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									                        2009 EPICS National Conference Agenda

                                    Monday, August 3, 2009
                                           Preconference Workshop:                            Preconference Workshop:
                                             CREATING AN EPICS PROGRAM                  (DE)CONSTRUCTING THE BOXES WE WISH
                                                   Meeting Room 6B                        STUDENTS WOULD THINK OUTSIDE OF
                                     Led by EPICS Director, Bill Oakes, and Purdue             Meeting Room Austin Suite
                                          EPICS Academic Administrator, Carla            How can we foster environments in which
                                          Zoltowski, this preconference session       engineering students can actually be creative?
                                       provides information, tools, and resources      Entreaties to “Think outside of the ‘Box’” are
                                        needed to get an EPICS program up and               meaningless without first addressing
8:30 -                                  going. Topics such as course/curriculum,        fundamental questions: What is the “Box”?
12:00     UT-Austin Lab Tour              capstone courses, entrepreneurship,         What is “outside” it? In this workshop we will
  p                                      partnerships, institutional support, and     explore both the “inside” and the “outside” of
                                        assessment, evaluation will be covered.         the personal and institutional “boxes” that
                                        Attendees will leave with a binder full of         constrain creativity and consider their
                                        information related to implementing an        implications for the teacher, the student, and
                                      EPICS program as well as knowledge on the         collaborative endeavors. We will construct
                                      steps needed to get going on bringing EPICS      physical representations of these “boxes” to
                                                   to their institution.                 take away as icons to guide our efforts to
                                                                                      reshape engineering curricula and foster truly
                                                                                            creative educational environments.

12:00 -                       Academic Day Forum Lunch and Keynote: Ray Almgren,
1:00 p                     Vice President of Academic Relations for National Instruments

                                                                                  EPICS Session 1 – Design
                                                                                        Meeting Room 6B
1:30 -                                                        This session focuses on Design and will explore ways to successfully
                 Academic Day Forum                           guide your students through the many pitfalls of the design phase of
2:30 p                                                      their projects. The process of successful design needs to foster creativity
                                                            and teach students that failure can be just as valuable as success when it
                                                                                         comes to design.

                                                                                 EPICS Session 2 - Global I
                                                                                          Meeting Room 6B
                                                              The Global I session will look at how service-learning is currently being
                                                             implemented in an international context by looking at case studies and
2:45 -                                                       programs that are reaching beyond the USA’s borders. The session will
                 Academic Day Forum                            explore ideas on how to integrate an international component to the
3:45 p                                                          classic EPICS framework, how to extend service-learning efforts in
                                                              engineering to include long-term partnerships with non-governmental
                                                              organizations, operating in developing countries. Participants will also
                                                                 look at a case-study that investigates ways to incorporate design
                                                                    education and entrepreneurship through design projects.

                                                                       EPICS Session 3 - Project Based Learning
                                                                                         Meeting Room 6B
4:00 -                                                        The Project-Based Learning session will explore the assessment and
                 Academic Day Forum                         impact of Project-Based Service-Learning in engineering education. With
5:00 p                                                       the recent increase in service-learning and project-based learning, it is
                                                            evident there is a significant impact in the way students learn, and this is
                                                             an emergent opportunity to increase the interest in engineering fields.

5:00 –
                                Conference Poster Session + Happy Hour in Expo Hall
6:30 p

7:00 –                     EPICS Networking Dinners (Included in Conference Registration)
8:30 p        Sign up at registration table and join your colleagues during this networking opportunity.
                                                  Tuesday, August 4, 2009
 8:30 -                                                        NI Week Kick-off Keynote
10:00 a   Join Dr. James Truchard, CEO of National Instruments and co-inventor of the award-winning LabVIEW graphical programming software,
            as he discusses the benefits of graphical system design and how this approach is helping engineers and scientists change the world.

10:30 -                 EPICS Session 4 – Research                                      EPICS Session 5 - Early EPICS Programs
11:30 a                 Meeting Room Ballroom B                                               Meeting Room Ballroom C
            The Research session will highlight the effects of service          The Early EPICS Session will take a look at how the early years of
             learning on engineering education and how active civic         implementing EPICS programs are weathered. Individuals from several
           engagement is becoming a popular way to engage students          new EPICS sites will discuss what to expect from the program, projects,
                      and foster STEM career development.                    and the students. They will discuss lessons and tips and tricks they’ve
                                                                             learned that might help others wanting to implement EPICS. They will
                                                                              also explore some creative collaborations and how they can work in
                                                                                                           your favor.

11:30 -                                                 Lunch/Plenary – Ballroom C
12:45 p                          Thinking Globally, Acting Locally with Habitat for Humanity International
                                    Guest Speakers: Russ Griffith, U.S. Construction Specialist for HFHI &
                                     Kevin Gobble, Sustainable Building and Design Specialist for HFHI

1:00 -                 EPICS Session 6 – Assessment                                        EPICS Session 7 – Multidisciplinary
2:00 p                  Meeting Room Ballroom B                                                Meeting Room Ballroom C
           The Assessment session will focus on how to measure and                Students who participate in multidisciplinary teams have the
           document the learning and educational outcomes of your               opportunity to learn the value of knowledge and expertise from
                          service-learning program.                              disciplines other than their own while being able to contribute
                                                                             knowledge from their field. Multidisciplinary teams allow students to
                                                                             address a broad range of community needs while also exposing them
                                                                              to situations that mimic the type of teaming they will experience in
                                                                               their professional careers. This session will discuss the benefits to
                                                                              creating multidisciplinary learning opportunities as well as provide
                                                                                                      successful examples.

2:15 -     EPICS Session 8 – Curriculum                   EPICS Session 9 - First Year                    EPICS Session 10 - Seminar by
3:15 p      Meeting Room Ballroom B                              Experiences                                Cypress Semiconductors
            The Curriculum session will discuss           Meeting Room Ballroom C                          Meeting Room Austin Suite
           how an innovative curriculum can be         The first year experience will investigate       Cypress semiconductor, the leader in USB,
            used to the benefit of your program         ways to help merge design and service-          WUSB and PSoC technology, will present a
           and how to integrate service-learning       learning for first year students on a large    seminar on CyFi. CyFi is the marriage of WUSB
              to core engineering courses. The         scale. We will also discuss the benefits of     and PSoC making creation of wireless smart
           successful EPICS Purdue program will          using practicing engineers vs. TAs to         sense and control networks extremely easy,
            discuss its curriculum and Montana        improve course and project outcomes in a         allowing EPICS teams to concentrate on the
          State University will discuss how it uses      service-learning course for freshmen           sense and control part of a project, instead
             its curriculum to engage American                   engineering students.                 of working to get the wireless part to work.
               Indian students in engineering.

3:30 -                    EPICS Session 11 - K-12                                               EPICS Session 12 - Global II
4:30 p                   Meeting Room Ballroom B                                                Meeting Room Ballroom C
           The K-12 session will cover how EPICS and service-learning       The Global II session will look at current leaders in international service
          can be used in a K-12 setting to engage students in STEM and       learning and case studies of how international service-learning can be
           encourage them into engineering-related fields. There will            effective. It will discuss ideas for putting together the university
              also be a case study on how one K-12 organization is           oversight needed for international projects and building a network for
          embracing culture and technology, by honoring culture while       coordination of Service-Learning projects abroad. Case studies will look
               encouraging students to be technologically savvy.             at effective ways service-learning can be utilized in troubled areas and
                                                                                                         developing countries.

5:00 -
                                                               NIWeek Expo Block Party
7:30 p

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