EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING
                                  Tuesday, September 23, 2008
                                       9:30 – 11:00 A.M.
                                       EDUC ROOM 246

Present:        M. Ault, S. Coley, J. Deegan, J. Fiedler, V. Kohli, M. Moe, J. Millar, BJ Moore,
                R. Provencio
Absent:         J. Tarjan

Chair Deegan called the meeting to order at 9:33 a.m.


    -- Executive Committee Referrals:
        - (AAC/FAC) CARS, Renewal and Changes to Committee Composition
        - (FAC) Post Promotion Increases (PPI) at CSUB

    -- Joint Resolutions – Chair Deegan requested that the process for joint committee
       resolutions include the committee Chairs meeting prior to the Executive Committee
       meeting to determine the resolution language.


    The Minutes of September 9, 2008 were approved as amended. (J. Fiedler/V. Kohli)

            Page 3, Paragraph 3 -- DELETED

            Page 4, Last paragraph, amended as follows:

                 Action and follow-up: Chair Deegan will meet with the Provost to discuss the Academic
                 Program Review issues. It has been mandated that the Academic Senate renew, revise
                 or abandon this procedure by the 2009-2010 academic year.


    The Agenda was approved with the addition of the following discussion items:

    -   Shared Governance
    -   CSU International Program Representative


    A. Update on Searches


     B. Other Reports

           Report by Provost Coley --

           Stakeholders Meeting – The event took place on June 4, 2008 with 36 community
           leaders in attendance. President Mitchell invited to campus about 120 community
           leaders to engage in focused discussions regarding current and future trends in both
           their industries and the community as a whole. Action: The Summary Report on
           Community will be forwarded to the Academic Senate as an informational item.

           Over the summer, the data was analyzed and two reports prepared: The Summary
           Report on Community and an expanded report which can be found on the CSUB

           Accessibility Technology Initiative (ATI) - Three areas will be coordinated on campus:
              1)       Instruction
              2)       Management
              3)       Procurement and Web Accessibility

           The Academic Calendar was approved through 2008-2009 and now the WASC dates will
           need to be set for 2009/2010 and 2010/2011. Chair Deegan indicated that this should be
           a two-year cycle to coincide with the catalog.

           Fall Enrollment -- Jacquline Mimms, Associate Vice President of Enrollment
           Management, is currently working on a five-year enrollment plan and will report to the
           Executive Committee.

           Executive Order No. 970, Student Conduct Procedures -- These procedures are
           established pursuant to Section 41301 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations,
           designed to afford students due process, and the campus guidance to address student
           misconduct. Action: This item was referred to the Academic Affairs Committee.

           Meeting with President – The following agenda items will be discussed with the President
           on Wednesday, September 24:

               -- Administration and management of the University
               -- Process for Search Committees
               -- Training of Search Committee members



     A. Shared Governance

           Chair Deegan expressed concerns to Provost Coley that the process for the Interim Dean
           positions did not allow for proper feedback prior to the announcement of the appointments.

           M. Ault indicated that faculty feel disconnected from the entire search process. He suggested
           that instead of faculty receiving a notice from the President, that a collective decision be
           announced on behalf of the President, the Provost and the Executive Committee. This would
           help restore confidence in shared governance.

           M. Moe asked that the Senate consider and review how it is that task forces that are created
           outside of the Senate, report to the Senate. There is currently a task force item that is coming
           out of the Student Conduct Review.

           Action and follow-up: The issues related to Shared Governance will be discussed with
           the President on Wednesday, September 24, 2008.

     B. Committee Appointments

            Budget Advisory Committee –

            Two faculty representatives are needed on the Budget Advisory Committee. These
            appointments are made by the President in consultation with the Senate Executive
            Committee. The terms are for one-year to replace Peggy Leapley/Nursing and
            Mahmoud Suleman/Teacher Education.

            Following a brief discussion, the Executive Committee made their recommendations.
            Action: The recommendations will be forwarded to the President.

            Instructionally Related Activities Committee (IRA) –

            The Executive Committee appointed Kristine Holloway/Library AV and Joel
            Haney/Music as the two faculty representatives to the IRA Committee.

            All University Teacher Education Advisory Committee (TEAC) –

            There is currently a need for two NS&M faculty to serve on the TEAC Committee to
            replace Carl Kloock/Biology and Ted Weinheimer/Biology. Action: Chair Deegan will
            contact both Carl and Ted to ask for their interest in serving another two-year term.

            The Academic Senate Faculty Representative on TEAC will need to be appointed to
            replace Jacqueline Hughes/Education who has resigned as an Academic Senate
            member. The appointment will be made by the Executive Committee. Action: A call
            will go out to all Academic Senate members for their interest in serving on the TEAC

            Academic Petitions Committee –

            One BPA faculty representative needs to be appointed to the Academic Petitions
            Committee to serve a three-year term to begin immediately and expire in June 2011. It
            was the recommendation of the Executive Committee that the position of Associate
            Dean for Academic Programs, held by John Dirkse, be a member of this committee.
            Action: Chair Deegan will contact Michael Flanagan/Management & Marketing to ask if
            he would consider serving another three-year term.

            CSU International Program Representative

            Elizabeth Jackson/Communications has resigned from her position as CSUB International
            Programs representative to the Chancellor’s Office. Chair Deegan will contract Elizabeth
            Jackson for possible faculty interested in this position. The term of a Council member is three
            years and this term would start immediately. The new representative would also be a member
            of the CSU Faculty Affairs Committee. Action: A call will go out to all faculty for their interest
            in serving in this position.

     C. Recommendations for the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research

            Anne Duran/Psychology and Kathleen-Gilchrist/Nursing have been recommended as
            appointees to the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (IRB/HSR) for three-
            year terms, as members representing scientific concerns. They would serve the remainder of
            the terms held by Marianne Abramson/Psychology and Candace Meares/Nursing and then
            serve three-year terms.

           Action and follow-up: The recommendations were accepted by the Vice President of
           Academic Affairs and the Senate Executive Committee.

     D. DRAFT Honorary Doctorate Guidelines

           Action and follow-up: This item was referred to the Faculty Affairs Committee.

     E. Student Conduct Review

           Initial discussion of this issue took place with Summer Senate.

           BJ Moore stated that Recommendation One of the resolution asks to define the composition and
           guidelines of the Review Committee and that this was the issue before for the standing
           committees (AAC, AS&SS, FAC).

           Motion to Extend: J. Fielder moved to extend the discussion fifteen (15) minutes. Passed

           Action and follow-up: The Standing Committee Chairs will review the recommendation
           and draft a joint resolution to be placed on the October 2, 2008 Academic Senate agenda. A
           description of the committee membership will be included with the resolution.

     F. SOE and H&SS Dean Search Committee Recommendations

           Search committees are now being formed for the Dean of Education and the Dean of Humanities
           and Social Sciences, as outlined in the CSUB Handbook Section 309.8. The two schools will be
           asked to conduct elections for three (3) full-time tenured faculty members.

     G. CSU Faculty Trustee Nominees

            The Academic Senate CSU has requested that each campus begin the process for seeking
            nominees for Faculty Trustee. Nominating materials must be received by Monday, December
            15, 2008 and the Academic Senate CSU Faculty Trustee Recommending Committee will review
            campus nominations on January 21, 2009.

            The Academic Senate CSU Faculty Trustee Recommending Committee shall be composed of
            seven non-candidate faculty members. M. Ault indicated that five members were elected by the
            Academic Senate CSU at the last meeting and two members will be selected from local

            Action and follow-up: Chair Deegan to draft written procedures for the general faculty to
            nominate eligible nominees.

     H. Election Box in SCI III

            Action and follow-up: Rhonda Sallee, Mathematics Department Coordinator, Science
            III, will be contacted about placing an Academic Senate Ballot Box in her office.

     I.    Meeting dates for the Executive Committee and the President

            Chair Deegan is to meet with the President on Thursday, September 24 at 9:00 a.m. Meetings
            with him and the President have also been scheduled for the remainder of 2008-09. The
            attempt to schedule meetings with the President and the Executive Committee was
            unsuccessful. After a brief discussion, it was decided that the Executive Committee will meet as
            a group with the President tomorrow and possibly on the remaining scheduled dates.

7.     Comments from the Floor


Chair Deegan adjourned the meeting at 11:20 a.m.

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