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									  District Title 1 Staff
Geneva Neeriemer Director                               Bell Elementary                                          Fall, 2009 – 2010
                                                                                                                 Volume I, Issue I
Michele Schaich Lead Teacher                                Title I
Nancy Morgan Lead Teacher
 Anita Rhodarmer Secretary                       Family Involvement Newsletter
  Linda Metcalf Specialist
                                     What is Title 1?
                                     Title 1 is a Federal program that began in
                                     1965 under the Elementary and Secondary
                                     Education Act, currently No Child Left
                                     Behind. The intent of the law is to provide                 Title 1 Parent Advisory
Family Educational Rights and        a high-quality education for EVERY child                    Council Meeting
        Privacy Act Notice           especially to provide services to students
                                                                                                 November 4, 2009
                                     who are at risk of not meeting the state                    Central Office
 As a parent of a child in a Title 1
 school, you have the right to know
                                     academic standards. Title 1 funds are                       Board Auditorium
  the professional qualifications of directed at schools with high poverty                       9:00 AM
     the classroom teachers and      levels, which in Buncombe County are                        January 20, 2010, Snow
paraprofessionals who instruct your elementary schools with more than 40%                        date January 27, 2010
  child. Federal Law allows you to   free and reduced lunch participants.                        April 14, 2010, Alternate
  ask for this information from the                                                              date April 21, 2010.
   school’s principal. Contact the
  principal in writing if you wish to
      receive this information.
Information will be provided within
 one week of your written request.      Parent Information and Resources Center. (PIRC)
                                        What is it and how do I use it?
                                        It is North Carolina’s Parent Center of Exceptional Children’s Assistance
                                        Center. The website offers a variety of projects and services to meet the needs
                                        of all North Carolina parents, families, students, educators, and other
Charles C. Bell Elementary              professionals. It has 3 key education programs:
Title 1 Personal                            1) NC Parent Training and Information Center
                                            2) Parent Partners, a parent resources center
        Danielle DiAddezzio                 3) NC Family to Family Health Information Center.
         Rachel Boing
                                        The web address is www.ecac-parentcenter.org/education/pirc.htm
         Elizabeth Duncan
         Nancy Griffin
         Mimi Nes
         Kim Stuart
                                        Please watch for flyers and
                                        announcements that your child will     Reading Tips for Success
                                        be bringing home from school for           •   Read! Read! Read with you
                                        these events. Please contact                   student/students.
                                                                                   •   Establish routines at home.
                                        Carleene Finger if you have any            •   Set high expectations for your student to
                                        concerns or questions about the                do their best.
                                        Title 1 program at Bell. We wish           •   Support your students by attending
                                                                                       meetings. Let them know you think
                                        you a great school year!                       education is important.

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