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									                                                                                                    Volume 8, Number 1
                                                                                                         February 2009

                                                     A newsletter of the Support Staff Section
                                                     of the Wisconsin Library Association

  Catherine Phan
                                                 A GRATEFUL FISH
  University of Wisconsin-Madison                I am filled with gratitude as I        the May 2008
                                                 reflect back on my year as Chair of    conference, to
  Chair Elect                                    the WLA Support Staff Section.         get to chat a bit
  Jane Roisum                                    I’m thankful for the wonderful         with some of
  Fox Valley Technical College
  e-mail:                        folks I got to know and collaborate    you, and to see
                                                 with, for the chance to grow as a      your feedback
  Past Chair                                     professional, and for the              about the
  Danika Laine Morphew-Tarbuck
  Teaching Books                                 challenges that helped me to           conference on the evaluations. I
  e-mail:               develop and grow as a person and       only received a few email responses
                                                 a leader.                              during my time as Vice Chair and
  Secretary/Newsletter Editor
  Renee Miller                                                                          Chair, so I would like to encourage
  Winnefox Library System                        When I volunteered to join the         SSS members to speak up and
  e-mail:                    Support Staff Section, I was brand     email, write or call the SSS
  Director at Large (Academic)                   new to the field of library science,   leadership. Make a suggestion,
  Mary Hayden                                    in my first semester of library        volunteer some time, share your
  UW-Eau Claire McIntyre Library                 school, and mostly unaware of the      thoughts, etc. I hope you’ll initiate
                                                 complexities of our field. I am also   these types of communication with
  Director at Large (Public)                     an extremely shy person. So,           Catherine Phan, the 2009 Support
  Jennifer Williams                              joining the Support Staff Section      Staff Chair.
  Whitefish Bay Public Library
  e-mail:               as Vice Chair and then Chair was
                                                 definitely something that scared       I don’t want to push the fish out of
  WLA Liaison                                    me, a lot! Many times I felt like a    water metaphor too far, but I have
  Cynthia Wallace
  Winnefox Library System                        fish out of water.                     to say, I’m one thankful fish. And
  e-mail:                                                          now, I feel that I’m immersed and
                                                 Lucky for me, there was an             successfully swimming with the
                                                 amazingly fantastic, patient and       other fantastic people in the
Inside:                                          hardworking board (composed of         library field – so much of this is
2008 WLA Conference                              brilliant and creative women) who      due to my time as Chair of the
Highlights...........................   page 2   were ready to help me learn the        Support Staff Section. As I
                                                 ropes. I am hugely grateful to this    continued through library school,
2009 WLS-SSS Annual                              group!                                 there were lots of conversations
Conference.........................     page 3
                                                                                        about those with vs. those without
Tough Times.......................      page 4   I’m also thankful for the              an MLS degree. Degree or no
                                                 wonderful support staff members.
Library Workers’ Day.........           page 5   It was a pleasure to see you all at                    (continued on page 2)
(continued from on page 1)
                                 2008 WLA Annual Conference:
degree, we are all in this
field together and it is
                                 Building a Better Tomorrow
imperative that we continue      The 2008 annual WLA                 The Support Staff Section was
to explore how we define         conference brought over a           proud to sponsor a local author
our profession and our roles     thousand WLA members and            for the event. Erika Janik,
within it. I believe it is       friends to the Marriott Madison     writer and editor at the
essential that opportunities     West Hotel in Middleton last        Wisconsin Historical Society,
tailored to support staff,       November.                           gave a humorous and
such as the annual SSS                                               entertaining talk pulled from
professional development         Keynote speaker Dr. John J.         her book, Odd Wisconsin, on the
conference, continue to          Magnuson,                           strange stories that make up
exist.                           Zoology and                         Wisconsin history. Janik was a
                                 Limnology                           rousing success. Unfortunately,
If you agree, I encourage you    Emeritus                            the room was not large enough
to get more involved with        Professor of                        to fit all of the conference
the Support Staff Section.       the                                 attendees who wanted to hear
There are big and little ways    University                          her speak. There were people
you can contribute and great     of                                  sitting on the floor along the
people to work with along        Wisconsin-                          sides of the room as well as
the way.                         Madison,                            flowing out the door. The room
                                 began the                           roared with laughter throughout
You are essential to keeping     event with a presentation           Janik’s entertaining anecdotes.
this section active and alive.   addressing global and local
Maybe you’re shy like me,        climate change and his work on      The conference ended in
maybe you don’t know             the Nobel Peace Prize-winning       entertaining fashion. The
much about the profession,       Intergovernmental Panel on          Baraboo Bookers from Baraboo
maybe you have years of          Climate Change. The                 Public Library took first place in
experience, or maybe you’re      conference offered                  a battle against UW-Madison
busy and can only volunteer      presentations by featured           SLIS students in the WLA’s
a few hours of time to help      speakers such as Youth Services     inaugural Book Cart Drill Team
assemble the treats sent out     Section Luncheon guest              Competition. Finally, writers
for National Library             Catherine Gilbert Murdock,          Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum
Worker’s Day…                    reference wiz Marie L. Radford      treated guests at the President’s
                                 and Dr. Toni Samek, recipient       Luncheon to a light-hearted
This year, please jump, dive     of the 2007 Library Journal         presentation on their library
or wade into new                 Teaching Award. In addition,        comic strip, Unshelved.
involvement with the WLA         over 70 exhibitors exchanged
Support Staff Section.           information on library products                    –Catherine Phan
Contact me for ideas at          and services in the exhibit hall,        gamers showcased their prowess
I hope to hear from you and      in the WLA Foundation’s
thank you again for allowing     Fundraiser, Wee? Wii? Que? ...
me to serve as Chair of this     Gaming!
fantastic group.

2009 SSS Annual Professional                                            SSS Chair
Development Conference                                                  Recognized
The WLA Support Staff Section is pleased to announce this year’s        Catherine Phan, SSS Chair,
support staff one-day professional development conference: Growth,      and two of her classmates,
Change and Renewal.                                                     Chelsea Couillard and
                                                                        Christina Johnson, were
The conference, co-sponsored by the                                     recognized for their work
MATC Libraries, will be held on                                         with the Red Cliff Tribe in
Wednesday, May 20, at the MATC                                          the fall 2008 issue of the
Truax Campus in Madison. The                                            UW-Madison’s School of
board has put planning into high gear                                   Library and Information
to bring you another creative and                                       Studies newsletter, Jottings
informative event. Come hear                                            and Digressions. A nice
keynote speaker Rachel Singer                                           photo of the group
Gordon discuss the Cross-                                               accompanied the picture.
Generational Workforce: What                                            The students worked to
defines a generation? What is essential                                 identify community priorities
to succeed in today’s multi-generational work environment? How to       and find ways that the
overcome differences and recruit, retain and mentor the next            dormant library could be
generation of librarians.                                               revived to address these
                                                                        needs. The group planned to
                   Also on tap: learn more about ALA-APA’s              follow up with information
                   Library Support Staff Certification Program, get     about funding sources.
                   your Web 2.0 fix with an introduction by Joy         The students, along with
                   Schwarz, Web Librarian at Winnefox Library           Professor Louise Robbins,
                   System, and more!                                    presented an overview of
                                                                        their project at last
                                                                        November’s WLA
Look for more news and your registration brochure to come in the        conference.
next few months. Mark your calendars now for a day of learning,
developing, energizing and celebrating of Wisconsin’s library support   To read the article, go to:
                                                   –Catherine Phan      community/alumni/
                                                                                      –Teresa Grimm
 WHEN:      Wednesday, May 20, 2009

 WHERE: Madison Area Technical College Truax Campus
        3550 Anderson Street, Madison, WI 53704

 COST:      $45 WLA members, $60 non-members,
            $28 library student rate

 Additional information online at
Certification                  Tough Times
Update                         Funding shortfalls, shrinking budgets, and layoffs, “Oh my!” It’s a
                               scary time for everyone with a library job as well as those seeking
At the ALA mid-year
                               employment in any sector. If you are employed, no matter what your
conference in Denver,
                               level of satisfaction, you may have been hoping to ride it out until
LSSRT solicited feedback
                               retirement, find a better job or somehow change your work life. This
from members about the
                               downturn in the economy may be the right time for you to take a
new Library Support Staff
                               serious look at what you really want to do, and use this time to work
Certification Program. To
                               toward what comes next.
help members learn more
about the program an
                               Dream about your ideal job--where are you working in this dream,
overview was posted at
                               and what are you doing? Who are your co-workers and what are they
                               doing? Does your dream scenario include a staff of associates or
                               customers, or are you in a room by yourself? Are you energized by
This information is still
                               projects and deadlines or do you see yourself on a beach when the
available if you are
                               creative ideas hit? Knowing yourself and what you really need to be a
interested in learning more
                               happy and productive worker can help you find the right job.
about the development of
the program and the
                               Look around; find people doing what you want to be doing when the
                               time is right to change jobs. Ask people about the rewards and
                               challenges of their jobs. Interview them about the education and
The December 4, 2008,
                               training you would need if you had a similar job. (Hint--don’t make
Library Journal reported
                               them feel like you are out to actually get their job.)
that the certification
program will launch in early
                               You may need to stay in your current position until the economy
2010, a year earlier than
                               improves, but now is the time to lay the groundwork for a career
                               change. You may decide you like your current position, but a change
                               in job duties would be even better. Ask around at work to see what
            –Teresa Grimm
                               training or workshops may be available. Find out if your library sends
                               people to training or is willing to cross-train people. They may offer
                               tuition reimbursement. Look in your community for opportunities to
                               get the kind of skills you will need for your dream job. Start small,
                               perhaps with a one-hour intergenerational workshop, a one-day
                               Photoshop class, then, try a 6-week evening session on management
                               skills or whatever works for you.

                               The economy may be stagnating, but you can be ready for the
                               opportunities that will eventually return. Use these hard times to
                               prepare for the rest of your work life.

                                                                                     –Mary Hayden
Bubble Room
Take a look at a great new resource available for discussing
                                                                     Plan to
marketing issues for libraries as well as marketing trends—Bubble
Room. This Library Journal blog launched on December 8.
Alison Circle oversees the blog, sharing her ideas, answering your
questions and soliciting your input. What a great way to pick up     Library DIY:
marketing tips and share what you’re doing.                          Create,                           Collaborate,
Recent posts have included:                                          Innovate
     •I Saw the Number 5 in Red
     •Marketing Trend #6: Open Brand                                 Annual Conference of the
     •More Bang for the Book                                         Wisconsin Association of
     •Marketing Trend #5: Authenticity                               Academic Librarians
     •Marketing? What U Say?                                         a division of Wisconsin Library
     •Marketing Trend #4: Transparency
     •Jumping The Shark
     •Marketing Trend #3: Cell 2.0
     •Library Branding 101                                           April 21-24, 2009
     •Marketing Trend #2: Responding to the Economy                  Heidel House Resort
                                                                     Green Lake
                                                     –Teresa Grimm
                                                                     Registration deadline:
                                                                     April 10

                                                                     For more information, go to
Library                                                              waal/conferences/2009/
Workers’ Day
In 2009, Library Workers’
Day will be celebrated on
Tuesday, April 14.
Take a minute to thank
a co-worker.

For ideas on how other
libraries have observed the
day in the past, go to:

            –Teresa Grimm
Published three times a year in February, June
and September by the Support Staff Section
of the Wisconsin Library Association.

Editor: Renee Miller
Contributors:  Catherine Phan
               Mary Hayden
               Teresa Grimm
               Danika Morphew-Tarbuck

Send articles for submission to:
         Renee Miller
         Winnefox Library System
         106 Washington Avenue
         Oshkosh, WI 54901

Mark your calendar for the 2009 WAPL Conference                       Support Lines
                                                                      is published three times a year by the
“Saving Our Stories”                                                  Support Staff Section of the Wisconsin
                                                                      Library Association to provide news
May 6th-May 9th                                                       for and about its members.
Glacier Canyon Lodge
Wisconsin Dells                                                       Deadline for next
Registration for the 2009 WAPL Conference is now open!
Go to        May 29, 2009
to download a registration form. You also have the option of
registering online. The conference web page also contains daily and   Send articles for submission to:
“at-a-glance” schedules.
                                                                      Renee Miller
                                                                      Winnefox Library System
This year’s keynote speaker is Emily Sheketoff, Executive             106 Washington Avenue, Oshkosh,
Director of the ALA office in Washington, D.C. Emily will be          Wisconsin 54901
addressing library initiatives in Washington, focusing on the
economic stimulus, Intellectual Freedom and library advocacy.         920-236-5224

This year, “Saving Our Stories: A Reader’s Advisory
Post-Conference” will also be offered.

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