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					                                  Sample: Full Day Agenda

                 Sponsoring Agency Title
              Family, Friend, Neighbor Care
               Strategic Planning Meeting

                            Time: 7 – 8 hours

15 minutes   Welcome, Introductions and Charge                CCDF Administrator
             To the Committee                                 or Designee

15 minutes   Overview of the FFN Strategic Planning Process   Facilitator

10 minutes   Icebreaker                                       Committee Members

20 minutes   Overview of Local & National FFN Initiatives     Facilitator

20 minutes   Adopt Vision, Mission, Definitions               Committee Member

15 minutes   Presentation & Discussion of                     TBD
             State/Territory’s FFN Information

20 minutes   Member Interview Results                         Facilitator

60 minutes   Review of draft FFN key elements tool            Facilitator

60 minutes   Lunch Break

10 minutes   Review of Work to Date                           Facilitator
             and Afternoon’s Tasks

90 minutes   Goals Development                                Committee Members
             (Logic model development may be addressed
             as well, may need additional time)

90 minutes   FFN Strategy Development                         Committee Members

35 minutes   FFN Action Plan Development                      Committee Members

 5 minutes   Next Steps & Members’ Role                       CCDF Administrator