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					                                                                                                           June 2008
             SHIP Profile

  Colorado Senior Health Insurance Assistance
  Program (SHIP)
  A Program of the Colorado Division of Insurance, Funded by CMS

         Table of Contents               What Is a SHIP?
                                         The State Health Insurance Assistance Program, or SHIP, is a Federal grant program
What Is a SHIP?                1
                                         that helps States enhance and support a network of local programs, staff, and volunteers.
Program At A Glance            1         Through one-on-one personalized counseling, education, and outreach, this network of
                                         resources provides accurate and objective information and assistance to Medicare
Biography of                   2
SHIP Director
                                         beneficiaries and their families. This allows the recipients to better understand and utilize
Ms. Liz Tredennick                       their Medicare benefits.
SHIP Highlight                 2         SHIPs help beneficiaries identify and understand programs and plans, including
Local SHIP Programs            2         Medicare prescription drug coverage, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare supplemental
                                         insurance policies, Medicare Savings Programs, long-term care insurance and financing,
Special Populations            2         and other public and private health insurance coverage options. SHIPs also assist eligible
                                         participants in enrolling in these programs and plans.
Partner Organizations          2

                                         PROGRAM AT A GLANCE
 SHIP is a volunteer-
 based organization with                 SHIP Name:
 more than 120 volunteers                Colorado Senior Health Insurance Assistance
 statewide. If you are                   Program (SHIP)
 interested in volunteer-
 ing, please contact                     SHIP Director:
 Liz Tredennick at                       Ms. Liz Tredennick
 303–894–7552 or
                                         Program Phone Number:
 liz.tredennick@dora.                             1–888–696–7213
                                         Program Address:
                                         Colorado Division of Insurance
                                         1560 Broadway
                                         Suite 850
                                         Denver, CO 80202
                                         SHIP Web Address:
                                         State Hosting Agency/Location Within the Agency: The Colorado SHIP is a program of
                                         the Colorado Division of Insurance, within the Colorado Department of Regulatory
                                         Approximate Number of Beneficiaries Served for Grant Year 2007
                                         (April 1, 2007–March 31, 2008): 31,277
 Profile information maintained by the   Number of Beneficiaries Served per 1,000 Beneficiaries in State for Grant Year
 SHIP Resource Center
 Phone: 1–800–253–7154                   2007 (April 1, 2007–March 31, 2008): 60.5
Page 2                                                                                                       June 2008
Since 1986, Ms. Liz Tredennick has worked with senior service programs of several not-for-profit organizations in Colo-
rado. She began working with the Colorado SHIP in July 2005 under the direction of Bob Pierce, who developed Colo-
rado’s SHIP in the early 1990s. She became Colorado SHIP’s administrator when Mr. Pierce retired at the end of 2005.

For the past 3 years, the Colorado SHIP has developed and printed (in a newspaper tabloid format) a comprehensive guide
that lists all plans offering Medicare Part D insurance. The guide contains information about the plans and provides a pa-
per search guide of the 150 drugs most often taken by seniors and each plan’s coverage of these drugs. For those who
can’t access the Medicare plan finder Web site, this printed guide provides a way to compare and choose a drug plan.

LOCAL SHIP PROGRAMS                                                                   Special Populations Served
The toll free number (1–888–696–7213) routes by telephone prefix to the
following locations:                                                                  Colorado SHIP has a Spanish
                                                                                      language SHIP counselor who
Alpine Area Agency on Aging                          Silverthorn                      provides telephone counseling
Archuleta County Senior Services                     Pagosa Springs                   services throughout the State.
Boulder County Aging Services                        Boulder
Centura Health Insurance Counseling for Seniors      Denver
East Central Council of Local Governments            Stratton
Garfield County Retired and Senior Volunteer         Glenwood Springs
Program (RSVP)
La Plata County Senior Services                      Durango
Lower Arkansas Valley Area Agency on Aging           La Junta
Mesa County RSVP                                     Grand Junction
Northeast Colorado Area Agency on Aging              Fort Morgan
Poudre Valley Hospital                               Fort Collins
Routt County Council on Aging                        Steamboat Springs
RSVP Colorado West                                   Montrose
Senior Insurance Assistance                          Colorado Springs
Senior Resource Development Agency                   Pueblo                                    We’re on the Web!
Seniors, Inc.                                        Trinidad                        
Seniors’ Resource Center                             Wheat Ridge
                                                                                              Local Help for People
Upper Arkansas Valley Area Agency on Aging           Salida                                      With Medicare
Weld County RSVP                                     Greeley

♦   Access to Benefits Coalition        ♦ 	 La Plata County Senior Services       ♦ 	 RSVP Colorado West
♦   Alpine Area Agency on Aging         ♦ 	 Lower Arkansas Valley Area Agency     ♦ 	 Senior Insurance Assistance
♦   Archuleta County Senior Services        on Aging                              ♦ 	 Senior Resource Development
♦   Boulder County Aging Services       ♦ 	 Mesa County RSVP Program                  Agency
    Division                            ♦ 	 Northeast Colorado Area Agency on     ♦ 	 Seniors, Inc.
♦   Centura Health Insurance                Aging                                 ♦ 	 Seniors’ Resource Center
    Counseling for Seniors              ♦ 	 Parkview Hospital Volunteer           ♦ 	 Upper Arkansas Valley Area Agency
♦   East Central Council of Local           Services                                  on Aging
    Governments                         ♦ 	 Poudre Valley Hospital                ♦ 	 Weld County RSVP
♦   Garfield County RSVP Program        ♦ 	 Routt County Council on Aging