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									                         ADVERTISING 250 - Principles of Advertising

This introductory survey course will introduce you to the various sides of the advertising industry.
During the term, you will be exposed to the relationship between advertising and marketing,
research and planning, media and creative, and issues involving the societal impact of
advertising. Upon completion of this class, you should have a broad understanding of the
advertising industry and important insights into what is required for effective advertising.

Required Textbook:

O'Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 3rd edition, 2003.


Attendance/ Participation 10%
Homework Assignments (10) 20%
Quizzes (5) 10%
Projects 20%
Presentation 10%
Exams (4) 30%

Grading scale is as follows: A= 90% or higher; B+=88-89%; B+80-87%;C+=78-79%;C=70-77%;
D=65-70%;F=lower than 65%. Rounding is at the discretion of the instructor and should not be

Class Participation

This course covers a large amount of material, and regular attendance is required to succeed in
this course. Attendance may be taken at any time and will be included in the assessment of a
student’s performance. In addition, it is expected that students will behave in an appropriate and
courteous manner, which includes arriving on time, leaving at dismissal, not disrupting the class
(which includes side conversations during lecture, talking on cell phones, playing on computers,
etc.) -- in general, respecting both the instructor and fellow students.

The format of class sessions centers around the presentation and discussion of material.
Students are encouraged to contribute their ideas and comments in class and pose questions for
discussion. In addition, we will be utilizing discussion boards for the course, which will hopefully
inspire some creative thinking and discussion of issues related to consumer behavior.

Written Assignments

Homework and project assignments are due at the time designated by the instructor. If an
assignment is turned in late without prior agreement by the instructor, points will be deducted
from the individual. All written work must be neatly typed, and presented as you would for a
professional job (fancy report binders are not necessary).

Assignments turned in more than 2 class periods past the due date will not be accepted!


Unannounced quizzes will be given during class. The quizzes will cover material discussed
previously during class as well as material in the text, readings, or any other presented during
class. There will be no make up quizzes given. Rather, the lowest quiz score will be dropped.
Project Presentation

Each team will present their project to the class. This presentation should be approximately 15
minutes in length and should include a brief situation analysis, including description of the target,
a media plan and creative strategy/ execution with justification - just as you would to a client. It is
recommended that all members of the team present, to give experience in public speaking/

Peer Evaluations

At the end of the term, each student will have the opportunity to evaluate each of the other
members of their group. The average of each student’s peer evaluation will be used to weight
their grades for the cases and the project. If you do not cooperate and contribute, your grade will
reflect this, so it is in your best interest to work together.


Four exams will be given during the course. Each exam will cover all textbook material and class
discussions that precede it. They will consist of both multiple choice and essay questions. Critical
to the exams is the understanding of the material and the ability to integrate and apply it.

Make-up exams
All make-up exams are ESSAY due to the time required to make up additional multiple choice
tests. They will be allowed under extreme circumstances, but MUST be cleared with the instructor
by either:

* Providing adequate cause for missing the exam. Written documentation must be provided.

* Notifying the instructor 24 hours in advance in writing.

Failure to comply with the above requirements is sufficient cause to receive a grade of 0 on the
missed exam.

Grade posting

Grades will be available during the term at the class meeting when assignments are returned. In
addition, grades will be available on the Blackboard system.


The course site on Blackboard ( will be where announcements regarding class are
posted, including cancellations, special assignments, etc. It is critical that you check Blackboard
regularly. Also, I will use Blackboard in sending individual e-mails, so your UT e-mail account
must be in good standing and able to receive e-mails. You can also have e-mail sent to your UT
account forwarded to another e-mail account, such as hotmail or aol, that you check on a regular

Questions are encouraged either in class or at other times. The best way to reach me outside of
class is by e-mail, which I will check at least twice a day. If your question needs an immediate
response, you can call me at home between 9am and 8pm any day. (Your class participation
grade may suffer should you call at any other time than this!) If I am not home, there is an
answering machine to leave a message. Make sure you leave your name and number where I
can reach you, and the best times to return your call.

Honors violations
Academic dishonesty will NOT be tolerated. and a failing grade will result, as per the UT honor
code: "As a student of the University, I pledge that I will neither knowingly give nor receive any
inappropriate assistance in academic work, thus affirming my own personal commitment to honor
and integrity." Refer to Hilltopics for further discussion of this policy.

Disability Statement

It is the student's responsibility to inform the instructor of any disabilities which may affect their
ability to satisfy the requirements of this class. The UT Office of Disability Services (191 Hoskins
Library, 974-6087) has the appropriate forms and related policies to ensure proper registration for
services. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that they are properly registered for disability


The dates and scope of the syllabus may need to be altered during the course to allow for
unforeseen events. These changes will be announced in class. It is your responsibility to be
informed of any announced changes to the syllabus, whether or not you attend class.

Day - Topic - Read - Homework - Discussion

Tues - Introduction, Requirements

Thurs - Advertising as a Process Ch. 1 Ch. 1, q. 8 positioning

Tues - The Structure of the Adv. Industry Ch. 2 adv. jobs

Thurs - The Evolution of Advertising Ch. 3 Ch. 3, q.1

Tues -- Social, Ethical & Regulatory Ch. 4 Ch. 4, ex. 1

Thurs -- Social, Ethical & Regulatory Ch. 4 debate

Tues -- Consumer Behavior Ch. 5 Ch. 5, q. 3

Thurs -- Consumer Behavior, cont. Ch. 5 Ch. 5, q. 6

Tues -- Consumer Behavior, cont. Ch. 5 Ch. 5, q. 8

Thurs -- TEST 1 (Ch. 1-5)

Tues -- Marketing Segmentation Ch. 6 VALS Ch. 6, q. 8

Thurs -- Marketing Segmentation, cont. Ch. 6 Ch. 6, q. 10

Tues -- Advertising Research Ch.7 Ch. 7, q. 5&8

Thurs -- Advertising Research Ch. 7

Tues -- The Advertising Plan Ch. 8 Ch. 8, net#1

Thurs -- The Advertising Plan Ch. 8
Tues -- International Advertising Ch. 9 Ch. 9, q.5

Thurs -- NO CLASS - work on projects

Tues -- Cincinnati Bell Wireless discussion pg. 335, q. 2&3

Thurs -- TEST 2 (Ch. 6-9)

Tues -- Creativity & Advertising Ch. 10 Ch. 10, q.7
Thurs - break
Tues -- Message Strategy Ch. 11 Ch. 11, ex.2 Ch. 11, q. 1

Thurs -- Message Strategy Ch. 11

Tues -- Copywriting Ch. 12 Ch. 12, q. 4&7

Thurs -- Art Direction & Production Ch. 13 Ch. 13, q.3 Ch. 13, q.6

Tues -- Art Direction & Production Ch. 13 Ch. 13, q.8

Thurs -- TEST 3 (Ch. 10-13)

Tues -- Media Planning, Objective, etc. Ch. 14 Ch. 14, q.1

Thurs -- Media Planning, Objective, etc. Ch. 14 Ch. 14, net#2 Ch. 14, q.6

Tues -- Media Planning: Print, TV, Radio Ch. 15 Ch.15, q.3 Ch. 15, q.6

Thurs -- Media Planning: Print, TV, Radio Ch. 15 Ch. 15, q.8

Tues -- Media Planning: Internet Ch. 16 Ch. 16, q.5&7

Thurs -- NO CLASS - work on projects

Tues -- Support Media, POP, Events Ch. 17 Ch. 17, q.1

Thurs -- Sales Promotion Ch. 18 Ch. 18, q.1 Ch. 18, q.7

Tues -- Direct Marketing Ch. 19 Ch. 19, q.3&7

Thurs -- PR & Corporate Advertising Ch. 20 Ch. 20, q.5&6

Tues -- PR & Corporate Advertising Ch. 20

Thurs -- NO CLASS

Tues -- TEST 4 (Ch. 14-20)

Thurs -- Presentations (3)

Tues -- Presentations (3)

Thurs -- Presentations (3) instructor and peer evaluations

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