; FUNdaMENTALs of A Win Win Conflict lifemates
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FUNdaMENTALs of A Win Win Conflict lifemates


FUNdaMENTALs of A Win Win Conflict lifemates

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                                               WORKSHOP OUTLINE

                                                   Understanding FUNdaMENTALs
                                                   Learn about the FUNdaMENTALs Learning Blocks and Whole-Brain
                                                   Creative and Learning concepts and how it relates to developing and

                                                   maximizing human capital.
                                               •   Conflict          Creates Opportunity                             Fo r
                                                   Attitude          Alignment
     A Win-Win                                     The attitude of an aircraft describes its relation to the horizon. When
                                                   climbing it is described as a Nose High Attitude. Nose Down indicates
                                                   a diving position. Since the performance of the plane depends on it’s

      Conflict                                     attitude, it’s necessary to change the attitude in order to change the
                                               •   Listening With Heart
                                                   It is often said that 90% of conflict in the home and on the job stems
FUNdaMENTALs is an “out-of-the-box”                from a lack of clear communication. In a recent survey taken amongst
                                                   Fortune 500 CEO’s they list communication skills as the single most
program that is designed based on the              important element for success. We need to remember that when a
                                                   person comes to work they enter as a WHOLE person including HEAD
Whole Brain Thinking and Learning                  (their knowledge), HEAND (their skills and experience) AND their
concepts. Learning is most fundamentally,          HEART (their values and emotions.) To be effective communicators we
                                                   need to engage all three components.
a MENTAL process. The more mentally            •   People Are Different But Predictable
challenging and stimulating an activity is,        Just like snowflakes or fingerprints, people are different. Each of us is
                                                   the culmination of our “gene pool,” our education and experiences. We
the greater the extent of learning. It also        differ in our thinking and learning prefernces and even our basic values.
holds true that for there to be maximum            However, once we understand an individual’s behavioural style we also
                                                   understand their predictability.
impartation of knowledge and transfer of       •   The Key Is Found In Understanding
skills, every learning experience should be        An intriguing challenge is to “understand why others often
                                                   misunderstand you!” The place to begin is by understanding yourself.
FUN.                                               The DISC instrument is a tool designed as a personal communication
                                                   analysis. The DISC Profile can help us to understand the differences in
                                                   people, provide a personal review of each individual’s strengths and
                                                   limitations and can give an action plan to improve relationships.
                                               •   For Ultimate Success Learn To Blend
                                                   There are situations that require long-term behavioural modification.
                                                   Often we can augment our weakness with the strengths of our
                                                   colleagues or life mates. But, the most common application is to have
                                                   immdediate rapport with another person by understanding their style
These are the two basic cornerstones on            and BLENDING for the short term.

which the concept of FUNdaMENTAL is            •   I Understand That Winning Starts
based. The idea of FUNdaMENTAL (the “d”            Inside Me
                                                   The internationally famous motivational author, John Maxwell, once
stands for design and “a” for application)         said, “Winning doesn’t start around you – it begins inside you!”
amplifies the fact that everything should be       Companies often approach me and ask me to “Motivate” their staff!
                                                   Tidak munkin! Impossible! I cannot motivate you. Your company
a matter of fundamentals.                          cannot motivate you. A raise in your pay sounds good but in reality that
                                                   lasts as a motivating factor for only three pay periods! But, we can
                                                   create an Atmosphere of Motivation that may stir up that magic inside

TARGET PARTICIPANTS                            •   For A Conflict Free Zone – Add
Managers, leaders, supervisors          and        P.E.R.K.S.
                                                   To lower staff turnover and boost morale we don’t always have to offer
general staff.                                     more money. Sometimes we need to look at adding a few PERKS. In
                                                   order to facilitate “Win-Win” Conflict Resolution our suggestion is to
                                                   adapt the following:
DURATION                                           P – Participation
                                                   R – Recognition
                                                                         E – Environment
                                                                         K – Knowledge            S – Style
2 Days

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