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					                                          COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO
                                                  DISABILITY ADVISORY COMMISSION
County Administration Center                                                                                                November 6,
700 H Street, Hearing Room1                                                                                                5:30 - 7:30p.m.
Sacramento, CA 95814                                                                                                        Tuesday
                                                         ACTION AGENDA
                                 DISABILITY ADVISORY COMMISSION
                                  700 H Street, Hearing Room One (1)
                                         Tuesday Nov 6, 2007
                                            5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
5:30 Call To Order and Introductions                                                                                     Joe Mendez
5:35 Approval Of The Minutes (10/07)                                                                                             ACTION
5:40 County Veterans Services                                                                   Jeff Pealer, Program Manager
6:00 WORK PLAN 2007                                                                                            Discussion/ACTION
   1. ADA Program Self Evaluation (Deferred)
   2. Emergency Preparedness/Evacuation of People with Disabilities (40 min.)
       Feedback Regarding Oct 13 Evacuation Exercise
       Recent Developments, Other Current Issues and Concerns
   3. County Web Accessibility (5 min)
   4. General Plan Update - Housing Element (Deferred)

6:45 Chair’s Report                                                                                                       Joe Mendez
6:50 Chief’s Report                                                                                          John Franklin
6:55 Ex-Officio Report(s)                                                                                    Ex-Officio Members
7:00 Subcommittee and Task Force Reports (Approx. 5 Minutes Each)
       Housing                                                                                                   Reggie Nelson
       Programs & Services Access                                                                                  Joe Mendez
       Physical Access                                                                                            Gene Lozano
       Human Services Coordinating Council (HSCC)                                                                   Leoma Lee
       First Five Commission                                                                                              Staff
7:25 Unfinished/New Business, Announcements                                                          Discussion/Information
7:30 Adjournment
The meeting facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities. Requests for documents in accessible formats, interpreting services, assistive
listening devices, or other accommodations should be made through the County Disability Compliance Office at (916) 874-7642 or 874-7647
(TTY/TDD), no later than five working days prior to the meeting. Anyone may address the Advisory Commission regarding any item that is
within the Commission's subject matter jurisdiction. However, the Commission may not take any action on this agenda except as authorized by
Government Code, Section 154954.3.
                               COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO
                                  DISABILITY ADVISORY COMMISSION
County Administration Center                                                        November 6,
700 H Street, Hearing Room1                                                        5:30 - 7:30p.m.
Sacramento, CA 95814                                                                Tuesday

         MEETING MINUTES FOR November 6, 2007
MEMBERS PRESENT: Joseph Mendez, Chair; David Mana-ay, Vice Chair; Linda Cook, Lois
Diamond, Pat Groff, Ex-Officio; Leoma Lee, Gene Lozano, Cheryl Martin, Reggie Nelson.
MEMBERS ABSENT: Paul Hahn, Ex-Officio (Excused); Randy Hicks (Excused), Daniel Kim,
Ex-Officio (Excused); Carl Mosher, Ex-Officio (Excused); Sam Seaton (Excused).

GUEST(S): Jeff Pealer, Veterans Services

STAFF: John Franklin and Cheryl Bennett, Disability Compliance Office; Angelene and Vicky,
ASL Interpreters.

AGENDA ITEM               DISCUSSION/RECOMMENDATIONS                           ACTION/NEXT
Call to Order and    The meeting was called to order at 5:32 with a quorum   Those present
Introductions        present.                                                introduced
Approval of the      The Chair called for the approval of the October 2007   M/S (Lee/Martin) to
Minutes              minutes.                                                approve the October
                                                                             2007 minutes as
                                                                             Approved, one
County Veterans      Jeff Pealer gave an overview of the history of the      Information only.
Services Program     county’s Veterans Services. Veterans Services is
                     responsible for providing benefit entitlement
                     determinations, claim development, claim filing,
                     advocacy, and case management services to the
                     veterans’ population of Sacramento County. About
                     90% of all Viet Nam veterans are presumed to have
                     disabilities connected to exposure to Agent Orange.
                     An emerging concern is the large numbers of veterans
                     returning from Iraq with mental health issues. David
                     Mana-ay noted that many veterans in Sacramento
                     County apply for county services that should be
                     provided by the Federal government through Veterans
                     Affairs. Mr. Pealer noted that Veterans Services is
                     always seeking ways to improve referral services. Mr.
                     Mana-ay offered the DAC’s assistance.
WORKPLAN             This item was deferred.
County-wide ADA
Program Self
                               COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO
                                   DISABILITY ADVISORY COMMISSION
County Administration Center                                                            November 6,
700 H Street, Hearing Room1                                                            5:30 - 7:30p.m.
Sacramento, CA 95814                                                                    Tuesday
AGENDA ITEM               DISCUSSION/RECOMMENDATIONS                               ACTION/NEXT
WORKPLAN             Members who participated in the October 13 disaster
2007: Emergency      drill provided feedback on their experiences. Cheryl
Preparedness and     Bennett noted that Regional Corps Council staff is
Evacuation of        interested in the DAC’s input. Members agreed to
Persons with         send their top three concerns through Ms. Bennett to        MOTION: M/S (Mana-
Disabilities         compile into a formal response to the request.              ay/Lozano) to submit
During Disaster      Staff announced that the California Department of           a letter stating DAC
                     Social Services (CDSS) Disaster Services Section is         concerns, with copy
                     sponsoring a pilot program with Sacramento and ten          to Chief Martinez.
                     other counties to develop an annex to the existing          Approved
                     mass care and shelter plan that addresses the needs         unanimously.
                     of people with disabilities, elders, and other vulnerable
                     populations. Members expressed concerns about
                     having a separate plan and wanted to ensure that this
                     does not mean separate facilities for people with
                     disabilities. In additions to concerns about
                     segregation, they also wanted to ensure that people
                     with disabilities would not be separated from their
                     families, caregivers or service animals.
WORKPLAN             This item was deferred.
General Plan
Update – Housing
WORKPLAN             This item was deferred to a future agenda.                  The Disability
2007:                                                                            Compliance Office
County Web                                                                       and the Web
Accessibility                                                                    Accessibility
                                                                                 Workgroup will
                                                                                 continue to work on
                                                                                 these issues and
                                                                                 report back to the
Chair’s Report       Joe Mendez announced that the December DAC                  Information Only.
                     Agenda was canceled, but that the annual holiday
                     recognition dinner would be held in its place at the
                     regular meeting time. The Executive Committee will
                     meet with the Chiefs of Staff on November 8.
Chief’s Report       John Franklin deferred his remarks in the interest of
Housing              The Housing Subcommittee is preparing written               Next meeting
Subcommittee         comments to the Multi Family Design Guidelines.             November 7, 2007,
Report                                                                           2:30–4:00 p.m.,
                                                                                 Hearing Room 1.
Programs and         The Subcommittee had a presentation in October from         Next meeting
                               COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO
                                   DISABILITY ADVISORY COMMISSION
County Administration Center                                                            November 6,
700 H Street, Hearing Room1                                                            5:30 - 7:30p.m.
Sacramento, CA 95814                                                                    Tuesday
AGENDA ITEM               DISCUSSION/RECOMMENDATIONS                              ACTION/NEXT
Services Access      the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency              November 13, 2007.
Subcommittee         (SETA) who is participating in the county’s ADA
Report               Program Self Evaluation survey.
Physical Access      The Subcommittee has been working with Facilities          Next meeting
Subcommittee         Planning staff to provide input on some planned            November 27, 2007
Report               access improvements to 700 H Street. The November          from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
                     meeting will be held on the 27 instead of the 20th to
                     avoid conflicts with the Thanksgiving holiday.
Ex-Officio           Pat Groff announced his retirement in March 2008.          M/S (Lozano/Mana-
Report(s)            He stated how much he has enjoyed serving as a DAC         ay) to prepare
                     Ex-Officio member and has learned a great deal from        correspondence to
                     the DAC’s membership.                                      the Board of
                                                                                Supervisors to
                                                                                commend Mr. Groff
                                                                                for extraordinary
                                                                                service. Approved
Human Services       David Mana-ay asked about the status of Leoma Lee’s        Next HSCC meeting
Coordinating         appointment, as he is terming out from the HSCC.           November 9, 2007
Council (HSCC)       Staff will again follow up with HSCC staff and the         from noon to 1:30
Report               Board of Supervisors’ staff. Mr. Mana-ay expressed         p.m. Next Emergency
                     serious concern over repeated attempts of an HSCC          Prep Subcommittee
                     member to dismantle the Emergency Preparedness             will not meet in
                     Subcommittee. This member’s opinion is that the            November due to the
                     HSCC’s time is better spent evaluating the needs of        Thanksgiving
                     “regular people” as opposed to people with disabilities.   holiday.
                     The HSCC will vote on the Subcommittee remaining
                     on its Work Plan for 2008 at their December meeting.
First 5 Advisory     Staff provided an update. Members questioned the
Committee            value of a monthly report back. While they agreed that
                     Ms. West’s representation of the DAC was important
                     to ensure consideration of disability issues, they asked
                     that staff report only on First 5 issues relevant to the
                     DAC or disability community.
Unfinished/New       The regularly scheduled January meeting falls on
Business,            Tuesday January 1, a holiday. It was agreed by
Announcements        consensus to hold the January meeting on
                     Wednesday, January 2 at the regularly scheduled
Adjournment          The meeting was adjourned at 7:28.                         Next meeting
                                                                                November 6, 2007 at
                                                                                5:30 p.m.