Salt Lake County Council Agenda Item Request Form by tlc69476


									                                Salt Lake County Council
                               Agenda Item Request Form
                                                                Date Received
                                                                   (office use)

Date of Request                       4/22/2009

Requesting Council Members            Executive Committee

Requested Meeting Date1               5/5/2009

Topic/Discussion Title                Council Summer Intern Program

Description                           The Executive Committee has received three applications
                                      for summer internships with the council. In reviewing
                                      these applications, the question arose whether or not the
                                      council should still be funding the program, given the
                                      budget constraints. The conclusion was to forward the
                                      decision of whether or not to maintain the program to the
                                      Committee of the Whole for a determination.

Requested Action2                     Direction

Presenter(s)                          David Delquadro

Time Needed3                          5 Minutes

Time Sensitive4                       Yes

Specific Time(s)5                     N/A

Contact Name & Phone                  David Delquadro, (801) 468-3087

Potential Sub Committee/s             Executive Committee

  Not sooner than twelve (11) days from the date of this request, complete with all accompanying
documentation (e.g., proposed policy, presentation) – a full request to be submitted by Thursday of the
first week to be included on the agenda two Tuesdays later. This allows all Council members adequate
time to review and consider the materials.
  What you will ask the Council to do (e.g., discussion only, appropriate money, adopt policy/ordinance)
– in specific terms.
  Assumed to be 10 minutes unless otherwise specified.
  Urgency that the topic to scheduled on the requested date.
  If important to schedule at a specific time, list a few preferred times.

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