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									Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC)/ OpenHand Case Study
In the world of magazine and newspaper publishing having accurate, independent circulation figures is essential.
These numbers are the barometer of media success, and the currency with which advertising is bought and sold.
In the UK those numbers are provided by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC), a not-for-profit organisation that is
owned by the media industry. ABC audits the circulation figures for the majority of national and regional
newspapers; consumer and business magazines and on-line publications as well as attendance figures at selected

With thousands of titles to be checked and certified, ABC’s auditing team is kept very busy. Much of their time is
spent at publications’ offices up and down the country, away from ABC’s headquarters in Berkhamsted,
Hertfordshire. As a result, auditors had limited access to email, calendars and contact information, not to mention
company documents, which was causing a great deal of frustration as well as reducing productivity.

Phil MacLeod, Head of IT at ABC explains: “With so many of our key people working remotely as an essential part
of their role, we needed to ensure a seamless method of communication between them and our base. Each of our
auditors is issued with a laptop, but they needed to find an opportunity to dial up and get a connection to our
systems. This wasn’t always easy, and it wasn’t particularly effective or efficient. Like all modern organisations we
rely on email to contact each other, our members and our customers, so we decided to look at a mobile email
system which would give our remote workers the ability to communicate in real time.”

In Summer of 2004, ABC, through its telecoms broker, Olive Communications, looked at a number of options and
eventually selected OpenHand Mobile Email Software.

MacLeod comments on ABC’s choice: “We looked at other market leading products but we weren’t that impressed
– either with the costs involved or the way the system was managed. However, OpenHand fitted our existing
infrastructure perfectly; it had minimal management overhead; and it’s highly secure as standard.” In fact,
OpenHand provides its users with the highest level of security. To prevent unauthorised access, the server sits
within ABC’s firewall and uses 128bit Advanced Encryption Standard which scrambles information being
transmitted from the server to the device. No data is ever stored on the mobile or laptop but it remains on the
Exchange server instead. This ensures that if the device is lost or stolen, no important or confidential data will be

In addition, OpenHand is not tied to a specific network or appliance so customers like ABC are able to stay with
their existing mobile carrier and simply negotiate a separate rate for data transfer. Phone bills are kept low
because OpenHand compresses the amount of data moving between mobiles, making the transfer quicker.
MacLeod adds: “We also found that the OpenHand interface is highly intuitive, with only one application which
covers email, contacts and calendar. It can also be used on all kinds of mobile devices – exactly the kind of
functionality we were looking for. What’s more, with OpenHand we have direct access to the development team,
so our requirements and comments can be incorporated into the next release of the software. OpenHand was by
far the best, most flexible and cost effective option for us.”

In September 2004, ABC trialled OpenHand Mobile email with five users. Because OpenHand integrates
seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook – ABC’s existing email and contacts application – the installation was a
painless procedure. OpenHand staff were available to provide support both onsite during the initial phases, and
then remotely to ensure that ABC were able to take advantage of the software as swiftly as possible. The trial
proved a great success and the software was then rolled out to the remaining user group of auditors, senior
directors and IT support staff in November.

With OpenHand Mobile email in place, ABC’s remote workers have been able to benefit from instant access to and
from the office, and can communicate in a fast, efficient and secure fashion. Updated information is available
immediately, with the result that communications have improved in general. And as staff frustrations over their
inability to communicate effectively have diminished, so productivity has improved.

Phil MacLeod concludes: “Deploying OpenHand is the best change we’ve made in some time. A key objective for
us at ABC is to empower our people with the best tools available to do their job. OpenHand certainly fulfils that

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