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									                                 International Student Brochure

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise

                                            Integrating Business & Learning

            A New Zealand Government Tertiary Institute
2       Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise

    Welcome to Southern Institute of Technology
                                               The Southern Institute of Technology           SIT has around 13,000 full and part-
                                               (SIT) has a proud history of education         time students. It is big enough to
                                               and training and is located in Invercargill,   offer variety and a student culture,
                                               New Zealand, with smaller campuses in          yet small enough to retain a friendly
                                               both Christchurch and Gore. For over 30        atmosphere. Also, the cost of living in
                                               years SIT has been providing students          the South is competitive, whether you
                                               with quality education across a range of       choose to live in a Hall of Residence
                                               subject areas and at a variety of levels.      or live in a flat. However, our real
                                               SIT offers over 130 programmes. These          drawcard is our southern hospitality
                                               include certificates, diplomas, degrees        and unique outdoors; full of adventure
                                               and postgraduate study, as well as             and recreational opportunities through
                                               SIT2LRN Flexible Learning, vocational          to extreme sports challenges. Southern
                                               preparation and personal development           Institute of Technology is at the heart
                                               courses. The variety enables you to enter      of the innovative South and we look
                                               your training at the level that suits you      forward to you joining us soon.
                                               and to progress as you are ready. Many
                                               of our programmes link to higher level
                                               qualifications at SIT and other institutions
                                               in New Zealand and throughout the
                                               world. We are constantly developing
                                               these relationships to ensure that our         Penny Simmons, CEO
                                               graduates have maximum mobility.

                                                                                                                 Invercargill campus

    The PGDipBE provides a strong focus        a level where the transition to self
    on the design and development of new,      employment, or to a work or research
    entrepreneurial business ventures from     based business environment, is a
    theoretical, applied, technology driven    seamless and natural progression.
    and research based perspectives.
                                               As a result of this training and
    We expect graduates from PGDipBE will      experience, graduates from the
    have acquired an enhanced ability to       programme will be able to work as
    work collaboratively and constructively    self-employed practitioners, or pursue
    as entrepreneurs with a range of people,   national and international professional
    situations and locales. Graduates will     careers with commercial bodies and
    also bring a highly-focused approach       agencies.
    to independent investigation and
    research, and to innovative ideologies     We invite you to learn more about our
    and practices. Both these skill areas      innovative programme.
    encapsulate the essence of the study
    methodology of the programme. The          Bharat Guha
    ability to work alongside a variety of     Business Manager
    lecturers, mentors and professional
    practitioners, as well as the discipline
    of self-reliance, will be developed to
                                                                                                                        Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise                                       3

Programme Outline
The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise is a full-time one-and-a-half year programme, comprising coursework and a research
dissertation. The programme is designed for graduates who hold a degree – or qualification/experience deemed equivalent – in any
discipline, and who have an active interest in studying innovation, entrepreneurship and business enterprise management. Graduates from
the PGDipBE programme will be equipped with advanced analytical skills, enabling them to identify opportunities for future employment
and self employment, based on the creation of new, innovative and economically viable business enterprises.

Programme Content
The coursework component is conducted on campus in Invercargill and students are expected to study the following 6 papers plus a paper
on Research Methodology.

 Research Methodology                Introduces students to research techniques that are commonly applied within a business environment.
 Business Enterprise                 Covers the principles, theory and practice of innovation and new venture development
 Entrepreneurship and                Provide students with a detailed understanding of the principles, theory and practice of enterprise and new venture
 Innovation                          development, an awareness of and the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, attitudes and attribute.
 Enterprise ICT                      Provide students with an understanding of the forms and methods of information communications technology.
 Business Enterprise                 This paper develops the theoretical and practical constructs that define business enterprise management, by providing
 Operations: Marketing               students with a detailed, practically based, understanding of the operational aspects of a new business enterprise.
 Human Resource                      Provide students with high level skills in assessing human resource performance and management issues in the context of
 Management in                       new business enterprise.
 Financing Enterprise                Provide students with a sound grasp of the theory, principles and practice of financial management of business
                                     enterprises, including those that are owner operated and controlled.

The Research Dissertation
PGDipBE students, including international students, are free to carry out the research dissertation from anywhere in New Zealand or
overseas and are only required to be in regular communication with the designated dissertation supervisor to ensure that the student is
progressing with the research dissertation.

The research dissertation allows students to select a topic of choice centred on an innovative, knowledge based business venture, for
which they formulate an initial research proposal and feasibility study (including marketing and financial plans), with a view to developing
a full research based business or strategic plan which forms the major part of the dissertation proper. The topic of choice must have a
sound academic base from which the business or strategic plan is developed.

Programme Structure & Pathways
The PGDipBE programme has been designed to offer integrated study                                                         Course Work
and independent research in six key areas of business operation.                                                        6 months (Note 1)
These core studies are advanced further through a paper in research
methodology leading to a one-year research dissertation in business
                                                                                                                       12 months (Note 2)

                                                                                                                         PGDipBE Award

                             Work in New Zealand                           Business Set-up                           Advanced Standing to                                   Skills Migration
                                   (Note 3)                                   (Note 4)                                  MBA (Note 5)                                         to NZ (Note 6)

 1. Course work              The coursework component is conducted on campus in Invercargill and students are expected to study 6 papers plus a paper on Research Methodology.

 2. Dissertation             Students may do the dissertation from anywhere in NZ or overseas. They however are required to keep in regular communication with their course supervisor.

 3. Work in New              On completion of the PGDipBE, graduates are entitled to a Graduate Job Search Permit for 12 months. This permit entitles graduates to stay in the country to find suitable
    Zealand                  employment.

 4. Business Set-up          Use the knowledge that you have acquired during the course to establish a viable business in New Zealand or overseas. Students may be eligible for free NZ company
                             incorporation services provided by Concordia Institute of Business.

 5. Advance standing         Institutions offering MBA programmes accept advance standing credit transfers on a case-by-case basis. Please check with the institution you are proposing to transfer
    to MBA                   credits to.

 6. Skills Migration to NZ   Currently, completion of this postgraduate course entitles graduates to 50 points towards their application for migration to New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant
                             Category. Graduates who find employment in Southland are entitled to a bonus 10 points for migration. Please see for more information. Currently
                             there are significant job opportunities in Southland.
4        Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise

    The Southland Business Incubator
    A key feature of the programme is to           Event Management, Restaurants, Web
    integrate your learning with real world        Developers, Digital Media companies and
    business experience.                           Tourism-based companies.

    PGDipBE students’ experience of business       Each student and their business plans are
    enterprise is generated through the            assessed to ascertain that the Southland
    Southland Business Incubator: an applied       Business Incubator is an appropriate
    business unit dedicated to start-up            environment and that the proposed business
    businesses. The Business Incubator will act    project is viable. The nature of student’s
    first and foremost as a focus of interaction   proposed business may require it to be
    between the polytechnic and local industry.    situated elsewhere within New Zealand
    More specifically, the PGDipBE is integrated   or overseas, which students may arrange
    with the Incubator, providing a setting for    independently. Students are provided
    experiential learning as students move         with support throughout their stay at the
    through the various stages of structured       incubator. We will also assist in securing the
    learning and research into their new           appropriate advice on relocating businesses
    business ventures. Examples of business        from the incubator to a commercial
    that have established itself from the          property to ensure a smooth transition into                          A workstation at the
                                                                                                                Southland Business Incubator
    incubator are Energy Efficiency Consultants,   mainstream business environment.

    PGDipBE Student Profiles
    Brandon Terekia                                                        Heather McDiarmid
    My initiation into the Incubator                                       For the past two years, I have
    was through close friends who                                          been a resident of the Southland
    at that time were studying the                                         Business Incubator, working on
    course. Having already started                                         my clothing label “The Rational
    a successful small home based                                          Dress       Company”,       during
    graphic design business I was                                          this time I gained invaluable
    having trouble growing the                                             knowledge and advice from other
    business and needed not only                                           incubator residents. Graduating
    more help but an opportunity                                           with Certificates in Fashion
    to step back from business                                             Design and Apparel Machinist,
    and look at it from a different                                        I have developed invaluable
    perspective. The Post Graduate                                         relationships with the SIT staff
    Diploma in Business Enterprises                                        and students in this exciting field
    delivered such an opportunity.                                         of Fashion and Design. This year
    The facilities are superb with                                         I undertook the PGDipBE, which
    well resourced offices, good                                           has, lead me to become the
    support networks and motivating tutors. The course content             facilitator of the newly developed fashion incubator onsite. I look
    enabled me to look objectively at my business and identify             forward to helping other clothing designers develop their labels in
    strengths, weaknesses, threats and even opportunities I would          this collaborative environment at Southern Institute of Technology.
    never had seen if I had remained a home based venture. I would
    strongly recommend this course to any prospective student at any
    stage in their entrepreneurial development!
                                                             Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise   7

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise
Concept and Initial Business Plan Description
(You may attach additional pages if space is insufficient)

 Your Name



 General Background

 The Proposal

 Description of the Business Idea


 Who will be buy goods/services from this business?

 Main activities

 What will the business do, specifically?
8     Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise


    What drives the profits, and why will they be sustained over time?


    What financing will the business need in general terms?

    Unique/competitive features of the business

    What is the particular difference about this business that will make customers want to buy from you rather
    than your competition?

    Future direction

    What are your visions and ambitions for this business?

    Employment producing business

    What employment opportunities do you think this business will create?
                                                                    Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise         9

Tuition Fee
The International Student fee is NZ$18,000. The fee quoted
includes New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST). Medical
and travel insurance is also a compulsory requirement. Please
contact us if you wish us to arrange insurance.

Programme Intakes
The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise has course
start dates in February & September. However since the
courses are modular in nature, students can be admitted at
other times at the discretion of the faculty.

Application Criteria
Bachelor Degree preferred but not necessary. Diploma
candidates with work experience will be considered. All
applicants must have a business proposal or idea that they
wish to develop.

Applicants, who come from a country where the language of
instruction in schools is not English, must provide evidence
of academic IELTS 6.0 or having passed such tests of English
language competence as have been approved by the
Academic Board. An overseas Bachelor’s Degree completed
in English will be considered as evidence of adequate English
Language proficiency.

Satisfactory Completion
Every candidate for the Postgraduate Diploma in Business
Enterprise is required to follow to the satisfaction of the Board
of Studies, a programme of study for a minimum period
of one and a half years. The overall programme of study
for every candidate requires 186 credits. Every candidate
is required to: Pass six papers totalling 60 credits. Attend                                                  Library
the research methodology classes (6 credits) and have an
approved research proposal. Students are also required to
pass the research dissertation of 120 credits.

                                                                                                         SIT students
10       Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise

     Enrolment Procedure
     To enrol on the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise programme:

         1. Read the International Student handbook (available also at
         2. Read the application form and conditions carefully.
         3. Complete the application form and the Concept and Initial Business Plan
         4. Please also supply the following:
                 ƒ A copy of a recent IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent English proficiency test
                   result if your undergraduate qualification was in a language other
                   than English.
                 ƒ A certified English transcript of your academic records,
                 ƒ Details of relevant work experience.
                 ƒ A passport photo
         5. Fax your enrolment form to +64-9-3795705 and airmail the original
            documents to:
                      Southern Institute of Technology
                      Auckland Information Centre
                      P.O. Box 911-312
                      Auckland Mail Service Centre
                      Auckland, New Zealand
         6. If your enrolment is successful, we will send you an Offer of Place and an
            invoice for the programme.
         7. You can make payment to Southern Institute of Technology by bank draft,
            telegraphic transfer or credit card.
         8. As soon as your fees is received, we will courier a receipt back to you.
            You will require this receipt, along with the Offer of Place, to obtain your
            Student Visa.
         9. Applications for a Student Visa should be sent to your nearest New Zealand Immigration office.

     Student Services
     SIT provides a warm and friendly            and assist with life issues and        Health and Counseling
     campus environment and students are         accommodation and even student         Our Health Centre provides a free and
     supported in their study through the        visa and academic concerns. After      confidential service to all students,
     following:                                  hours the International Student        with a registered nurse on duty daily to
                                                 Advisor can be contacted on a 24       help students with any health-related
     Facilities                                  hour free to call number.              issues. If you have issues that are
     On campus SIT offers all the modern       ƒ Native Speaker Support – SIT           troubling you, and you want to talk to
     facilities you would expect for an          provides native speaker support for    someone about them, a counsellor is
     institution of its size.                    Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese     also available. Counselling can help you
                                                 speakers. This service would need      look at the issues and make changes if
     Library                                     to be requested through our            you want to. The Nurse and Counsellor
       ƒ Computer labs with 24 hour              International Student Advisor.         are located in the Student Centre of the
       ƒ access                                ƒ Airport Pick up: When you arrive at    Tay Street campus.
       ƒ Cafeteria                               Invercargill, our staff or your host
       ƒ Gym                                     family will meet you and take you      Academic Support
       ƒ Hairdresser                             to your homestay accommodation.        The Learning Assistance Unit provides
       ƒ Massage Centre                                                                 workshops and individual assistance
       ƒ International Kitchen and           Accommodation                              in almost anything that might help
       ƒ Common room.                        Kiwi Homestays – homestays can be          students improve their study habits,
                                             arranged by the international office.      along with other problem areas. All
     Guidance and Support                    Students should first identify their       services provided at the Learning
     All SIT students have access to the     preferences on the application form.       Assistance    Unit  are   completely
     following services while studying at    Information on alternative forms of        confidential.
     SIT:                                    accommodation, such as boarding
       ƒ Pastoral Care                       and flatting, can also be provided and
       ƒ International Student Advisor –     recommended by the international
          available on campus to discuss     office.
                                                                                Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise    11

Important Information
Full details of visa and permit requirements and advice on rights to employment in          International Student
New Zealand while studying are available through the New Zealand Immigration                Refund Policy
Service, and can be viewed on their website at www.immigration.govt. nz You
can also download the forms from the website.
                                                                                            The formula for calculating a
Code of Practice for the Pastoral                                                           refund is as follows:
Care of International Students SIT has agreed to observe and be bound by the
Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, published by              Student Visa denied
the Minister of Education. Copies of the code are available on the Ministry of              Full refund.
Education’s website at www.
                                                                                            14 days or more prior to com-
Eligibility for Health Services                                                             mencement of study
Most international students are not entitled to publicly-funded health services
                                                                                            Full refund of tuition fees less
while in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may
                                                                                            10% administration fee. No
be liable for the full cost of that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly-
                                                                                            refund of registration fees.
funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health, and can be
viewed on their website at
                                                                                            Less than 14 days prior to
                                                                                            commencement of study
Medical and Travel Insurance
SIT requires all international students to have comprehensive medical and travel            Full refund of tuition fees less
insurance. We will arrange insurance for the period of your enrolment. To be                10% administration fee. No
exempt from this insurance you must provide us with proof (translated to English)           refund of registration fees and
that your medical and travel insurance adequately covers you during your enrolment          homestay placement fee.
at SIT. SIT’s preferred insurance provider is Unicare, who have specifically tailored
their policy to meet the needs of SIT students. www.uni-                           In first seven days of study
                                                                                            A deduction of 30% of tuition
Accident Insurance                                                                          fees to cover administration
The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New               expenses. No refund of home-
Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand. You may still be         stay placement, registration or
liable for all other medical and related costs. Further information can be viewed on        agent’s fees.
the ACC website at
                                                                                            After seven days
                                                                                            No refund.
                                                                                            International students may, in
                                                                                            certain circumstances, apply
                                                                                            in writing for a compassionate
                                                                                            refund. This is only considered
                                                                                            when withdrawal circumstances
                                                                                            are beyond a student’s control.
For further information, please contact:
Southern Institute of Technology

Auckland Information Centre:               Campus:
Tel: +64 9 3795700
Fax: +64 9 3795705                         133 Tay Street
P.O. Box 911-312                           Invercargill,
Auckland Mail Service Centre,              New Zealand.
Auckland, New Zealand
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