2006 What If Advertising Campaign

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					2006 What If Advertising Campaign
         Results Review

         PCI Summer Conference
               June 2006

•   Campaign overview
•   Quantitative results review
•   Lead generation
•   Web results
•   Next steps
                                          Campaign Overview

1. Change the specifier’s perception of precast as
   an inflexible product best suited for parking
   garages to a flexible material/process that
   enables great design and new possibilities.
2. Position PCI and Certified-Producers as the
   complete precast information and solutions.
•   January – June, 2006
•   $250,000 media investment
•   2-page spread ads
•   Media:
     – Print; Architectural Record, ENR, Architectural Products, BD&C,
         Construction Product News
     – Web; Campaign landing pages
                           The Positioning Story inside the Ads

         Explore possibilities
         and change minds
         with a simple question

Precasters are providers – the term
providers positions PCI-certified
providers as complete suppliers of
design support, engineering and
manufacturing services.

   Transition from concept to finished
   structure suggests the collaboration
   and customizable material properties

  “Discover the freedom of precast” is
  a call to action, inviting readers to use
  precast in new ways
                                           Quantitative results:
                                                         BD&C, January

o Q-scores are completed by Harvey Research, a third party quantitative research firm.
o Q-score correlates ‘seeing/remembering ad’ with ‘specify product/service in ad’.
o January Prince of Peace was ranked #1 in total performance.
        Advertiser                               Q-Score
        PCI                                      220
        Average Q in this issue (of all ads)     109             2X better than
        Adobe Systems                            196             average of all ads
        Lehigh Cement Co.                         95
        American Inst of Steel Construction 138
        Oracle                                   138
        Steel Joint Institute                     98
        Pella                                    198
                                                   Quantitative results:
                                     Architectural Record, February

o   Prince of Peace performing in Top 1/3 of all ads. Excellent (inside cover) placement in this
    issue helped drive response. Performance versus select advertisers is found below:
           Advertiser              % Saw ad         % Read ad         % Found Interesting *
           PCI                             76                 28            32
           High Concrete                   58                 27            30
           Portland Cement Assoc.          53                 15              7
           Altus Group                     48                 14            21
           Vulcraft (Nucor Steel)          62                 19            11
                                                    * of those who read ad
                                          Lead generation

Generating leads was not a campaign
objective, however:
• Bingo cards received:
   – 184, Architectural Products
   – 16, Building Design & Construction
• Web landing pages:
   – 52 lead of which 15 requested “immediate support on a
     current project”
                                  Integrated Web

Micro websites supported each ad:
  www.pci.org/ideas             www.pci.org/solve
                                                                   Web results

• Conclusion: web media increased overall
  campaign performance
                      Solve (Engineer ad)         Ideas
  Month                                       (Architect ad)
  March                      1,330                2,358
  April                       938                 2,157
  May                         734                 2,400
  June (6/1-11)               194                  667

                  Note: Data from January to March not available
                  due to change in hosting arrangement.
                             Summary & Next Steps

• Strong creative grabbed attention and interest
• Excellent placement (front 1/3 and inside cover)
• Integrated print/web drove thousands of visitors to new
  PCI web site
• Leads were generated for specific business

Next steps
• Evaluate and decide, do we extend campaign with
  additional media and creative development?