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									Credit Scores and Your Home Loan – Tanya Davis
(SEO written for a California Home Refinance Company)

Factors Influencing Your Home Loan

Bad credit doesn’t have to mean that you can’t refinance. With today’s low interest rates,
you should be able to take advantage of the savings even with bad credit. At [Company],
we work directly with lenders every day who can save you thousands. Even if you’ve had
slow or bad credit, we can give you the names of lenders who will work with you to
refinance your California home loan.

Your credit score shows loan companies how much of a risk they’re taking when they
loan you money. People who have better credit scores can borrow more easily and
usually are offered better interest rates. So it’s important to keep your credit score high by
doing things that will improve it.

One easy way to keep your credit score in the high range is by paying your bills on time
every month. Keeping your bills current shows your willingness to repay your debts. If
you’ve missed a payment, catch up and then keep it current. Consolidating debt so that
you have fewer payments can help you keep track.

Your credit score can be hurt by opening too many accounts. Only open as many
accounts as you need. Your score can also be hurt if you open and close accounts too

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    How to Improve Bad Credit

[Company] doesn’t examine your credit score. We supply you with the names of lenders
who can work with you to help refinance your home loan. Once you’ve started the loan
process, those lenders will want to pull your credit score. It’s good to check on it
yourself, before you start the loan process, to be sure there are no mistakes or

If you have bad credit, it can be easily improved in a few months’ time. Keeping lower
credit card balances can help your score tremendously. In order to lower the balance,
don’t be tempted to just rearrange the debt. Pay it down instead. Also, don’t be tempted
to close credit cards you aren’t using. This won’t raise your credit score, because lenders
see the opening and closing of many accounts as a problem.
If you’ve gotten behind on a loan payment or credit card payment, contact that lender
immediately and make arrangements for payment. Once you’ve begun to repay the loan,
keep it current. The faster you create a clean credit history, the faster your score will

At [Company], we’re here to help you find lenders who will refinance your California
home loan, even with bad credit. We realize that bad credit can happen in spite of your
best intentions. When you register with us, we’ll provide you with the names of qualified
lenders who will help you get a home loan, with or without a poor credit history. We
match you with lenders who are right for your financial situation. Register today at

Fixing Credit Report Errors

Many people go to get a home loan or a mortgage refinance only to find out that they
can’t get one, at least not as easily as they’d hoped, because of errors that are present on
their credit report. These errors can cost you the interest rate, the terms, or maybe even
the entire loan.

Credit reports often contain inaccuracies. Unfortunately, those go unnoticed until you are
doing something big, like applying for a home loan. Suddenly the unpaid bill that is
mentioned on your credit report costs you. It may cause you to have to take a higher
interest rate on your loan. You may not even be eligible for the loan because of this
mistake on your credit report.

If you feel that your credit report contains false information, it is easy enough to correct
it. Simply notify the credit bureau of the account number, stated facts, and true
circumstances surrounding the event. They investigate every complaint. If it was falsely
reported, it will quickly be resolved. It’s a good idea to check your credit report every so
often for details like these help you to maintain a vigilance.

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Bad Credit? Find a Home Loan Anyway!

[Company] specializes in helping you find a home loan provider who is right for your
financial situation. Even if you have bad credit, you should be able to refinance your
home. At [Company], we’re here to help you do that. Our free service provides you with
the names of competitive lenders who are willing to work with you. We give you current
information on all the steps of the loan process. We have facts about debt consolidation,
when to refinance, how much you can save, and more.

If you have bad credit and you’re already a homeowner, we consider that a plus. We can
help you look for a loan that exactly fits your needs. Credit scores do matter, but that’s
only part of your financial story. You may also have hard-to-prove income, or you may
carry a large amount of debt. We take all these things into consideration when we search
our up-to-date database for the lender that’s right for you.

If you’re refinancing to get a lower interest rate, then you’ll save money over the entire
life of the loan. That means that you’ll have a chance to free up some cash, which can
then be put toward the debts that are holding back your credit score. You’ll end up saving
twice over as you reduce higher-interest debts.

Registration with [Company] is free. There’s no waiting and no hassle. Simply fill out the
form and we will begin our search through hundreds of lender names to find four that fit
your criteria. It’s that easy! Register today at www.[Company].

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