Document Sample
					                                                                          AEROSOL CANS                           The average aluminum can                 APPLIANCES-REUSE (CONT)                  ART & EDUCATIONAL

                                                                                                                 contains more than 50% post-                                                      MATERIALS - REUSE
                                                                          If completely empty and without        consumer recycled content.               Bay Area Rescue Mission
                                                                          pressure, see: Curbside                It takes 90% less energy to              123 MacDonald Ave.                       Many thrift stores accept various
                                                                          Recycling, page. 2                     recycle an aluminum can                  Richmond                                 art & educational items.
                                                                          Drop-off Recycling, page 4             than to make                             510-215-4887
                                                                                                                 a new one.                     
                                                                                                                                                          D/P: small appliances only               Tinkers Workshop
                                                                          If full, see:                          Source:                                                                           1336 Channing Way
                                                                          Toxics Disposal, page 10               Californians                                                                      Berkeley
                                                                                                                 Against Waste                            APPLIANCES - RECYCLE                     510-644-2577
                                                                          ALUMINUM                                                                        Drop-off Recycling, page 4               D: chemistry equipment
                                                                                                                                                          Disposal Sites, page 12
                                                                          See:                                   Smurfit - Stone Recycling                                                          Urban Ore
                                                                                                                 800 77th Ave.                            Freon containing appliances              7th St. & Ashby Ave.
                                                                          Curbside Recycling, page 2                                                      (refrigerators, freezers & air
                                                                          Drop-off Recycling, page 4             Oakland                                                                           Berkeley
                                                                                                                 510-635-9383                             conditioners) are banned from            510-841-SAVE
                                                                          Scrap Metal - Recycle, page 29                                                  landfill disposal. There is often
                                                                                                                                                                     D: zippers, buttons, beads
                                                                                                                 D: CRV, scrap                            a fee charged to recycle these
                                                                          WeisCo Recycling                       P: large quantities                      items because the freon must
                                                                          Danville                                                                                                                 Books for the Barrios
                                                                                                                                                          be removed by a professional.            2350 Whitman Rd., Suite D
                                                                          925-743-8193                           Standard Iron & Metal                                                             Concord

                                                                                4525 San Leandro St.                     JACO Environmental
                                                                          B/P: large quantities                                                                                                    925-687-7701
                                                                                                                 Oakland                                  Bay Area Service               
                                                                                                                 510-535-0222                             800-741-0172                             D: school/art supplies, chemistry
                                                                          Nica Metals                            B/D: CRV, scrap                
                                                                          101 N. Greenville Rd.                                                                                                    equipment
                                                                                                                 P: large quantities                      F/P: small quantities                    P: large quantities
                                                                          925-443-6422                           J M Enterprises                          Dull One
                                                                                                                                                                       Industrial Surplus Foundation
                                                                                                                 1215 Willow Pass Rd.                     Hayward                                  3536 Arden Rd., c/o Dock 23
                                                                          B: CRV, scrap                          Pittsburg                                510-785-8114
                                                                          P: large quantities                                                                                                      Hayward
                                                                                                                 925-439-8118                             F/P: large quantities                    510-784-0639
                                                                                                                 F/D: call first                                                          
       Recycling Hotline (800) 750-4096

                                                                          Refund Recycling                                                                Dorn Recyclers
                                                                          2680 Old First St.                                                                                                       D: art/school/office supplies
                                                                                                                 Deal Auto Company, LLC                   Livermore                                P: large quantities
                                                                          Livermore                              400 W. Gertrude Ave.                     925-449-9328
                                                                          925-606-1435                           Richmond                                 F/P: non-freon appliances only;
                                                                          B/D: CRV                                                                                                                 Children’s Hospital - Volunteer
                                                                                                                 510-232-0197                             large quantities                         Services
                                                                          P: large quantities                    D                                                                                 Oakland
                                                                                              What is CRV?                                                Nica Metals                              510-428-3471
                                                                          Aaron Metals        See page 4         Alco Iron & Metal                        Livermore                      
                                                                          750 105th Ave.                         2350 Davis St.                           925-443-6422                             ways_give.html
                                                                          Oakland                                San Leandro                    
                                                                          510-569-6767                                                                                                             D: call first
                                                                                                                 510-562-1107                             D: no freon/CFCs; call first
                                                                                    B: CRV, scrap                            F/P: large quantities
                                                                          B: CRV, scrap                                                                                                            East Bay Depot for Creative
                                                                                                                 P: large quantities                                                               Reuse
                                                                          P: large quantities                                                             GSI                                      4695 Telegraph Ave.
                                                                                                                ANTIFREEZE                                Oakland                                  Oakland
                                                                          Alliance Metals                                                                 510-636-4626
                                                                          3426 Peralta St.                      See:                                                                               510-547-6470
                                                                          Oakland                               Used Oil Recycling, page 8
                                                                          510-547-2408                          Toxics Disposal, page 10                                                           D/P: school/art supplies
                                                                                                                                                          American Iron & Metal
                                    CONTRA COSTA COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE

                                                                          B/D: CRV                              Motor Oil, Filters & Antifreeze,          1050 Brookside Dr.
                                                                          F/P: large quantities                 page 25                                                                            SCRAP - Scroungers’ Center for
                                                                                                                                                          Richmond                                 Reusable Art Parts
                                                                                                                                                          510-233-0440                             San Francisco
                                                                          East Bay Conservation Corps            APPLIANCES - REUSE                       F/D
                                                                          Oakland                                                                                                                  415-647-1746
                                                                          510-992-7800                           See: Thrift Stores, page 6                                              
                                                                                                                                                          Pinole/Rodeo Auto Wreckers               D: school/art supplies; call first
                                                                                                                             700 Parker Ave.
                                                                          F/P: CRV, non-CRV; large               If the appliance is damaged, see                                                  P: large quantities
                                                                                                                 next section.                            Rodeo
                                                                          quantities                                                                      510-758-2095                             RAFT - Resource Area
                                                                                                                 VA Outpatient Clinic                             for Teachers
                                                                          Lakeside Non-Ferrous Metals                                                     F/D
                                                                          412 Madison St.                        4951 Arroyo Rd.                                                                   1355 Ridder Park Dr.
                                                                          Oakland                                Livermore                                                                         San Jose
                                                                                                                 925-373-4700 x35359                      Freon Free                               408-451-1420
                                                                          510-444-5466                                                                    Suisun City
                                                                          B/D                                    D: small appliances                                                     
                                                                                                                                                          707-429-9013                             D/P: school/art supplies
                                                                          P: large quantities                                                   
                                                                                                                 Low Cost Appliances
                                                                                                                 6451 San Pablo Ave.                      F/P
                                                                          National Recycling Corp.
                                                                          1312 Kirkham St.                       Oakland
                                                                                                                 510-658-4404                             Alco Iron & Metal
                                                                                                                 F/D/P                                    629 Azuar Ave. - Mare Island              KidMAX
                                                                          510-268-1022                                                                    Vallejo                                   Free online listing
                                                                          B: CRV                                                                          707-562-1107                              service for schools
                                                                          P: large quantities                    ReStore
                                                                                                                 9235 San Leandro Blvd.                                 to search for wanted
                                                                                                                 Oakland                                  D: non-freon appliances only              materials or post
                                                                                                                 510-777-1447                                                                       listings of available
                                                                                                                 D/P: no refrigerators/freezers                                           

                       14                                                              = hazardous product; please recycle/dispose of properly       B= Buyback, D = Drop-off, F= Fee, M = Mail-in Program, P=Pickup
                                                                                    Listings in this directory are sorted alphabetically by city/community name.   For more listings & current info visit

                                                                                                                                                                                                  A-Z DIRECTORY
See: Disposal Sites, page 12           Dutra Materials                            Many Friends of the Library groups accept donated
                                       961 Western Dr.                            books-on-tape (A), CDs (C), records (R) and videos
Raisch Products                        Richmond                                   (V). Call your local library or visit
Locations in Fremont, Milpitas,        510-970-7710                               friends/friends.html for more information. Below
San Jose, Sunnyvale          
408-227-9222                           F/D: asphalt, concrete, concrete           is a list of items accepted at local libraries:                 w/rebar (3 ft or less)
F/D: asphalt, concrete, broken                                                    Antioch (C,V)        El Cerrito (A,C,R,V)        Pinole (V)
brick, porcelain, roofing tile          Syar Industries Inc.                       Bay Point (V)        El Sobrante (A,C,R,V)       Pittsburg (A,V)
                                       Foot of Parr Blvd.                         Brentwood (V)        Hercules (A,C,V)            Pleasant Hill (A,C,V)
AR Ready Mix                           Richmond                                   Clayton (C,V)        Kensington (C,R,V)          Richmond (A,V)
3600 Wilbur Ave.                       510-215-4946                               Concord (A,C,V)      Lafayette (A,C,V)           San Ramon (R,V)
Antioch                                F/D: asphalt, concrete                     Crockett (A,C,V)     Martinez (C,V)              Walnut Creek (A,C)
925-754-2717                                                                      Danville (A,C,V)     Moraga (V)                  Ygnacio Valley (C)
D: asphalt, concrete
                                       AUDIO & VIDEO TAPES, RECORDS/LPs, CDs, DISKETTES & SOFTWARE - REUSE
F.T.G. Construction Materials          If not suitable for reuse, see next      Marin Computer Resources Center
3500 Wilbur Ave.                                                                                                         RAFT - Resource Area for
                                       section.                                 60 Leveroni Ct. #200B                    Teachers

Antioch                                                                         Novato
209-334-4038                                                                                                             1355 Ridder Park Dr.
                                       See phone book or website for            415-883-1428                             San Jose
F/D: asphalt, concrete                 locations near you:                                         408-451-1420
                                                                                F/D: diskettes                 
AR Ready Mix                           • fye
5301 Byron Hot Springs Rd.                                                                                               D/P: tapes, CDs, diskettes,
                                                           Children’s Hospital - Volunteer          software
Byron                                    B: CDs, DVDs; store credit only        Services
925-513-0360                                                                    Oakland                                                                                                       DR3
                                       • Game Stop                              510-428-3471                             San Leandro
D: asphalt, concrete                                510-351-0520
                                         B: DVDs                                ways_give.html                 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Recycling Hotline (800) 750-4096
Dorn Recyclers                                                                  D: infant-teen videos; call first         dr3.html
Livermore                              • Tower Records                                                                   D: audio/video tapes; call first
925-449-9328                                             East Bay Depot for Creative              P: large quantities
F/P: asphalt, concrete; large            B: CDs, DVDs                           Reuse
quantities                                                                      4695 Telegraph Ave.                      Weird Stuff Warehouse
                                                        Oakland                                  384 W. Caribbean Dr.
County Quarry Products LLC             Online Buyback Service                   510-547-6470                             Sunnyvale
5501 Imhoff Dr.                                               408-743-5650
Martinez                               B/M: CDs, DVDs                           D: audio/video tapes, CDs,     
925-682-0707                                                                    software                                 B/D: software
F/D: asphalt, concrete                 Rock Bottom Records
                                       1890 A St.                               Oakland Technology Exchange
                                       Antioch                                  - West (OTX-West)                        AUDIO & VIDEO TAPES,
Aman Environmental                                                                                                       RECORDS/LPs, CDs,
Construction                           925-757-7766                             1680 14th St.
                                       Consignment: CDs, DVDs                   Oakland                                  DISKETTES & SOFTWARE
8300 Baldwin St.
Oakland                                                                         510-893-4822                             - RECYCLE
510-553-0110                           Alameda County Computer        
                                       Resource Center                          D/P: diskettes, software                 If still in good condition and                                                                                                usable, see previous section.
F/D: asphalt, concrete                 1501 Eastshore Hwy.
                                       Berkeley                                 Rasputin Music

                                                                                                                                                            CONTRA COSTA COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE
                                       510-528-4052                             1035 Contra Costa Blvd.                  Call or visit websites for mail-
Specialty Crushing                                                                                                       in details:
2201 Wake Ave.                                           Pleasant Hill
Oakland                                D: diskettes, CDs                        800-350-8700
510-986-0964                                                                                                             888-797-7638
F/D: asphalt, concrete                 Books for the Barrios                    B: audio/video tapes, laser disks,
                                       2350 Whitman Rd., Suite D                CDs, DVDs, LPs                 
                                       Concord                                                                           F/M: diskettes, CDs, tapes
Chip It Recycling, Inc.                                                                                                  P: available in some areas, call
Oakley                                 925-687-7701                             SCRAP - Scroungers’ Center for
                                            Reusable Art Parts                       for details
925-625-3800                D: CDs, software                         San Francisco
                                       P: large quantities                      415-647-1746                             GreenDisk
F/P: asphalt, concrete, brick,                                                                                           800-305-3475
                                       Down Home Music                          D: diskettes; call first        
                                       10341 San Pablo Ave.                     P: large quantities                      F/M: audio/video tapes, CDs,
Antioch Building Materials                                                                                               laser disks, diskettes
1375 California Avenue                 El Cerrito
Pittsburg                              510-525-2129                             Fox Electronics
                                                 San Jose                                 MRC Polymers
925-432-3828                                                                                                             773-890-9000
D: asphalt, concrete                   B: audio tapes, CDs, LPs                 408-929-4369
                                       Community Assistance for the             D: diskettes; call first                  M: CD/Jewel cases, CDs &
Vulcan Materials                                                                                                         laser disks
501 El Charro Rd.                      Retarded and Handicapped                 F/P: large quantities
Pleasanton                             3733 San Pablo Dam Rd.
925-485-1279                           El Sobrante                                                                       Eco Media Recycling Center                510-758-1441                                                                      800-959-5156 x236
F/D: asphalt, brick, concrete,         D: CDs                                                                            M: audio/video tapes
gravel                                                                                                                   Continued on next page...

                  = hazardous product; please recycle/dispose of properly        B= Buyback, D = Drop-off, F= Fee, M = Mail-in Program, P=Pickup
               Listings in this directory are sorted alphabetically by city/community name.   Call first to verify acceptance of materials and hours.

                                                                          AUDIO & VIDEO TAPES,                    BATTERIES - AUTOMOTIVE                                                              BATTERIES - HOUSEHOLD
                                                                          RECORDS/LPs, CDs,                                                                                                           & RECHARGEABLE
                                                                          DISKETTES & SOFTWARE                    See: Drop-off Recycling, page 4          Contra Costa Battery Service
                                                                                                                  Used Oil Recycling, page 8               2170 Commerce Ave., Suite N                Batteries contain harmful and
                                                                          - RECYCLE (CONT.)                                                                Concord                                    caustic materials. All disposable
                                                                                                                  Toxics Disposal, page 10
                                                                                                                                                           925-687-5700                               household batteries are
                                                                          Super Link Plastic                                                                                                          accepted at local Household
                                                                          Oakland                                 Interstate Battery                       F/D: call first
                                                                                                                  Call for affiliate drop-off locations     P: large quantities                        Hazardous Waste Facilities.
                                                                                    707-748-7122                                                                        See: Toxics Disposal, page 10
                                                                          B/D/F/P: CDs; large                         Four Corners 76
                                                                          quantities - call first                                                           2025 Monument Blvd.                        Interstate Battery
                                                                                                                  Orchard Supply Hardware                  Concord                                    Call for affiliate household
                                                                          MBA Polymers                            See phone book or website for            925-682-3142                               & computer battery drop-off
                                                                          Richmond                                nearest locations                        F/D                                        locations
                                                                          510-231-9031                                                                                           707-748-7122
                                                                                     F/D                                      Kragen Auto Parts                
                                                                          F/P: CDs; large quantities                                                       1775 Willow Pass Rd.
                                                                                                                  Napa Auto Parts & Auto Care              Concord                                    Rechargeable Battery Recycling
                                                                          Computer Recycling Center               801 Sunset Dr.                           925-798-1181                               Corp.
                                                                          1517 North Point # 525                  Antioch                                  F/D                                        Call or visit website for nearest
                                                                          Sunnyvale                               925-757-3590                                                                        rechargeable battery drop-off

                                                                          888-8-UsedPC                            F/D                                      Kragen Auto Parts                          locations
                                                                                                                                      4375-B Clayton Rd.                         800-822-8837
                                                                          F/D: diskettes                          Bethel Harbor                            Concord                          
                                                                                                                  Bethel Island                            925-798-6644
                                                                          Polymer Recovery Services               925-684-2141                             F/D                                        Philip Services
                                                                          Santa Clara                                                                                   Benicia
                                                                          408-748-9715                            D: boat batteries; harbor                Danville Auto Parts & Accessories          877-748-3040
                                                                          F/P: CDs; large quantities              customers only                           551 San Ramon Valley Blvd.       
                                                                                                                                                           Danville                                   F/P: large quantities
                                                                          G.B. Industrial                         Car Quest                                925-837-5523
                                                                          Union City                              Cowell & Galindo Streets                 F/D                                        Brentwood Ace Hardware
       Recycling Hotline (800) 750-4096

                                                                          510-489-0881                            Concord                                                                             8900 Brentwood Blvd., Ste. J
                                                                          B/D/F/P: CDs/laser disks; large         925-687-3150                             Diablo Valley Auto Supply                  Brentwood
                                                                          quantities - call first                  F/D                                      3393 Mt. Diablo Blvd.                      925-634-3201
                                                                                                                                                           Lafayette                                  D: rechargeable only
                                                                          BABY ITEMS & FURNITURE - REUSE                                                   F/D                                        Bill’s Ace Hardware
                                                                          See: Thrift Stores, page 6                                                                                                  4451 Clayton Rd.
                                                                                                                 Bay Area Rescue Mission                   Lauritzen Yacht Harbor                     Concord
                                                                          Birthright International               123 MacDonald Ave.                        Oakley                                     925-825-4100
                                                                          2924 Clayton Rd., Ste. C               Richmond                                  925-757-1916                     
                                                                          Concord                                510-215-4887                                             hardware/concord.htm
                                                                          925-798-7227                                      D: boat batteries; harbor                  D: rechargeable only
                                                                                     D/P                                       customers only
                                                                          D: no furniture                                                                                                             Pastime Hardware
                                                                                                                 Agape Villages, Inc.                      Kragen Auto Parts                          10057 San Pablo Ave.
                                                                          Snickerdoodles                         3160 Crow Canyon Pl., Ste. 120            399 E. Leland Rd.                          El Cerrito
                                                                          442 Hartz Ave.                         San Ramon                                 Pittsburg                                  510-526-6615
                                                                          Danville                               925-866-3020                              925-439-1366                               D: rechargeable only
                                                                          925-820-4956                                      F/D
                                    CONTRA COSTA COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE

                                                                          Consignment                            D                                                                                    AERC Recycling Solutions
                                                                                                                                                                                                      30677 Huntwood Ave.
                                                                          Darla’s Baby Boutique                                                                                                       Hayward
                                                                          10400 San Pablo Ave.                                                                                                        510-429-1129
                                                                          El Cerrito
                                                                                                                   RECHARGEABLE BATTERY RECYCLING                                           
                                                                                                                                                                                                      F/D/P: large quantities
                                                                          B                                       Rechargeable batteries are typically found in cordless phones, power
                                                                                                                  tools and laptops. Types include: lithium ion. nickel metal hybrid,                 RecycLights West
                                                                          They Grow So Fast                       NiCad and small sealed lead-acid batteries.                                         Hayward
                                                                          3413 Mt. Diablo Blvd.                                                                                                       800-884-8982
                                                                          Lafayette                               In addition to the business listed to the right, the following retailers  
                                                                          925-283-8976                            accept rechargeable batteries free of charge - see phone book for                   F/D/P: large quantities; call first
                                                                          Consignment                             nearest locations. When visiting these locations, drop-off batteries at
                                                                                                                  Customer Service areas:                                                             Arlington Ace Hardware
                                                                          Children’s Hospital - Volunteer                                                                                             303 Arlington Ave.
                                                                          Services                                Best Buy (                            Kensington
                                                                          Oakland                                 Recycling.asp)                                                                      510-525-2222
                                                                          510-428-3471                                                                                                                D: rechargeable only
                                                                       Orchard Supply Hardware (
                                                                          ways_give.html                                                                                                              Bill’s Ace Hardware
                                                                          D/M: no furniture; call first            Radio Shack (                                                    3610 Pacheco Blvd.
                                                                                                                  Staples (                                             Don't         925-228-6135
                                                                                                                  Target (                                               in the        hardware/martinez.htm
                                                                                                                                                                                       garbage.       D: rechargeable only
                                                                                                                  Verizon (
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Continued on next page...

                       16                                                              = hazardous product; please recycle/dispose of properly       B= Buyback, D = Drop-off, F= Fee, M = Mail-in Program, P=Pickup
                                                                                    Listings in this directory are sorted alphabetically by city/community name.   For more listings & current info visit
                                        BOOKS - REUSE

                                                                                                                                                                                                     A-Z DIRECTORY
& RECHARGEABLE (CONT.)                   See: Thrift Stores, page 6               Bonanza Street Books                    VintageTech E-Waste Recycling
                                                                                  5433 D Clayton Rd.                      2442 Research Dr.
Safety Kleen                             Books must be in good                    Clayton                                 Livermore
Oakland                                  condition. Call to verify                925-673-3325                            925-371-1050
510-832-7942                             acceptance of the specific                               type of books you would like             B: call first                            D: computer related books
F/P: large quantities                    to donate.                                                                       P: large quantities
                                                                                  Birthright International
Bill’s Ace Hardware                      Books & Books                            2924 Clayton Rd., Ste. C                Sheila A. Grilli Bookseller
1530 Contra Costa Blvd.                  2329 Buchanan Rd.                        Concord                                 610 Ferry St.
Pleasant Hill                            Antioch                                  925-798-7227                            Martinez
925-682-5000                             925-778-4310                                         925-228-6422
D: rechargeable only                     D/B/P                                    D: children’s only                      B: hardcover books; call for
Whale Point Marine & Hardware            Sports4Kids Swap Shop                    Books for the Barrios
205 Cutting Blvd.                        2095 Rose St.                            2350 Whitman Rd., Ste. D                Global Book Exchange
Richmond                                 Berkeley                                 Concord                                 821 State Access Rd. -
510-233-1988                             510-868-1591                             925-687-7701                            Hamilton Field                          Novato
D: rechargeable and single use           P/D: sports books                        D: call for limitations

household                                                                         P: large quantities           
                                                                                                                          D: limited types; call for details
                                                                                  Down Home Music                         F: large quantities
BICYCLES - REUSE                                                                  10341 San Pablo Ave.
                                                                                  El Cerrito                              Oakland Technology Exchange
Must be in working condition with       Cyclepath                                 510-525-2129
all parts/pieces to be suitable for                                                                                       - West (OTX-West)
                                        22510 Foothill Blvd.                               1680 14th St.
reuse, unless otherwise noted.          Hayward                                   B: music books                          Oakland
                                        510-881-5177                                                                      510-893-4822
John’s Bicycles                                 Hackenberg Booksellers
1139 E. 18th St.                                                                                                
                                        D: bikes & parts in any condition         1614 Kearney St.

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Recycling Hotline (800) 750-4096
Antioch                                                                                                                   D/P: computer books
                                                                                  El Cerrito
925-757-0321                            Trips for Kids / The Re-Cyclery           510-234-3214
B                                                                                                                         Bay Area Rescue Mission
                                        610 4th St.                                          123 MacDonald Ave.
                                        San Rafael                                B: limited acceptance; call first        Richmond
Karim Cycle                             415-458-2986
2800 Telegraph Ave.                                                                                                       510-215-4887
                                                    Wonderland Books              
Berkeley                                D: bicycles, bike parts,                  7511 Fairmount
510-849-4004                                                                                                              D/P
                                        accessories                               El Cerrito                                                                 510-528-8475
D: bicycles, bike parts/                                                                                                  Kaiser Permanente Medical
                                        Agape Villages, Inc.                           Center
accessories                             3160 Crow Canyon Pl., Ste. 120            B/D                                     901 Nevin Ave.
                                        San Ramon                                 P: large quantities                     Richmond
Missing Link                            925-866-3020
1961 Shattuck Ave.                                                                                                        510-307-2539
                                                   VA Outpatient Clinic                    D: children’s books
Berkeley                                D                                         4951 Arroyo Rd.
510-843-4763                                                                      Livermore                                                                                                       SCRAP - Scroungers’ Center
                                                                                  925-373-4700 x35359                     for Reusable Art Parts
B/D: bicycles, bike parts/                                                        D: current books
accessories                                                                                                               San Francisco

                                                                                                                                                               CONTRA COSTA COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE
Recycles Bike Shop
3120 Sacramento St.
                                          DONATE BOOKS TO LOCAL LIBRARIES                                       
                                                                                                                          D: call first
Berkeley                                Many Friends of the Library groups accept donated books.                          P: large quantities
510-665-1889                            In most cases they DO NOT accept textbooks and Reader’s
B/D: bicycles, bike parts; call first                                                                                      RAFT - Resource Area for
                                        Digest Condensed books in other cases they do not accept                          Teachers
P: large quantities
                                        encyclopedias or outdated computer books. Call your local                         1355 Ridder Park Dr.
Tinkers Workshop                        library or visit for more                     San Jose
1336 Channing Way                       information. The below libraries accept books:                                    408-451-1420
510-644-2577                              Antioch                                                                         D/P                   Bay Point
B/D/P: bicycles, bike parts/              Brentwood                                                                       DR3
accessories                               Clayton                                                                         San Leandro
                                          Concord                                                                         510-351-0520
El Sobrante Schwinn Cyclery               Crockett                                                              
5057 El Portal Dr.                        Danville                                                                        recycling/dr3.html
El Sobrante                               El Cerrito                                                                      D/P: call first
510-223-3440                              El Sobrante      Pinole
                                          Hercules         Pittsburg                                                      Agape Villages, Inc.
B: limited acceptance; call first          Kensington       Pleasant Hill                                                  3160 Crow Canyon Pl., Ste. 120
                                          Lafayette        Richmond                                                       San Ramon
                                          Martinez         San Pablo                                                      925-866-3020
                                          Moraga           San Ramon                                            
                                          Oakley           Walnut Creek                                                   D: children’s books
                                          Orinda           Ygnacio Valley
                                                                                                                          Continued on next page...

                   = hazardous product; please recycle/dispose of properly        B= Buyback, D = Drop-off, F= Fee, M = Mail-in Program, P=Pickup
                Listings in this directory are sorted alphabetically by city/community name.   Call first to verify acceptance of materials and hours.
                                                                          BOOKS - REUSE (CONT.)                  BUILDING MATERIALS - REUSE                                                          CARDBOARD

                                                                          Bay Books                              Donating and/or buying used        C & K Salvage                                    See:
                                                                          2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd. #3         building materials is an important 718 Douglas Ave.                                 Curbside Recycling, page 2
                                                                          San Ramon                              way to conserve resources.         Oakland                                          Drop-off Recycling, page 4
                                                                          925-855-1524                                                              510-569-2070                                     Paper - Recycle,
                                                                                       See: Drywall/Sheetrock, page 22 B/D: lumber, plywood                                page 27
                                                                          B                                      The ReUse People of California     D: bathroom fixtures, doors,
                                                                                                                 Oakland                            hardware, brick, windows
                                                                          Bonanza Street Books                   888-588-9490
                                                                          1605 Bonanza St.                          ReStore
                                                                          Walnut Creek                           P: bathroom fixtures, doors,        9235 San Leandro Blvd.                            CARPET & PADDING
                                                                          925-932-2466                           windows, hardware, brick, tile/    Oakland                                           - REUSE
                                                                             masonry, toilets, sinks, lighting, 510-777-1447
                                                                          B: call first                                                                             Only clean carpet and/or
                                                                                                                 lumber, ironwork, cabinets                                                          padding in good condition is
                                                                                                                                                    D/P: bathroom fixtures, doors,
                                                                          Cornucopia                                                                windows, hardware, toilets,                      suitable for reuse, otherwise
                                                                                                                 Ohmega Salvage                                                                      see next section on page 19.
                                                                          1444 Main St.                          2407 San Pablo Ave.                sinks, lighting, lumber, ironwork,
                                                                          Walnut Creek                           Berkeley                           cabinets, insulation
                                                                          925-256-4486                                                                                                               The ReUse People of
                                                                                                                 510-843-7368                                                                        California
                                                                                  Building Resources
                                                                          D/Consignment                                                             701 Amador St.                                   Oakland
                                                                                                                 B/D: pre-1960’s sinks, toilets,

                                                                                                                                                    San Francisco                                    888-588-9490
                                                                                                                 hardware, doors, windows,                                                 
                                                                          Diablo Books                           bathtubs, bricks                   415- 285-7814
                                                                          1831 Ygnacio Valley Rd.                                                                 P: usable carpet & padding
                                                                          Walnut Creek                           The Sink Factory                   B/D: call for details
                                                                          925-943-2400                                                                                                               Urban Ore
                                                                                                                 2140 San Pablo Ave.                                                                 7th St. & Ashby Ave.
                                                                                    Berkeley                           Caldwell Building Resource
                                                                          D/B                                                                       Center                                           Berkeley
                                                                                                                 510-540-8193                                                                        510-841-SAVE
                                                                          P: large quantities                          195 Bayshore Blvd.
                                                                                                                                                    San Francisco                          
                                                                                                                 B/D: bathtubs, sinks, toilets,                                                      D: usable carpet/padding
                                                                          Hooked on Books                        bathroom/kitchen fixtures           415-550-6777
                                                                          1956 Tice Valley Blvd.                                          
       Recycling Hotline (800) 750-4096

                                                                          Walnut Creek                                                              B/D: brick, tile, masonry, ironwork,             SCRAP - Scroungers’ Center
                                                                                                                 Tinkers Workshop                                                                    for Reusable Art Parts
                                                                          925-933-1025                           1336 Channing Way                  doors, windows, fixtures, lumber
                                                                          B                                                                                                                          San Francisco
                                                                                                                 Berkeley                                                                            415-647-1746
                                                                                                                 510-644-2577                       This & That Used Building
                                                                          BOOKS - RECYCLE                                                                           D: call first
                                                                                                                 B/D: building materials & fixtures  1701 Rumrill Blvd.
                                                                          See:                                                                      San Pablo                                        P: large quantities
                                                                          Drop-off Recycling, page 4             Urban Ore                          510-232-1273
                                                                          Paper – Recycle, page 27                                                  B/D/P: bathroom                                  RAFT - Resource Area for
                                                                                                                 7th St. & Ashby Ave.                                                                Teachers
                                                                                                                 Berkeley                           fixtures, doors,
                                                                                                                                                    windows, hardware,                               1355 Ridder Park Dr.
                                                                          BUCKETS & DRUMS                          brick, tile/masonry,                             San Jose
                                                                                                                                                    toilets, sinks, lighting,                        408-451-1420
                                                                          Materials Reuse                        B/D: bathroom fixtures, doors,                                             
                                                                                                                 windows, hardware, brick, tile/    lumber, ironwork,
                                                                          Oakland                                                                   cabinets                                         D/P
                                                                          510-435-8988                           masonry, toilets, sinks, lighting,
                                                                          B/F/P: plastic drums/buckets;          lumber, ironwork, cabinets                                                          Reusable Lumber
                                                                                                                                                    Reusable Lumber
                                                                          large quantities                                                          Woodside                                         Woodside
                                                                                                                 Armstrong World Industries                                                          650-529-9122
                                                                                                                 Burlingame                         650-529-9122
                                                                          Super Link Plastic                                                                                               
                                    CONTRA COSTA COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE

                                                                          Oakland                                                                   P: doors, lumber, windows, tile/                 P: usable carpet/padding
                                                                                                                 environmental/                     masonry, bricks
                                                                          B/D/F/P: buckets; large                F/P: ceiling tiles
                                                                          quantities - call first

                                                                          Amigo Environmental, Inc.                                             WHAT IS GREEN BUILDING?
                                                                          740 Market Ave.                        Buildings have a significant impact on the environment – during the construction and life of each building.
                                                                          Richmond                               Environmentally conscious "green buildings" provide benefits to home builders, homeowners and the
                                                                          800-995-7714                           environment by reducing resource consumption and improving livability. Green buildings use recycled-
                                                                             content building materials (e.g. recycled newspaper insulation & recycled plastic lumber), techniques to
                                                                          D: plastic drums, buckets,             reduce energy and water consumption (e.g. more insulation in walls & drip irrigation), techniques to reduce
                                                                          toters                                 hazardous chemicals in and around the house (e.g. low Volatile Organic Compounds paints & formaldehyde
                                                                          P: large quantities                    free particle board), and much more! Some studies show that children who attend green schools and
                                                                                                                 people who work in green buildings learn/work more efficiently.
                                                                          Myers Container
                                                                          2200 Central St.                       To learn more about green building, view the
                                                                          Richmond                               Green Building Guidelines for new construction
                                                                          800-272-6202                           and remodeling projects, and many other valuable
                                                                                 resources, by visiting the County’s Green Building
                                                                          D: metal drums                         Program website at
                                                                          F/P: large quantities                  For additional information, please call 925-335-1230 or
                                                                                                                 send us an e-mail at
                                                                                                                 If you have technical questions about green building practices, the Green Resource Center offers
                                                                                                                 free "Ask the Expert" green building consulting service to Bay Area residents. Please call
                                                                                                                 510-845-0472 or use the website ( to submit your questions.

                       18                                                             = hazardous product; please recycle/dispose of properly        B= Buyback, D = Drop-off, F= Fee, M = Mail-in Program, P=Pickup
                                                                                    Listings in this directory are sorted alphabetically by city/community name.   For more listings & current info visit

                                                                                                                                                                                                    A-Z DIRECTORY
& POLYURETHANE FOAM                     Clothing must be in clean,               Snickerdoodles                            Bay Area Rescue Mission
- RECYCLE                               wearable condition. See:                 442 Hartz Ave.                            123 MacDonald Ave.
                                        Thift Stores, page 6                     Danville                                  Richmond
See: Disposal Sites, page 12                                                     925-820-4956                              510-215-4887
Rainbow Recycling Center                If not wearable, see:                    Consignment: baby, children &   
2454 Vista Del Monte                    Fabric / Textiles, page 22               maternity                                 D/P
Concord                                 Campus California Teachers
925-825-9858                            Group (CCTG) – Gaia Action               Something Old - Something New             Contra Costa County Homeless
D: carpet padding/foam                  Call for locations of nearest            452 Hartz Ave.                            Program
P: commercial only                      drop-off boxes                           Danville                                  847-C Brookside Dr.
                                        510-932-3839                             925-838-4492                              Richmond
Sun’s Pad & Foam Recycling                                                       Consignment: women’s clothing             510-374-7950
2336 Stanwell Cir., Ste D               The Princess Project                     & accessories                             D
Concord                                 Visit website for drop-off
925-246-7990                            locations                                Community Assistance for the              Emeezze Garment Recycling                415-269-6667                             Retarded and Handicapped                  and Rags
D: carpet padding/foam                          3733 San Pablo Dam Rd.                    3449 Collins Ave.
P: commercial only                      D in February: formal dresses,           El Sobrante                               Richmond
                                        accessories                              510-758-1441                              510-860-3233
Bob’s Foam Factory                                                               D                                         D/P: call first

4055 Pestana Pl.                        Wardrobe for Opportunity
Fremont                                 Visit website for drop-off               Leather Perfect                           Vintage Silhouettes
510-657-2420                            locations                                3622 Mt. Diablo Blvd.                     190 Parker Ave.                        510-463-4100                             Lafayette                                 Rodeo
D: polyurethane foam                                   925-283-5808                              510-245-2443
P: large quantities                     D: women’s professional                  Consignment: leather clothing   
                                        apparel, accessories                     only                                      D/B: vintage (pre-1970)
Material Recovery
1601 Dixon Landing Rd.                  Buffalo Exchange                         Rosie’s Upscale Consignment               SCRAP - Scroungers’ Center for
Milpitas                                2585 Telegraph Ave.                      1020 Brown Ave., Suite B                  Reusable Art Parts
408-741-3436                                                                     Lafayette                                 San Francisco

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Recycling Hotline (800) 750-4096
F/D/P: carpet/padding                   510-644-9202                             925-283-6540                              415-647-1746
                                                Consignment: women’s clothing   
DR3                                     B: current fashions                      & accessories                             D: costumes, hats, clothing
San Leandro                                                                                                                scraps; call first
510-351-0520                            Sports4Kids Swap Shop                    They Grow So Fast                         P: large quantities                   2095 Rose St.                            3413 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
recycling/dr3.html                      Berkeley                                 Lafayette                                 DR3
D: dry padding only; call first          510-868-1591                             925-283-8976                              San Leandro
P: large quantities                                 Consignment: children &                   510-351-0520
                                        P/D: sports clothing                     maternity only                  
Sunrise Pad & Foam                                                                                                         recycling/dr3.html
2781 Teagarden St.                      Almost New Boutique                      VA Outpatient Clinic                      D/P: large quantities; call first
San Leandro                             5400 Ygnacio Valley Rd.                  4951 Arroyo Rd.
510-352-9185                            Concord                                  Livermore                                 United Textile
B/D: carpet padding,                    925-672-0304                             925-373-4700x35359                        San Lorenzo
polyurethane foam                             D: men’s & women’s clothing               510-276-2288
P: large quantities                     Consignment                                                              
                                                                                 Contra Costa County Homeless              P: large quantities
Danny’s Padding & Foam                  Birthright International                 Program
                                                                                 1391 Shell Ave.                           Agape Villages, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                              CONTRA COSTA COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE
Recycling                               2924 Clayton Rd., Suite C
1745 Walsh Ave.                         Concord                                  Martinez                                  3160 Crow Canyon Pl., Ste 120
Santa Clara                             925-798-7227                             925-228-6920                              San Ramon
408-492-9033                                         D                                         925-866-3020
D: carpet padding, polyurethane         D: maternity & baby only                                                 
foam                                                                             Leah’s Closet                             D: children’s only
P: large quantities                     Books for the Barrios                    831 Main St.
                                        2350 Whitman Rd., Suite D                Martinez                                  Back to the Rack
                                        Concord                                  925-372-6700                              2217-C San Ramon Valley Blvd.
CHEMICALS & POISONS                     925-687-7701                             Consignment: women’s clothing             San Ramon
See: Toxics Disposal, page 10           D                                        Noodles for Kids                          Consignment: women’s current
                                        P: large quantities                      725 Main St.                              fashions, shoes & accessories
CHRISTMAS TREES                         Contra Costa County Homeless             925-372-5437                              Cherished Wedding Gowns by
Only natural, non-                      Program                                            Consignment
flocked trees can be                     2047-C Arnold Industrial Way             Consignment: children’s clothing          2635 N. Main St.
recycled. Ornaments                     Concord                                  only                                      Walnut Creek
& stands must be                        925-646-5094                                                                       925-280-0128
removed.                                D                                        Cheryl’s Closet                           Consignment: wedding gowns
                                                                                 21 Orinda Way, Suite E
See:                                    Willows Theatre                          Orinda                                    Main Street Rags
Curbside                                1425 Gasoline Alley                      925-254-4442                              1380 N. Main St.
Recycling, page 2                       Concord                                  Consignment: women’s only                 Walnut Creek
Disposal Sites, Page 12                 925-798-1824                                                                       925-943-1459
Wood & Yard Trimmings,                                                                     Consignment: women’s only
page 31                                 D: pre-1970’s; call first

                  = hazardous product; please recycle/dispose of properly         B= Buyback, D = Drop-off, F= Fee, M = Mail-in Program, P=Pickup
                Listings in this directory are sorted alphabetically by city/community name.   Call first to verify acceptance of materials and hours.