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the make a wish foundation

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									The Make-a-Wish Foundation®

        Advocacy Project

     Judit Saenz-Badillos, MD
     Advocacy Project
I trained to become a wish giver
 volunteer for the local chapter of the
 Make-A-Wish foundation of PA.

  To learn about the organization, how it
   works and how I can help.
  To meet with wish children and their
   families to help make their wishes come true.
To grant the wishes of children with life
threatening medical conditions to enrich the
human experience with hope, strength, and
             The First Wish
In 1980 a boy with Leukemia in Arizona dreamed
    of becoming a policemam.
U.S. Customs Special Agent Tommy Austin and
    the Arizona Department of Public Safety
    decided to make his dream come true
Chris was sworn in as an honorary patrolman and
    was given a custom-made uniform, helmet and
    badge. He was taken on a helicopter ride.
Five days later the young State Trooper died. He
    was buried with his uniform and was given a
    police funeral with full honors.
This experience inspired Special Agent Austin to
    continue making wishes come true for children
    and led to the rise of the Make-A-Wish
 The largest wish granting organization in the world

 Formal 501(c3) tax exempt org.

 97,000 wishes granted to date!

 25,000 volunteers

 75 chapters, 5 continents:
           Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium
          South Belgium, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica
          Denmark, France, Greece, Hong Kong
          India, Ireland, Israel, Japan Korea, Mexico
          New Zealand, Panama, Philippines, Singapore
          Switzerland, Taipei, Taiwan, The Netherlands
          United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
                Local Chapter
 Web site:
 Serves the 5 counties of Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks
  and Delaware

                     512 Township Line Road
                     Five Valley Square¸ Suite 103
                          Blue Bell, PA 19422
                    Office Phone: (215) 654-9355
                      Office FAX: (215) 654-9346
                       Toll Free: (877) 663-9474

         5 full time staff / 100 volunteers
         191 wishes granted in ’02-’03 / 1,400+ wishes granted to date
         Professionally run with Formal Board, Governance and
 Children between the ages of 2½ and 18 can be
  referred to the Foundation.

 Wish children are referred from Parents, Guardians,
  Medical Practitioners, or Child themselves

 The child's treating physician makes the final
  determination of whether a child's medical condition
  qualifies him or her for a wish.

 Illness has to be life threatening, but not terminal.

 Is independent of families income.
 After referal the wish goes through a formal review/approval process
 Wish Types:
         I wish to go.. (Disney, Hawaii)
         I wish to be.. (Fireman, Actor)
         I wish to meet.. (Oprah Winfrey, Danny DiVito)
         I wish to have.. (Computer, Hot-tub)
 Average cost of Wish:
        $5K+ in-kind donations
        (air miles, limo rides, products, etc..)

 Most requested wish: Disneyworld
Enriching Life:
            Disney World
 7 days, 6 nights at the Give Kids the World Village-
  Includes breakfast, dinner and snaks.
 30$ per person per day for expense money
 Park tickets including: three day Disneyworld hopper
  pass, one day pass for Universal Park, one day pass for
  Sear World
 Round trip airfare
 Limousine transportation to and from Philadelphia
 Greeters at Orlando International Airport
 Grownd trasportation to and from the parks or a rental
 50$ in Disney money for the wish child.
         Enriching Life
“Andrew was diagnosed with brain cancer in early
April and we have just completed radiation and are
currently undergoing chemotherapy for treatment.
Andrew has not eaten since the radiation began and has
lost many pounds over the past few months.”

“I think the very best part of the trip to Disney for us
was Andrew began eating during our stay at the
village! This is tremendous news for him and all of us
were delighted to see such progress in a week.
Perhaps a change of scenery was all we needed but it
has made us all so happy to have him join us during
mealtime and the color is coming back in his face.”
    Wish Giving Volunteers
 Go through training to learn about policies,
  standards, wish granting steps, protocols and
  forms for the Make-A-Wish foundation.
 Two volunteers are assigned to each local
  wish child.
 They meet the family and interview the child.
 Fill out the paper work with the information
  on the wish and send it to the local chapter.
 With the help of the local chapter the
  volunteers then deliver the wish to the child.
      A Challenging Case
 One of the children I met with was a 4 y.o hispanic
  female with cerebral palsy, mental retardation and
 She was unable to verbalize her wish.
 She requires 24 hour nursing care.
 The family requested a trip to Disney World as the
 How do you determine if this would indeed be the wish
  of the child?
 We met with the patient’s primary nurse, spoke with
  care takers at her school, family members…
 The family will be going to Disney World this summer.
  The child’s nurse will be going with them.
  Do you want to help?
Contact your local office if you are
 interested in:
    Wish granting
    Development and fund raising
    Special events
    Marketing, public relations, and advertising
    Translation services
    Medical outreach
    Web site design
    Do you want to give?
 Giving to the Make-A-Wish Foundation is easy, and
  there are plenty of options. Donations can be received
  online or via mail. From monthly giving to tribute
  donations to workplace giving, generous people make
  the wishes of extraordinary children come true. In
  addition to money or in-kind services, you can also help
  by donating airline miles and hotel points.

 The Make-A-Wish Foundation offers a variety of
  products, including apparel, calendars, holiday cards,
  and other accessories.

       Just go to their website:

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