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									Th e i nsTiTuTe’s mission                                     i n sTiTuTe for mATh emATi C s An d ed u CATi o n
                                                                                                                  Institute for
                                                                                                                  Mathematics &
                                                              department of mathematics
To support local, national, and                               university of Arizona

international projects in
                                                              Po Box 210089
                                                              Tucson, Arizona, 85721
mathematics education that focus                    
on both the mathematics and the
                                                              director – Joceline Lega
students, can be applied to current                           executive director – Guadalupe Lozano Terán

needs, build on existing                                      Assistant director – rebecca mcGraw
                                                              Program Coordinator – Teresa stovall
knowledge, and are grounded in                                intel math Program manager – Aubrey neihaus
                                                              Advisory Board Chair – William mcCallum
the work of educators.                                        Planning Group Chair – deborah hughes hallett

Th e i nsTiTuTe’s Vision

To build capacity for collaboration,
                                                                                                                  Building collaboration
store institutional knowledge                                                                                     among mathematicians,
about collaboration, and coordi-                                                                                  educators, and policy
                                                                                                                  makers since 2006.
nate the expertise of different
professional cultures to address a
critical concern of our time – the
mathematical education of future
scientists, engineers, workers,
citizens and leaders.

The institute for mathematics and education is                                        INSTITUTE FOR
partially supported by funds from the university of Arizona                           MATHEMATICS &
Provost’s research initiative fund, the College of science,                           EDUCATION                   The university of Arizona
and the College of education.                                                       College of science
A commitment to                                                 Innovative and                                                       The need has never
collaboration.                                                  engaging programs.                                                   been greater.

Because the problems of mathematics education cannot be         Ar i Zon A TeAC h er i n iTi ATi V e                                 mathematics is crucial for innovation in science, technology
solved by one group alone, we bring together participants                                                                            and engineering, competitiveness in a global workforce, and
                                                                developing a part-time three year master’s degree in
from communities that are sometimes worlds apart:                                                                                    informed participation in democratic government.
                                                                middle school mathematics Leadership for current elementary
mathematics departments, colleges of education, school
                                                                certified middle school mathematics teachers.                        Building the capacity to strengthen the mathematics learning
systems, government agencies, business, and commercial and
                                                                                                                                     of our youth is an urgent national priority. With widespread
nonprofit education organizations.
                                                                K n oWL ed Ge for TeAC h i n G mATh emATi C s                        agreement about the need, we have an unprecedented
                                                                Conducting research into the mathematical and pedagogical            opportunity to develop the human and intellectual resources
                                                                knowledge necessary for teaching secondary school.                   required to reach the goal of a high quality mathematics
                                                                                                                                     education for every student in our schools. IM&E is poised to
                                                                mAK i n G Con n eCTi on s                                            play a special role in bringing together the expertise needed to
                                                                                                                                     build this capacity.
                                                                developing models for collaboration between mathematicians,
                                                                mathematics educators, and teachers.                                 Deborah Loewenberg Ball
                                                                                                                                     dean, school of education, university of michigan
                                                                mATh C i rC L es
                                                                Promoting interactions between secondary school students
                                                                and mathematicians through weekly problem-solving sessions.

                                                                i nTeL ® mATh
                                                                Pairing mathematicians and mathematics educators to
When people from different parts of the mathematics             provide mathematics content-knowledge based professional
community – teachers, mathematicians, educators – work          development for K–8 teachers.
together doing mathematics, everyone benefits. In addition to
the mathematical experience, they learn about each other’s      Tu C son TeAC h ers’ C i rC L e
professions, cultures, and values.                              Bringing together teachers and university faculty members to
Al Cuoco                                                        engage in problem-solving and to share classroom experiences.
director, Center for mathematics education, edC
                                                                G-TeAms                                                              Th e i n sTiTuTe ’s r e s Po n s e

                                                                Pairing university of Arizona graduate students in the             • Collaboration among mathematicians, educators, and policy
                                                                mathematical sciences with K–12 mathematics teachers and             makers.
                                                                their students.                                                    • Policy retreats that advance the mathematics education of
                                                                                                                                     K–16 students.
                                                                                                                                   • short term residential programs for visiting scholars.
                                                                Programs supported by the National Science Foundation, The         • Workshops that challenge and inspire the mathematics and
                                                                University of Arizona, The Intel Foundation, and private donors.     education communities.

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