NAPERVILLE Reuse Recycle Extravaganza by vfs14228


        Reuse & Recycle
            Saturday, June 5
            9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
            Alcatel-Lucent                                                                      Public Works
            1960 Lucent Lane
(at intersection of Warrenville Rd. & Lucent Ln. /Freedom Dr.)                             Alcatel-Lucent


Electronics:                                    Bicycles and Parts:
Computers, Monitors, Printers,                  Collected by Blackstone Bicycle
Speakers, VCRs, DVD Players, Stereos,           Works for parts to be used in youth
Radios, Cameras, Camcorders, Discs,             training programs. Working bikes are
Fax Machines, Cords, Televisions (no            donated to Working Bikes
console TVs)                                    Cooperative and shipped to Third
*All hard drives are wiped clean or destroyed   World countries.
Books:                                          Ink Jet Cartridges:
Drop your books off. Stop to shop and
                                                No laser or toner cartridges please!
take some home. Leftovers are donated
                                                Donated to SCARCE
or recycled.

Scrap Metal:                                    Shoes:
                                                Only Shoes in good condition please!
Metal Pipes, Rusty Swing Sets, Metal
                                                Donated to Share Your Soles. They
Lawn Furniture, Tomato Cages, Wire
                                                provide shoes to the neediest of
Hangers, Chicken Wire, Vacuum
                                                children and adults in the most
Cleaners, Hardware, Toasters                                                                   Naperville Noon Lions Club
                                                impoverished areas of the world.
Tattered American Flags:                        Clothing Buttons, Rulers:
Accepted at the Book Tent for the
                                                Buttons donated to women in Africa.
Naperville VFW.
                                                Rulers are donated to area schools.
                                                Collected by SCARCE
Non-Broken Eyeglasses and
Hearing Aids, Keys:                             Cell Phones:
Donated to Naperville Noon Lions Club.          Collected by Alcatel-Lucent to be
                                                reused or recycled.                        Blackstone Bicycle Works

Not Accepting:
Air Conditioners, Batteries, Console TV’s, Construction Material, Household Hazardous
Waste, Lawnmowers, Paint, Tires, CD’s, and VHS Tapes

For more information call (630) 420-6095 or visit

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