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Teaching Portfolios

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									Teaching Portfolios

Instructor College Reading Club
        October 27, 2005
       Patricia B. Yocum
 "Bringing the „Invisible‟
       into Focus:
Teaching Portfolios for the
  Instruction Librarian"

      by Jane P. Tuttle
        LOEX 1999
        pp. 141-149
Basic Assumptions Re the Instruction
   Teaching is the primary role

   Little training for it in graduate school

   Must learn, refine craft on the job

   Teaching may be underappreciated or even invisible to others
    (administrators & teaching faculty)

   Teaching portfolio can help:
        Improve teaching
        Document contributions
The Teaching Portfolio
   Collection of materials which document

   By 1999 used in 400+ colleges & universities in
    US and Canada

   Captures all professional activity with “direct
    support for student learning”

   Regularly updated
What a Portfolio Contains
   Several reflective, narrative sections
       Teaching responsibilities
       Teaching philosophy
       Teaching strategies
   Supporting documentation
       Student papers
       Evaluations from students, peers
Developing a Portfolio
   Mentor
       Provides guidance
       Helps keep process on track
       Is invaluable
   Initial process takes ~ 15 hours
   Portfolio held in notebook or binder
   Keep up-to-date especially comments part
Parts of a Portfolio
    Teaching responsibilities
    Philosophy
    Methods and strategies
    Effectiveness
    Improvement
    Future goals
    Appendices
        Supporting material
Value of a Portfolio
   Process focuses librarian‟s efforts
   Improves teaching w benefits to librarian
    and students
   Captures all aspects of teaching
   Assessment
   Can be shared
   Promotes understanding and respect
    among classroom faculty of librarian‟s
    teaching role
   "Creating the developmental
teaching portfolio: a great tool for
 self-assessment experience at the
  University of Arizona Library"

  Ann Lally and Ninfa Almance Teejo.
  College & Research Libraries News
  v. 59 no10, Nov. 1998, pp. 776-778
   Basic premise: “The new academic library will be
    a teaching library”

   Paper resulted from participation in doctoral
    research project

   Project
       Create a developmental teaching portfolio
       Involved 10 librarians
            meet 2 hrs/monthly x‟s 8 months
            work with researcher for guidance and help
Types of Portfolios
   Summative
       Teacher‟s best work
       Used for assessing job performance

   Developmental
       Components help librarian self-assess
       I.D. areas for improvement

        Librarians chose this type
Portfolio Components
   CV
   Teaching philosophy
   Statement of teaching responsibilities
   Sample of teaching artifcats/indices
   Written reflection
Curriculum Vitae
   Provides framework for reflecting on
    current duties
   Forces annual updates
   Encourages comprehensive, long term
   Helps formulate future direction
Teaching Philosophy
   Reflects beliefs re education and its
    connection w librarianship
   Concerns how we teach and how it
    intersects w student learning
   Considers issues and complexities
    affecting our teaching
Teaching Artifacts/Indices
    Lesson plans
    Assignments
    Observation reports
    Evaluations from faculty, students
    Conference presentations
    Articles authored
Written Reflection
   Ties all together
   Helps assess abililites and experiences
   May prompt questions such as:
       How did I perform as a teacher?
       What were the students like
       What went great? Not so great? Why?
       What do artifacts say about the expereince?
       Is my philosophy reflected in how I teach?
    What changes are in order
    What is needed to implement them
    What steps are next

    In summary
        A process for growth
        A for continual assessment and improvement
Questions for Discussion
    Would the time required to create a
    portfolio be worth the investment?
   Is a developmental portfolio realistic for UM
    Library instruction?
   Will having portfolios gain us standing with
    the teaching faculty at UM?

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