Please Recycle Your Fishing Line by vfs14228


									Please Recycle Your Fishing Line
                                  How does the program
                                  work?                                            ..
   ..                             The recycling bins are
                                  emptied by our volunteers
                                  and the monofilament line is
                                  returned to the
What can I do to help?            manufacturers at no cost.
It is as easy as collecting       Monofilament line is re-
your used fishing line,           melted and made into new
removing all hooks and            products such as spools for
tackle, and placing the           new fishing line and even
fishing line into the recycling   fish structures.
bins.                                                                             ..
                                  The benefits of recycling
Where are the recycling           your fishing line include:
bins located?
We have placed the
                          ..      • a cleaner environment.
                                  • prevention of entanglement
monofilament fishing line         for fish and wildlife species.
recycling bins at several         • recycling fishing line into
locations including; Killens      new products.
Pond, Moores Lake, McGinnis
Pond, Garrisons Lake and the          Lets all work
Nanticoke River.                  together to promote
                                    conservation and
                                   The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
                                      has partnered with the Eastern Shore
                                       Bassmasters to purchase and place
                                   recycling bins for monofilament fishing line.

                                  Photo at left: A monofilament recycling bin attached
                                  to the Killens Pond boat ramp sign.

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