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1. Please consult your doctors on any and all issues regarding your pregnancy. Although this information
may be good for general pregnancy tips. Every pregnancy is different and each deserves the attention of a

2. The member is solely responsible for all details provided and should be true to the best of members

3. This information collated by UnitedHealthcare India, is presented for public knowledge. It should in no way
be construed as legally binding on UnitedHealthcare.

4. When visiting our website your web browser may produce pop up advertisement, these ads were more
likely produced by other website you visited or by third party software installed on your computer.

5. The services provided by you under this program are empanelled under UHCI, however UHCI does not
take responsibility on the outcome of the medical visits.

6. Under this program a diet plan/ exercise plan may be recommended to you, you are advised to use your
discretion or consult your doctor before implementing the same. However UHCI does not take any
responsibility of its outcome.

7. UHCI shall not be liable to compensate you for any adverse medical results or complications.

8. Service providers under this program cannot be changed and incase you would want to discontinue;
UHCI will not be liable to refund the amount payable.

9. All medical information provided in the literature is compiled from various sources, however you are
requested to verify the same with your doctor.

10. This program is non transferable.