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Cyprus Medical Libraries Project


									Cyprus Medical Libraries Project

 • Health Sciences Library Collaboration
   – Electronic document delivery service
   – Web-based database of Cypriot medical
     research literature
                    Project Team
• University of Utah
  – Nancy Lombardo
     • Systems Librarian, Eccles Health Sciences Library
  – Kenning Arlitsch
     • Head of the Digitization Center, Marriott Library
  – Joan Gregory
     • Head of Technical Services, Eccles Health Sciences Library

• Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus
  – Andreas Savva
     • Medical Librarian, Nicosia General Hospital Health Sciences
             University of Utah
• Major research university located in Salt Lake
  City, Utah, U.S.A.
  – Student population - 26,000
• Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
  – NNLM Resource Library
  – 56,000 volumes, 1600 periodical subscriptions
• J. Willard Marriott Library
  – ARL member
  – 2 million volumes, 14,000 periodical subscriptions
     Cyprus Medical Libraries
• National medical libraries:
  – Nicosia General Hospital
     • 5000 books, 120 periodical subscriptions
     • One full-time trained medical librarian
  – Larnaca General Hospital
  – Limassol General Hospital
  – Paphos General Hospital
    Project Funding and Goals
• Grant proposal by Kenning and Andreas
  early 1998
• Funded for $15,000 (£10,000) by the
  Middle East Cancer Consortium (MECC)
  based in Haifa, Israel
• Two goals:
  – Electronic document delivery service
  – Database of medical research literature
    produced in Cyprus
 Literature Availability Problem
• Access to medical literature on Cyprus was
  very limited
• Very small library collections
• Often relied on individual physicians’
  journal subscriptions
• Existing interlibrary loan arrangements,
  when available, were slow and costly
   Document Delivery Solution
• Search Medline using PubMed
  – Order documents using Loansome Doc
• For items not indexed in Medline
  – Order through Eccles Library ILL Web forms
• Electronic delivery within 48 hours
  – Scanned TIFF files sent as email attachments
     • Imaging software, a standard accessory in MS
       Windows and NT
        Costs and Accounting
• For accountability, all requests are processed by
  – Funds for the service are a line item in his budget
  – Individual physicians could order directly; tracking
    funds would be difficult
  – Cyprus Medical Libraries have established a deposit
• Cost $5.00 per article found in the Eccles
  Library collection, $10.00 for referrals
 Local Medical Literature Problem
• Medical literature not collected or indexed:
  – Medical journals
  – Conference proceedings
  – Government documents
• Therefore medical literature was inaccessible
           Database Solution
• Collect and index existing literature:
  – Index materials in Eccles integrated library
    system (Horizon - epixtech)
     • Link MARC 856 field to PDF documents
  – Scan and store digital materials on Eccles
    Library Web site
• Documents are searchable via WebPAC
       Costs and Accounting
• Main costs involve labor
  – Scanning
  – Cataloging
• Student workers do most of the work
• University of Utah libraries are donating
  most of these costs
• Additional faculty assistance grant awarded
  to Joan Gregory at Eccles Library
     Project Summary to Date
• Document delivery service popular with
  Cypriot health professionals
  – Averaged 103 articles/month from March 1999-
    May 2000
  – Expanded service to Macedonia and Bulgaria
• Database growing at a steady rate
  – Nearly 500 PDF documents
        Call for Participation
• Document delivery aspect of the project is a
  model for international cooperation
  – Minimal effort by sponsoring library
  – Major impact on underdeveloped or
    underfunded library
  – Potential to improve quality of health care
           What’s Needed
• Internet Connectivity / Email
• PC with Win95 or higher or Mac with
  multi-page tiff viewer
• Printer
• Scanner at sponsoring library
• Motivated participants
         Contact Information
• Nancy Lombardo
• Kenning Arlitsch
• Cyprus Medical Libraries Project Web
• 8ICML Conference Proceedings includes a
  paper describing this project

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