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Advertiser's Media Kit by kxz62905


        Media Kit

AANMA Celebrates 22 Years of
Helping America Breathe Easier
        Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA) is the leading non-
        profit organization dedicated to eliminating suffering and death due to asthma,
        allergies and related conditions. We’re helping America breathe easier . . . one
        family at a time.

        AANMA’s core areas of expertise are education, advocacy and community outreach.

        Education: AANMA’s flagship publications – Allergy & Asthma Today magazine
        and The MA Report newsletter – and Web site ( are consumer
        lifelines to medical news and healthy living. We give families practical resources
        they can use at home and in the medical care setting.

        Advocacy: AANMA’s campaign to ensure students’ rights to carry and use
        lifesaving asthma and anaphylaxis medications at school – signed into law by
        President Bush in 2004 and implemented in more than 40 states – won the
        prestigious 2006 Summit Award from the American Society of Association
        Executives and The Center for Association Leadership. • AANMA recently convened
        the MDI Transition TEAM, a working group of patient and professional healthcare
        associations and pharmaceutical manufacturers, to help patients make a smooth
        and safe transition from CFC-propelled metered-dose inhalers (MDIs) to HFA MDIs
        and other alternate medications. • AANMA’s Consumer Health Alliance for Safe
        Medication (CHASM) is working to protect patient access to safe, effective FDA-
        approved nebulizer medications and educate patients, medical care providers,
        legislators and government agency representatives about the issue.

        Outreach: AANMA’s outreach service coordinators, volunteers work directly
        with families across the country and educate local organizations about asthma
        and allergies. • AANMA’s “Allergies & Asthma At School” kit provides tools
        students and families can use to keep schools healthy places to learn. •
        “Respirando con AANMA,” a culturally competent Spanish newsletter, educates
        Hispanic families living with allergies and asthma. • AANMA’s annual Breathing
        Matters™: Advocacy Conference and Asthma Awareness Day Capitol Hill events
        highlight emerging allergy and respiratory issues. • AANMA responds directly to
        patient concerns by phone and e-mail through our “Ask AANMA” information

                                 2751 Prosperity Avenue, Suite 150
                                       Fairfax, Virginia 22031
                                 Tel: 800.878.4403 or 703.641.9595
                                          Fax: 703.573.4403
                                     Web site:

                                                 A L L E R G Y & A S T H M A T O D AY A D V E RT I S E R ’ S M E D I A K I T
                                                                              Editorial Mission
                                                                              Allergy & Asthma Today helps consumers create a
                                                                              healthier tomorrow with timely, practical and medically
                                                                              accurate strategies to overcome, not just cope with,
                                                                              asthma and allergies. We offer consumer-friendly
                                                                              resources and advice to help families make informed

                                                                              Editor in Chief
                                                                              Nancy Sander, president and founder of AANMA, is
                                                                              editor in chief of Allergy & Asthma Today magazine. Ms.
                                                                              Sander is a prolific writer of asthma and allergy publica-
                                                                              tions, children’s books and videos. She is a frequent
                                                                              speaker at conferences nationwide and testifies at the
                                                                              national and state levels on patient rights to safe, reli-
                                                                              able medications and health care.

                                                                              Ms. Sander also participates on asthma- and allergy-relat-
                                                                              ed committees, boards and government panels,

                                                                                      G American Academy of Allergy, Asthma &
                                                                                          Immunology: Assessment of Ozone-Depleting
                                                                                          Agents Committee and Lay Charitable
                                                                                          Organizations Committee
                                                                                      G   American College of Allergy, Asthma &
                                                                                          Immunology: Public Relations Committee
                                                                                      G   National Institutes of Health, National Heart,
                                                                                          Lung, and Blood Institute: National Asthma
                                                                                          Education and Prevention Program
                                                                                          Coordinating Committee
                                                                                      G   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Indoor
                                                                                          Air Quality Partners
                                                                                      G   U.S. Food and Drug Administration:
                                                                                          Allergenic Products Advisory Committee,
                                                                                          Pulmonary-Allergy Drugs Advisory
                                                                                          Committee, and Office of Special Health

                                                                              Editorial Staff
                                                                              AANMA’s talented columnists work with our members
                                                                              and experts in the field to develop content that meets
                                                                              consumer needs. AANMA Medical Editors – a panel of
                                                                              highly qualified asthma and allergy medical profession-
                                                                              als and consumer advocates – ensure all content is
                                                                              medically accurate and relevant to our core audience.

A L L E R G Y & A S T H M A T O D AY A D V E RT I S E R ’ S M E D I A K I T                                                             1
Audience and Features
                                        Families who read Allergy & Asthma Today
                                        are interested in what you have to say!

                                            99% have at least one person in their house-
                                                       hold with asthma

           57%                              97% have at least one person in their house-
                                                       hold with allergies
           indicated they trust
           a company more
                                            83% have children living in their household
           after seeing an                  58% asked their healthcare provider about a
           advertisement in                            medication they saw advertised in
           Allergy & Asthma Today                      Allergy & Asthma Today

                                            46% purchased a product in the last 12
                                                       months after seeing it advertised in
                                                       Allergy & Asthma Today

                                            78% hold at least a 4-year college degree
                                            29% completed a post-graduate degree
                                      $109,000 average household income
                                     45.3 years average age
                                                        Source: 2006 survey of Allergy & Asthma Today readers.

                                     Circulation 100,000 +

    I have been receiving the
    AANMA magazine for some
    time now and I take it to the
    doctor’s office if I want to                          50%                                                 35%

    explore a new medication.
                                                          Families                   Professional Members
                   Laura Sepulveda
                   San Antonio, TX

                                                           10%                                                    5%
                                               School Nurses                           AANMA Community

2                                               A L L E R G Y & A S T H M A T O D AY A D V E RT I S E R ’ S M E D I A K I T
                                                                              I so look forward to getting my AANMA
                                                                              magazine. The information is informa-
                                                                              tive and helpful, and it is reassuring to
Departments                                                                   know that I am not alone in my struggle
                                                                              with my daughter’s asthma. Thank you

                                                                              for all that you do for families dealing
AANMA Challenge                                                               with asthma and allergies!
Tips for patients and
                                                                                                             Danielle Driscoll
healthcare providers on
how to “live smarter, not
                                                                                                             Columbus, OH

                                                                              I found a copy of your magazine in my

Recent asthma and                                                             doctor’s office. It was an answer to a
allergy research                                                              prayer. My son has severe asthma and
                                                                              I’ve been looking for a support group in
                                                                              my area but can’t find one. I know now

Para Respirar Mejor
Spanish-language articles                                                     that I am not alone.
(part of AANMA’s Hispanic                                                                                   Rhonda Rodgers
Outreach Program)                                                                                              Quitman, AR

Advocates In Action

Local, state and national                                                     Thank you for opening up a whole new
advocacy successes                                                            world of information to me and my
                                                                              family. I never knew how much I needed
Medical News                                                                  to learn about asthma until my son was
Breaking news and                                                             diagnosed. I love your mailings! It’s great
medical terms in
                                                                              reading how others have learned to live

language patients
can use                                                                       an active life.
                                                                                                             Diane Tompkins
                                                                                                              Bay Shore, NY
All In Good Taste
Food allergy research,
tips and recipes

Federal Page
Updates on government
health initiatives and
                                                                                         Davey Awards
                                                                                 AANMA’s “Home for the Holidays” article
                                                                                (Fall 2006 Allergy & Asthma Today) was selected
                                                                               by the International Academy for the Visual Arts
                                                                              as a 2007 Davey Award winner for individual
                                                                              achievement in illustration. In the multi-page cate-
                                                                              gory, AANMA’s article “Good Food and Lots of
                                                                              Play” (Spring 2007, Allergy & Asthma Today) also
                                                                               received a Davey Award.

                                                                                 The Davey Awards honor exclusively the
                                                                                  achievements of creative work based on
                                                                                    the strength of the “big idea” behind

A L L E R G Y & A S T H M A T O D AY A D V E RT I S E R ’ S M E D I A K I T                                                      3
 Advertising Rates and Requirements
                                    2009 Advertising and Publication Calendar
                                     ISSUE                 Ad Close Date          Ad Materials Due Date                    Publication Date
                                     Winter              December 5, 2008              December 12, 2008                    January 26, 2009
                                     Spring                March 13, 2009                 March 20, 2009                       April 20, 2009
                                     Summer                  June 5, 2009                  June 12, 2009                        July 13, 2009
                                     Fall              September 11, 2009             September 18, 2009                    October 19, 2009

                                    2009 Advertising Rates
    Contact Information             Please note: All rates are NET to AANMA and do not include any additional agency fees. Rates
                                    are subject to change.
       For questions regarding
            special insertions or    4 COLOR            1x Insertion        2x Insertion              3x Insertion                4x Insertion
     placements and any other
                                     1 Page                  $6,310              $6,170                    $6,030                      $5,890
          information, contact:
                                     2/3 Page                $4,640              $4,555                    $4,470                      $4,385
                  James Byles        1/2 Page                $3,800              $3,710                    $3,620                      $3,530
         Advertising Director        1/3 Page                $2,530              $2,475                    $2,420                      $2,370
     Allergy & Asthma Today          1/6 Page                $1,260              $1,230                    $1,200                      $1,170
      2751 Prosperity Avenue
                     Suite 150
                                     B&W                1x Insertion        2x Insertion              3x Insertion                4x Insertion
            Fairfax, VA 22031
         Phone: 202.973.6448         1 Page                  $4,420              $4,325                    $4,230                      $4,140
            Fax: 202.318.7653        2/3 Page                $3,540              $3,460                    $3,380                      $3,300         1/2 Page                $2,650              $2,590                    $2,530                      $2,485
                                     1/3 Page                $1,790              $1,750                    $1,700                      $1,665
                                     1/6 Page                  $885                $865                      $840                        $820

                                     SPECIAL         1x Insertion           2x Insertion              3x Insertion                4x Insertion
                                     Cover 2              $7,540                 $7,385                    $7,230                      $7,075
                                     Cover 3              $6,850                 $6,700                    $6,570                      $6,430
                                     Cover 4              $7,425                 $7,280                    $7,130                      $7,000
                                     AANMA Challenge      $7,425                 $7,280                    $7,130                      $7,000

                                    Advertisement Sizes

                                     Full Page                  7.000” x 9.375”           1/3 Page Horizontal                    7.000” x 3.000”
                                       Full Bleed              8.250” x 10.750”           1/3 Page Vertical                      2.125” x 9.375”
                                       Trim                    8.000” x 10.500”           1/3 Page Square                        4.500” x 4.500”
                                     2/3 Page Vertical          4.500” x 9.375”           1/6 Page Vertical                      2.125“ x 4.500”
                                     1/2 Page Horizontal        7.000” x 4.625”           1/2 Page Vertical                      3.375” x 9.375”

4                                                                              A L L E R G Y & A S T H M A T O D AY A D V E RT I S E R ’ S M E D I A K I T
Design Specifications and Digital Requirements
PDF is the required file format for                                • Advertiser-supplied disks must be   printing complications that may arise
Allergy & Asthma Today materials.                                    accompanied by a color-accurate     due to receipt of nonconforming
• Must be high-resolution/press-                                     proof with specs.                   materials.
  optimized PDF files.
• Linescreen should be at 133. Live                             Advertising materials should be          Handling and Disposition of
  matter should be .25" from trim.                              shipped to:                              Advertising Materials
  Must include crop marks.                                      AANMA                                    All advertising materials should be
• All photos/halftone images must be                            Attn: Managing Editor                    shipped securely packed and
  at least 300 dpi and sized at 100%                            2751 Prosperity Ave., Suite 150          identified as to issue(s) of insertion,
  for best printing results.                                    Fairfax, VA 22031                        advertiser, agency of record and
• Four-color ads must have all images                           800.878.4403                             any special instructions. Materials
  converted to CMYK. RGB and                                                                             received for insertion will not be
  Pantone spot colors are not                                   All advertiser-supplied materials are    released until after publication of
  acceptable.                                                   presumed to be correct and in accor-     issue. Requests for return of materials
• All fonts must be embedded in the                             dance with stated requirements.          must be done in writing.
  PDF and be Type 1.                                            Publisher will not be held liable for

   Advertising Criteria
   Allergy & Asthma Today magazine is the official                                         avoidance or other accepted allergy and asthma
   publication of Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers                                         management tools.
   of Asthmatics (AANMA). AANMA is committed to                                          G Advertisements may not make negative
   providing its members with truthful and scientifically                                  statements about a competitor's product.
                                                                                         G Advertised products must make no written or
   supportable advertising, information and editorial
   content. To that end, AANMA is selective in the
   number and types of advertisements accepted.                                             visually implied health claims that cannot be
   Advertisements that adhere to the following criteria                                     scientifically substantiated. Advertisements that
   will be accepted:                                                                        include scientific or medical claims should
                                                                                            include appropriate footnotes/references, and
          G Advertising content for pharmaceuticals,                                        advertisers must provide AANMA with scientific
              devices, or household products should advance                                 or medical materials that support any claims.
                                                                                         G Advertisements should look different enough
              patient understanding of what the product is
              and how it fits into the medical or practical
              treatment of their condition. Advertisers are                                 from editorial pages that readers can tell the
              cautioned against using highly technical                                      difference. Any advertisement that resembles an
              terminology, slang or obscure language. Two                                   editorial story or feature should be labeled with
              examples of commonly used but frequently                                      “Advertisement” at the top of each page in type
              misunderstood terms include “controller” when                                 as prominent as the magazine's normal body
              referencing medications taken daily or “rescue”                               type.
              for medications taken to prevent exercise-
              induced asthma, to treat early warning                                 All advertising is subject to preapproval by AANMA,
              symptoms or to halt sudden life-threatening                            the Allergy & Asthma Today review board and/or
              episodes of asthma.                                                    medical advisory board. AANMA may reject or cancel
               AANMA will work with advertisers – at no cost                         any advertising for any reason at any time.
               – on language that accomplishes our mutual
               goals of patient education and assistance.                            Allergy & Asthma Today and AANMA make no claims
                                                                                     or endorsements about products, services, or therapies
          G Advertisements may not state or imply through                            advertised and encourage readers to contact
              graphic images that use of a product or                                advertisers to ask questions about products and
              medication will eliminate the need for allergen                        services offered.

A L L E R G Y & A S T H M A T O D AY A D V E RT I S E R ’ S M E D I A K I T                                                                     5
          Allergy & Asthma Network
            Mothers of Asthmatics
           2751 Prosperity Avenue, Suite 150
                Fairfax, Virginia 22031

            800.878.4403 •

AANMA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization.
Your donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law.

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