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									                                  Heriot Watt Racing Team
In this Newsletter:
Team Mission Statement
                              Our Teams Mission!
                              Hi welcome to the first monthly news letter of Heriot-Watt Racing!
Sponsor Section               As part of the IMechE organised Formula Student competition we are de-
                              signing and building a formula student racing car to enter in competition at
Competition Summary           Silverstone competing against other universities world wide.

Current Objectives

Current Team
                              RPM—Morgan Cars                                                         Russell Paterson
Date of next meeting          New Team Sponsor
                                                                                          RPM is the Number 1 best selling Morgan
Formula Student news          Heriot-Watt Racing has now obtained it’s first
                                                                                   dealership in Britain and has been working with
                              main team sponsor, who will be held as our Ti-
                                                                                   Morgan since 1977!
                              tle sponsor (HWR RPM).
Get In Touch!                 We will be working together to gain experience
                                                                                   Their passion and love for Morgan cars has meant
                              in competitive car racing and utilise transferable
                                                                                   that RPM have been involved in racing within the
                              skills to aid in the designing of our first ever
Team Contact:                                                                      Morgan British Racing Series and many other
                              Formula Student entry.                                                                      racing series.
                                                                                   Visit RPM in Perth for the very best Morgan car
Team Address:                                                                      selection available in Britain where you can be
Heriot-Watt Racing                                                                 sure of the highest quality service!
                              Bute House,
NS 1.38
                              Arran Road,
Mech Eng Department                                                                                                Contact:
                              Perth, H1 3DZ
EH14 4AS

                              •       What Is Formula Student & how can I get involved?
     Team News                Formula Student is a competition renowned world wide where teams of highly motivated and enthusi-
                              astic students design, build and race single seat race cars around Silverstone Race track.
New Logo Design
The remit is to design a      If you are interested in joining a brand new HWR team then get in touch or come along to one of the
new HWR logo, includ-         meetings!
ing the university tartan

Jock Clear
                              •      Competition Summary
We are currently in contact   Class 3 Entry: This consists of producing a paper based design, costing report and a presentation to
with Jock Clear, former                      the entire judging team including the FS Patron Ross Brawn!
HWU student, now with
Brawn F1 who may be
joining us as a honorary
member!                              Current Team Objectives                                                     Current Team
Carbon Fibre Chassis?
                              •      Currently: Setting up office layout and
What are the advantages                                                                                                      Management
                                                budgeting for buying in parts                                                   Board
and can it be used? The                                                                                                      2 x 4th years
                              •      2008-09: Initial Design stage and Team                                                  2 x 3rd years
Chassis team are going                                                                                                       1 x 2nd year
to look at this option!                                                                             Technical                                     Fiscal
                              •      2009-10: Entry into the 3rd Class cate                        Management

Full EPS Departmental                           gory
backing of the Formula        •      2010-11: Entry into Class 1 (dependent
Student project!                                on future position)                 Chassis and     Electrics
                                                                                                                  Suspension and      Costing    Marketing   Sponsorship
                                                                                   Brakes Design   Design Team     Drive Train         Team       Team          Team
                                                                                      Team                         Design Team

             Next meetings will take place: Friday 27th March & 3rd April, NS 1.38 (Mechanical Eng Crush Area).
                Meetings are normally held weekly on Friday afternoons at 2pm in the Formula Student Office.

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