of equip-          funds on 24 June.                        rebuild the hut and the organisers
ment, such as raised toilet seats           The current hut was previously         would also like to hear from groups
and toilet frames from the Essex          used by the British Army as a mess       interested in sharing the facilities.
Equipment Service.                        or sleeping hut and was auctioned          Any and all support is welcome!
   We are also part of a falls preven-    off by them in the late 60s as sur-      For further information, contact Roger
tion network including ‘Freefall’ and     plus. It was bought by the 1st They-     Creevy on 01992 576281 or E-Mail:
the Falls Co-ordinator at St Marga-       don Garnon Scouts and erected  
ret’s Hospital and can refer you on
to one of these services if it would
meet your needs better. However,
C.A.R.E. is fairly unique in that we
                                          Noisy bikes
are one of the few agencies that will     Residents fearing noise from mo-
do work outside the home, like fitting    torcycles, mopeds and mini-motos
rails to garden steps.                    on public spaces and recreation
   The service is free for work up to a   grounds this summer can take heart.
value of £150 to home owners and            Powers under the Police Reform
private tenants who are over 60, re-      Act 2002 (Section 59) allow Police
tired and on a means tested benefit.      to confiscate these vehicles if they
People who are not on benefit may         are ‘being used in a manner caus-
also use the service but will have to     ing alarm, distress or annoyance to
pay the full cost of the work.            members of the public’.
   You can contact us at C.A.R.E.,          While this is bad news for the
Environmental Services, Epping            owner of the vehicle, Epping For-        rent, the owner will have to pay
Forest District Council, Civic Offices,   est Crime and Disorder Reduction         for the recovery and storage costs
High Street, Epping, Essex, CM16          Partnership believes that enough         before they can reclaim their pride
4BZ. Telephone 01992 564086 or            warnings have gone out about not         and joy.
at              buying or using these vehicles in          Motorbikes have already been
                                          public places, that they must now        confiscated by Police in the Epping
                                          face the consequences!                   Forest district using these powers
                                            Police must have issued a warn-        and they will continue to do so until all
                                          ing to the user of the vehicle on a      users/owners have got the message!
                                          previous occasion before they can
                                          confiscate it. This does not have to
                                          be the owner of the vehicle. The
                                          warning applies to both the user
                                          AND the vehicle. If the same vehi-
                                          cle is seen subsequently in similar
                                          circumstances with a different user,
                                          the Police will still be entitled to
A handrail fitted by The                  confiscate it.
Handyperson Service                         As if this isn’t enough of a deter-

                                                                                  THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006               21
                      Regular news from the Leisure Department of Epping Forest District Council. Any enquiries
                      concerning leisure activities and facilities, please contact Leisure Services on 01992 564561

                          Indicates more information on our website

  Change your life!                          External funding for specialist sports programmes

Gentle exercise for everyone is the         A £28,000 investment in specialist       in the penal system by their teens
basis of the Council’s Active For Life      sports programmes for children with      and often imprisoned in adulthood.
programme.                                  physical and learning difficulties         Sports Development staff are work-
   David Hogg the programme’s               has been secured by Epping Forest        ing with Epping Forest PCT Chil-
Development Officer is encouraging          District Council’s Leisure Services      dren’s Occupational Therapy Team
everyone to change their lives by of-       Sports Development Section.              to deliver ten-week co-ordination and
fering a variety of fitness opportunities     The cash comes from Essex              core skills courses for children aged
from walking to Pilates and Yoga.           County Council’s Children’s Fund         6-8 and 9-12 years. Each child’s
   Buggy Power Walks are for                to support two programmes in the         progress, both in terms of improved
parents who want to improve their           district over the next two years.        physical skill and enhanced confi-
life and sense of well-being. The             An application was made for the        dence/self esteem, will be monitored
average distance is two miles around        programmes, which focus on local         at the start, throughout the treatment
countryside sites on tarmac/gravel          provision for children with physical     and at the end of the programme.
paths. Each lasts about 45 minutes          and learning disabilities and those        The range of sports opportunities
and costs £1.50 or £6 a month for as        with the lesser-known condition of       available to children with disabilities
many walks as you like. Times are           Dyspraxia which affects up to 8%         in the district will also be extended
Monday 10.00am and Wednesday                of school age children and young         by expanding the current ‘Sport-
and Friday at 1.30pm.                       people.                                  ability’ Club launched in October
   Seated Exercise for 60+                    Dyspraxia is a co-ordination prob-     at Oakview School, Loughton and
exercises are all based in a chair          lem affecting children both physi-       introducing a range of new sports
- so anyone can participate.                cally and emotionally and can often      specific sessions such as swim-
There are six main components               go undiagnosed throughout child-         ming and trampolining. If the team is
of the class: warm up, stretch,             hood with children being labelled as     successful in finding a bigger facility,
strength exercises, cardio-vascular         clumsy and lacking in confidence.        they hope to be able to engage
exercises, cool down and relaxation.          Statistics from the Primary Health-    up to 50 youngsters a week in the
Classes are available throughout            care Trust indicate that a significant   Sportability Club.
the district.                               proportion of youngsters suffering         For further information, please
   Kids Fun Fitness for youngsters          from Dyspraxia which is not diag-        contact Julie Chandler on 01992
living in rural areas including a           nosed early on can find themselves       564214.
combination of boxing, aerobics,
and circuit training. Classes
planned for Fyfield, Matching and
Nazeing. Call David Hogg for more
   Active For Life has expanded the
opportunities for full-time workers
to become physically active by
introducing Pilates, Yoga, learn to
run sessions and simple circuits,
available at lunchtime and after work.
   The programme has also teamed
up with the Primary Care Trust to
provide ‘Quit and Get Fit’ sessions,
where you can receive free stop
smoking support followed by a
subsidised fitness class, which is
open to all.
   Please call David Hogg on 01992
564269 for more information.

 North Weald Airfield summer events

Air Britain Fly In - 17-18 June           Classic Bike Show - 16 July                car show sees hundreds of visiting
Run by Air Britain in co-ordination       If you’re a classic bike owner, come       vehicles and traders. Contact Live
with The Squadron, this fly-in            along for the day to show off your         Promotions on 01775 768661 for
attracts a variety of aircraft from all   pride and joy! Contact Maitland            more information.
over Europe. Contact North Weald          Racing on 020 7485 0473 for more
Flying Services on 01992 524510           information.                               90th Anniversary Fly-in -
for more information.                                                                20 August
                                          Damn Yankee Car Show - 23 July             An open day for aircraft and pilots
Wings and Wheels - 24-25 June             Our annual American car show. For          in celebration of 90 years of North
Our annual model aircraft and car         more information, contact Gary Hall        Weald. Contact North Weald Flying
spectacular. The event includes           on 020 8227 1403.                          Services on 01992 524510 for more
model flying displays and a large                                                    information.
boat-pool. Contact 01480 462265 for       Volkfest - 30 July
more information.                         An event for Volkswagen owners.            Autumn Fly In - 24 September
                                          Includes a static show, arena              An event to wave goodbye to the
Race for Life - 12 July                   and VW jumble. Contact Maitland            2006 flying season. Contact North
The national, annual event that           Racing on 020 7485 0473 for more           Weald Flying Services on 01992
sees women raising money for              information.                               524510 for more information.
Breast Cancer Research. For more
information see       Donny South - 13 August
or phone 08705 134 314.                   Another annual event, this custom

 Summer magazine                           Summer Artsmix 2006
We have also assembled a vast             An exciting range of artist-led activi-    work with an artist over two days.
amount of information on activities       ties are on offer for children in the      For children 4-11 years.
for young people and have sent            Epping Forest district in August,
copies to every district school.          including:                                 PANDEMONIUM 24 August
These contain important information                                                  This family event returns by popular
on all the summer holiday activities      LIFT OFF 31 July-2 August                  demand. An outdoor activity filled
                                          A three-day performance event,             with dancing, arts activities and
                                          working with three professional art-       much, much more ... definitely not to
 Focus groups                             ists and a variety of art forms. For       be missed. For children 3+.
                                          children 8-11 years.                         For more information about
We all tend to have very passionate                                                  Artsmix activities, please telephone
leisure time interests and we would       Bangers and Mash 7-11 August               01992 564551/9.
love to hear from people who would        Back by popular demand - Bangers
be willing to contribute to focus         and Mash tour all the libraries with
groups on leisure activities - these      Aladdin and Eliot goes to the Circus.       Leisure Live
will be small informal panel discus-      For children 3+.
sions and are an ideal way of con-                                                   We are pleased to announce the
tributing to service provision. If you    HAVOC! 6 August                            publication of the latest news from
did not receive your Leisure Live         This family day will be filled with        Leisure Services in Leisure Live
newsletter or the summer maga-            games, arts activities and lots of fun.    2006, copies of which have been
zine, please call Leisure Market-         For children 3+.                           distributed across the district.
ing on 01992 564231. Please also
call this number to discuss pos-          Arty Antics 17-18 August
sible focus group involvement.            Children will have the chance to

                                                                                    THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006              21
NEWSDesk                                        Indicates more information on our web site

Do you live in an old house?
Living in an old property brings chal-     behind to ‘breathe’ so moisture is          original design. Replacement plas-
lenges not experienced by modern           forced to evaporate through the             tic windows should be avoided, as
home owners.                               face of the brickwork, causing it           they rarely match the character of
   When it comes to home improve-          to ‘spall’ and deteriorate. Cement          the originals.
ments and maintenance they                 materials may also be different,
require special care and attention. If     both in colour and detail.                 • Make sure that modern services
your home is ‘listed’ or in a conser-                                                   and equipment are located unob-
vation area, the degree of alteration     • Do not paint or coat surfaces               trusively. Satellite dishes, air-con-
permitted by the Council varies.            originally left in their natural state.     ditioning units, extractor fans and
   Historic buildings can often be          Coatings and most modern exte-              CCTV cameras should be posi-
adapted to meet modern require-             rior paints are not porous and will         tioned discreetly. Electricity wires,
ments without losing any historic           lock moisture into the walls. Damp          telephone cables, waste pipes and
fabric, or by alterations that are          patches may appear internally as            other services should be installed
designed to be ‘reversible’.                more moisture is forced to try and          tidily without snaking across walls
   Developing a caring approach to          evaporate. Raised moisture levels           and damaging decorative features.
old buildings is essential for the pro-     can also lead to dry rot within
tection of our historic environment,        timbers, especially if the room or        • Do not use cleaning methods that
which affects us all, whether we live       space is not well ventilated.               damage original surfaces. Chemi-
or work in old buildings or neigh-                                                      cal poultices should be used to
bourhoods, shop in historic town          • Do not extend or alter your home            strip paint from historic timbers so
centres, or enjoy visiting historic         in a way that is unsympathetic to           that original markings are pre-
properties and towns.                       its original character. Any exten-          served. Stripping paint from doors
   Here are a few important things          sion should normally be designed            by immersion in a caustic bath
to remember:                                to be ‘subservient’ to the original         damages the wood and removes
• Only employ builders who spe-             building and respect the charac-            glue from joints.
  cialise in historic building work.        ter of the original through the use
  Modern materials and construction         of complementary materials and            • Do not overload any existing
  techniques are often incompat-            detailing. Internal alterations that        structure. Replacing slates with
  ible with traditional ones. Repairs       involve the loss of the original            concrete tiles can cause rafters
  suitable for modern buildings can         room layouts, principal features            to bow and even collapse under
  lead to the deterioration of historic     (such as staircases or fireplaces)          the increased weight. Building
  ones. Relatively few contractors          or decorative items damage the              Regulations approval is needed for
  have the expertise to deal with the       character. Covering the garden              re-roofing and other forms of work.
  special problems often found in           with tarmac or paving slabs to              Removing tie beams from the roof
  historic buildings.                       create forecourt parking is visually        structure (the horizontal beams
                                            damaging to the streetscene and             that run at eye level across the
• Make sure that you carry out es-          the setting of a building.                  attic at right angles to the ridge)
  sential maintenance work regu-                                                        can cause the roof to spread and
  larly. Clear gutters in the autumn,     • Avoid using mix-and-match ‘period           even collapse. Removing chimney
  replace or repair broken or slipped       style’ details. Reproduction features       breasts, walls and other structural
  tiles, slates and flashings, keep         make old buildings look cheap               features can also damage the
  chimneys pointed and capped to            and phoney. Period style features           structural integrity of the building.
  prevent water entering the build-         such as ‘Georgian’ or ‘Elizabethan’         Building Regulations approval is
  ing and clear air bricks and other        mass-produced front doors, imita-           required for this type of work.
  vents to ensure cellars and sub-          tion stuck-on glazing bars or leaded
  floor voids are kept well ventilated.     lights and other fancy details look       Conservation is about making sure
                                            completely out of place in a genu-        all alterations are carefully justified
• Use lime not cement for mortar            inely historic building.                  beforehand, taking into account
  repairs and re-pointing brickwork.                                                  not only the effect of the works in
  Traditionally constructed masonry       • Do not replace original features          the short term but also their con-
  is usually bedded in soft lime            and detailing unnecessarily. Re-          sequences for the character and
  mortar and is relatively flexible.        placing original timber windows           historic interest of the building and
  Pointing with a hard cement mortar        and doors is rarely necessary if          its future function.
  restricts movement, causing stress        they can be satisfactorily repaired.         For more advice and information
  in the surface of the wall. Cement        If not, they should be replaced           on historic buildings, please contact
  mortars do not allow the structure        in timber to match precisely the          Paul Sutton on 01992 564119.

                                                                                 breathing normally.
                                                                                   By the end of week four, you
                                                                                 should be feeling a lot fitter and
                  Regular health advice from Leisure Services                    enjoying the benefits - which may
                                                                                 include weight loss and improved
                                                                                 alertness and mental well-being.
Get active - get walking                  times a week to achieve good             You can keep to the week four
                                          improvement in your level of           plan and need not increase the
                                          fitness.                               length of the main session to
                                             But remember if you have any        maintain a good level of fitness.
                                          health problems, you should
                                          speak to your doctor first.            Where to walk
                                             All you need to start exercising    There are many places in the
                                          is a pair of supportive trainers,      district with nice views and
                                          loose, comfortable clothing, a         suitable walking surfaces.
                                          bottle of water and a warm top to        You can buy a pack of 12
                                          put on when you finish.                leaflets guiding you through
                                             Complete novices can start by       some of the most popular walks
                                          walking, gradually building up to      in and around Epping Forest
                                          a speed that you would walk at if      by calling David Hogg on 01992
                                          you were late for an appointment.      564269. The packs cost £4.49.
                                                                                   If possible, walk with someone
                                          Suggested plan                         else so that you can enjoy
Summer is the perfect time for            Week one                               some of the more remote walks
making the most of the many               Walk for five minutes at your          through open countryside and
open spaces and forest areas in           usual walking speed and then           the forest. Or why not walk with
and around the Epping Forest              increase it so that you become         the family? You can set a good
district for getting fit and healthy.     slightly out of breath. If you are     example and help children learn
  Adults should do at least 30            walking with someone else, you         the importance of keeping fit and
minutes’ moderate activity a day,         should be able to walk and talk        active which, hopefully, they will
at least five days a week. The            at the same time. Carry on at          remember throughout their lives.
activity can be accumulated               this pace for five minutes and           If you are a woman planning to
throughout the day, in sessions           then come back down to a more          walk on your own, it is advisable
of ten minutes or longer. To              comfortable level. Repeat this         to keep to the public recreation
prevent obesity, many people will         exercise once more, ending with        areas such as Roding Valley
need to undertake at least 45 to          a ‘cool down’ - returning to your      Playing Fields, Loughton;
60 minutes of activity most days.         usual walking speed and normal         Stonards Hill, Epping; and Town
  Older people should maintain            breathing.                             Mead Park, Waltham Abbey. Be
their mobility through daily                                                     sensible about the time of day
activity and would particularly           Week two                               you go out. Avoid the dark and
benefit from activities that              Start with the five minute warm        twilight and plan your walk at a
promote strength, co-ordination           up and then extend your main           time when you know there will be
and balance.                              session up to ten minutes, with a      plenty of people about.
  Children and young people               five minute cool down.                   Alternatively, you can walk with
should achieve a total of at                                                     others as part of the Council’s
least 60 minutes of moderate              Weeks three and four                   Active For Life programme, with
physical activity a day, at least         You should already be feeling          weekend and evening walks
twice a week. This should include         some of the benefits now.              available throughout the summer
activities to promote bone health,        Climbing the stairs should be          months.
muscular strength and flexibility.        easier and daily tasks shouldn’t         For details of the excellent
                                          leave you out of breath.               walks in the area and group
Where to start                              Start with the five minute warm      walking for health sessions,
                                          up at your usual walking pace          please contact David Hogg
If you haven’t exercised in a             and increase the length of your        Active For Life Development
long while, you will need to start        main session to 15 minutes in          Officer on 01992 564269.
slowly and gradually build up             week three and 20 minutes in
to a regular routine, which you           week four, finishing with a five
need to undertake at least three          minute cool down until you are

                                                                                THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006        21
New refuse contractor                                                             Lesley Letts Head of Development
                                                                                  at CEMS said: “We are delighted to
At a special Cabinet meeting on         and recycling contractor. It has          have the opportunity to serve the
Friday 5 May, Epping Forest District    refuse collection, recycling and          residents of Epping Forest. Cory
Council consented to the transfer       cleansing contracts with other            comes to this job with a vast amount
of the waste management contract        Councils in the UK including              of expertise and experience. We will
from the Administrators of South        Southend Unitary Authority in             work closely with the Council in the
Herts Waste Management (SHWM)           Essex.                                    coming weeks to effect a smooth
to Cory Environmental Municipal            Councillors were becoming              transfer. Epping Forest already has
Services Ltd (CEMS). The transfer       increasingly concerned about the          a good record as one of the best
is initially for a three month period   standard of service of South Herts        recycling authorities in the country.
while the Council considers the long    Waste Management before learning          We are looking forward to building
term options.                           of the Administration Order. It was       on that success and to provide a
  Prior to 19 April, rumours            clearly important to have alternative     high quality service to residents.”
of difficulties at SHWM were            plans for refuse collection in place        Cory Environmental operates
intensifying, leading the Council       and to move extremely quickly once        across the country and employs
to take steps to talk to a number       the Administration Order was issued       over 1,000 people. It provides a
of contractors. On 10 April the         in the High Court.                        wide range of integrated services
Cabinet met in private session to          Councillors have thanked               from street cleansing and municipal
agree a way forward which would         residents who helped immensely            waste collection, to recycling,
provide continuity of domestic          over the weeks leading up to the          transfer and disposal. Cory’s
waste collection, recycling and         transfer. There was a degree of           services have been recognised with
street cleansing services while         disruption for which the Council has      a number of awards for sustainable
minimising disruption to residents.     apologised but the expectation is         transport, the management of
The transfer of the contract also has   now for significant improvements          facilities and city cleanliness.
the benefit of protecting the jobs of   to the refuse service as Cory puts
the workforce, many of whom live        it back on a sound footing. The
locally.                                Council also thanked the refuse
  The new contractor, Cory              collectors who had to put up with
Environmental, is a long-established    the worry and uncertainty but stuck
and well-known waste management         to the job.

Recycle and win
                                        August Bank Holiday refuse collection
cash first winner

Our front cover shows Jaine Skeef       Normal Collection                   Revised Collection
from Waltham Abbey who was
the first resident of Epping Forest     Monday 28 August                    Tuesday 29 August
district to win £100 in the Essex       Tuesday 29 August                   Wednesday 30 August
County Council Recycle and Win          Wednesday 30 August                 Thursday 31 August
Cash Competition. Jaine who             Thursday 31 August                  Friday 1 September
lives in Abbotts Drive simply put       Friday 1 September                  Saturday 2 September
out her recycling for collection on
the correct day and was picked at       Normal collection service resumes on Monday 4 September.
random by the Council.                  You may wish to cut this out and keep it as a useful reminder.

     50                                    Favourite
                                           Trees                                    OF EPPING FOREST

An innovative project to identify and record 50 of Epping       be incorporated into a specially-designed website, a major
Forest district’s favourite trees is under way.                 exhibition and will also be used for a web-based database.
  The task, which will culminate in an exhibition at the           The reason for identifying the top 50 favourite trees
District Museum next year, is being funded by a £24,700         is that the Epping Forest district is facing increasing
grant from the Local Heritage Initiative - a partnership        pressure from both development and changes and
between the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Nationwide               uncertainties in farming. Protecting trees is a vital part of
Building Society and the Countryside Agency. The                protecting the district’s special character which is defined,
cash was secured by Epping Forest District Council’s            in part, by its tree heritage.
Conservation and Environment Section, which includes               Judging will take place in January 2007 involving
Countrycare.                                                    David Jackman Editor of the Epping Forest Guardian,
  Local people, schools, amenity groups, residents’             Jon Stokes from the Tree Council, Mark Iley Essex
groups, Parish and Town Councils are being encouraged           Biodiversity Partnership, Chris Neilan and Paul Hewitt
to nominate their favourite trees while the Epping              from Epping Forest District Council.
Forest District Tree Wardens will have a pivotal role in           Future projects to identify veteran and landmark trees
encouraging nominations from within their community.            are planned with all of the details being stored on the
  The project kicked off in May and nominations are             database for reference by future generations.
already coming in for favourite local trees. Nominees are          Closing date for nominations 31 December 2006. Send
being asked to say why it has that special quality to make it   your nomination forms to Epping Forest District Council
one of the 50 favourite trees of the Epping Forest district.    Planning Services, Civic Offices, High Street, Epping, Essex
  Each of the chosen trees - at least one from each Parish      CM16 4BZ or visit the website
- will be photographed by a professional photographer              Nomination forms are available from libraries, the
and an audiovisual description of the reason for the            Council's Information Centres and can be downloaded
nomination made to accompany a selection. All of this will      from

                                                                                      THE FORESTER SUMMER 2006              21
For more details on the services and public information we offer, please visit our website
at Dial 01992 564000 for the main switchboard. Where extensions are
shown, they can be dialled direct by calling 01992 56 followed by the extension number.
                                              Housing (Social) Applications 01992 564000
 Main Contact Details
                                              Human Resources ext 4054
Civic Offices, High Street, Epping,           Land Acquisition and Sales 01992 564000
Essex CM16 4BZ                                Leasehold Services (Council Housing) ext 4015
                                              Leisure Services Enquiries ext 4561
Phone: 01992 564000 (Main switchboard)
                                              Local Land Charges ext 4079
Fax: 01992 578018
Website:            MoT Tests 020 8532 0357
                                              Museum 01992 716882
 Council Services                             National Mobility Scheme (Housing) ext 4025
                                              Neighbourhood Nuisance ext 4608
Abandoned Vehicles ext 4608                   Noise Pollution ext 4608
Adaptations for Disabled People               North Weald Airfield ext 4200
  Council Houses 020 8508 8596                Parking Office 020 8418 0926
  Private ext 4092                            Pest Control ext 4608
Animal Welfare ext 4153                       Planning Appeals ext 4326
Blocked Drains ext 4608                       Planning Applications ext 4436
Building Regulations ext 4141                 Planning Enforcement ext 4527
Car Parks ext 4462                            Pollution ext 4608
Care and Repair (C.A.R.E.) ext 4467           Public Conveniences ext 4127
Careline 020 8502 3665                        Public Relations ext 4140
Compliments and Complaints                    Public Rights of Way 01279 642500
  ext 4051                                    Recycling ext 4608
Countrycare 01992 788203                      Refuse Collection ext 4608
Council Tax ext 4188/9                        Right to Buy ext 4420
Councillors and Committees                    Road Safety 01279 642500
  ext 4244                                    Rubbish Disposal ext 4608
Crime and Disorder Reduction Co-ordinator     Sewers ext 4608
  ext 4122                                    Skips (advice only) 01279 642500
Dangerous Buildings ext 4141                  Street Cleansing ext 4608
Dangerous Waste 01473 727712                  Street Lighting 01279 642500
Day Clubs for the Elderly 020 8508 8596       Taxi Licensing ext 4461
Dog Warden ext 4077                           Trees - Landscape and Tree Preservation
Elections ext 4023                                    ext 4117
Environmental Co-ordinator ext 4357                 - Highway and Footpath Trees ext 4562
Environmental Health ext 4608                 Waltham Abbey Pool 01992 716733
Flooding ext 4608                             Warden Assisted Housing
Flooding (out of hours) 01992 564000            020 8508 8596
Food Safety ext 4608                          Watercourses ext 4273
Fraud Hotline 01992 564444                    Website Enquiries ext 4236
Graffiti Hotline ext 4272                     Wheelie Bin Enquiries ext 4608
Grants - Voluntary and Community
           Organisations ext 4247              Information Centres
         - Listed Buildings ext 4119          Buckhurst Hill Information Centre
         - Home Improvement ext 4092           020 8498 9933
Grounds Maintenance ext 4562                  Epping Information Centre 01992 564288
Homelessness ext 4165                         Loughton Information Centre 01992 564808
Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit       Waltham Abbey Information Centre
  ext 4155                                     01992 564375
Housing Maintenance and Repairs ext 4199

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