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 A case study for learning better maintenance practices

 ATLANTA, GA – Tensar Corp, a subsidiary of Atlantec International, is a major
 manufacturer of preventive soil erosion geogrid systems and other similar mesh-type
 products made from plastic resins. Growing demand for their products and services put
 additional pressure on operations to produce more with an increasing eye on quality.
 The maintenance department needed to do their part to meet these stringent demands.

Company Background                                             “Alternatively, we’d
Having a 24/7 operation puts a lot of pressure on any          have too much            “We can now see
maintenance department. Equipment needs to be reliable         inventory of parts
and ready to work at all times. Without adequate tools to      or supplies we           what’s happening
do the job, the maintenance department was always              rarely used”.
playing catch up trying to get everything done. Bill Curtis,   Daugherty went on        on the shop floor”
Maintenance Manager reflected, “We needed a system              to say, “Physical
that would support change. Scheduling, Work Orders,            counts were
Inventory, PM’s and pretty well everything else needed         pushed off until the
some level of overhaul if we would ever stand a chance         last minute and only got done once a year. It took 2
at getting ahead of the work”.                                 people 6 weeks to complete and by the following month
                                                               we knew the figures were off again”.
The Challenge
Looking back in time to when Tensar was still doing all        The Solution
maintenance administration processes manually, work            Tensar looked at several CMMS/EAM applications before
orders were frequently written on pieces of paper or in        choosing Directline from Megamation Systems. “We had
some cases issued verbally, schedules were a luxury and        been looking at several better-known applications before
inventory availability was unpredictable and rarely known.     we looked at Directline”, recounted Curtis. “But once we
“Without the proper information, tools or parts, we wasted     looked at Directline, we knew it had the functionality to
a lot of time. PM’s were virtually nonexistent. Feedback       keep it on the list. As we moved further in the selection
from the floor was intermittent at best. We didn’t have a       process, we had a pretty good idea that Directline was
good handle on what was being done or how much it was          exactly what we needed. The fact that it was a service
really costing us”, explained Curtis. Further review           and not just an application sealed its fate”. Bill was
showed the absence of reporting on work done resulted          referring to the comprehensive service offering
in uncontrolled repairs of reoccurring problems. Lack of       surrounding the Directline application. Megamation offers
information prohibited any form of root cause analysis,        an online hosted solution, which includes the application,
subsequently leading Tensar to throw good money after          all the administration services, hardware, database and
bad. Inventory was another core area that needed               3rd-party support applications such as email,
attention. Work scheduled could not be completed               spreadsheets for ad hoc reporting and AutoCAD Viewer.
because the parts could not be found. “We knew the             When we compared the pricing model of Directline to the
parts were someplace but finding them was another               other applications, it was clear that Megamation had an
story”, said Dave Daugherty, the person responsible for        advantage over the rest.
Inventory Management and Control.

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The Benefits of our All-inclusive, Modular Service for Existing Clients

“With other solutions, we needed cash up front for               Daugherty. “Work orders create demand on the
licenses and the infrastructure to support these                 inventory and issues are automatically recorded. For
applications. We also needed to budget for the                   those parts that we have flagged for automatic reorder,
implementation, training, modification costs, technical           the system takes care of the rest”. Dave continued,
                                                                 “Having the information to make proper decisions on
support, and regular maintenance as well as our own
                                                                 inventory and being able to predict what parts are going
internal IT resource costs”, said Curtis. “But because           to be used, gives us the ability to reduce inventory cost
Directline is a comprehensive service that includes all of       substantially”.
these components in their monthly subscription fee, we
were able to get more than we thought we could afford.           Dave has been able to change physical counting
The only thing we really needed from our own IT                  processes and frequencies to take advantage of the
group was access through our firewall”. “The training            automated processes found in Directline. “We’re now
process worked to our advantage as well. Rather than             doing frequent Cycle Counting and it’s only taking 35-45
sending our people offsite for a couple of days, the             minutes a week. In addition to knowing what we have
Directline training was done over                                                       and where it is, we also know how
the internet. It was a                                                                    much it costs and where we got
personalized program that we                                                              it”. Using this information means
were able to do a couple of                     Some of the Key Benefits for
                                                                                          that Tensar has much better
hours at a time without                                     Tensar                        control over their entire
interfering in our daily                                                                  inventory and can now work
operations”. Within a month of             ‣ More accurate work scheduling                toward reducing inventory costs
starting the project, Tensar was                                                          further while still maintaining
using Directline to schedule               ‣ Better information delivered to              appropriate levels to meet work
work more efficiently and build                                                           order requirements. Being able
work orders that not only                    people doing the work
                                                                                          to change the way work is done
had all the information their                                                             is one thing. Being able to
maintenance people needed, but             ‣ Access to the system from remote
                                                                                          analyze the results of change
because the inventory is part of             locations with notifications tied to         and how it affects the bottom
the system, they are now able to             email providing 24/7 access                  line is another. Directline’s built-
ensure that the parts are                                                                 in report writer is providing
available and the technicians              ‣ Enhanced reporting of work                   management with information
know exactly where to find them.                                                          that is helping them to assess
                                             resulting in improved decision
“Having the right information at                                                          and evaluate maintenance and
the right time has allowed us to             making of future work                        inventory operations in an effort
do more with what we already                                                              to achieve peak performance
have. Information is flowing both          ‣ Reductions in inventory                      through continuous
ways. Maintenance people are                 redundancies and costs                       improvement. “We’ve done a lot
now able to automatically report                                                          thanks to Directline but we still
on what was done, what                     ‣ More efficient use of time and               have a lot to do”, concluded
equipment was affected and                   materials                                    Curtis.
what parts were used in the                                                               “But with the help of Directline
process”. This information is                                                            and the account management
invaluable for analyzing the health                                                   team at Megamation, we can finally
of the facilities and all its assets; allowing Bill and his      see the light
team to make sound decisions on whether or not to
repair or replace assets based on reoccurring costs.             DirectLine is a world-class online CMMS/EAM
“We can now see what’s really happening on the shop              service offered globally through an all-encompassing
floor and can make decisions based on our                        monthly subscription. With
observations that are proving to save us money”.                 hundreds of customers throughout North
Tensar continues to take advantage of the Inventory              America and Europe of various sizes and
module to better manage inventory in all its stores.             industries, DirectLine continues to benefit a
Directline has given us the tools to catalog and report on       broad range of maintenance
over 3000 stock items across multiple stores”, said

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