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					                                     Recruiter Magazine Insertion Order

AD/REP NAME                                                                                          DATE

NAME                                                                                                 DATE
 ADVERTISER BILLING CONTACT INFORMATION                                                             PAYMENT INFORMATION

Name                                                                                                 *Sales Tax if Applicable $                   TOTAL $

Phone                                                            X
                                                                                                     Date                                   Check enclosed

                                                                                                          American Express        Master Card   Visa Exp. Date
 ADVERTISER AD SIZE SELECTION                                        check appropriate box           Card Number

Tab Page                Jr. Page                    Jr. Spread                                       Cardholder name

1/2 Page V or H         1/2 Page Spread             1/3 Page V or H
                                                                                                     Billing Address

1/4 Page V or H         1/6 Page                    *1/8 Page             *Tower

                                                                              *Classifieds Only
 2001/2002 ISSUE DATES                                                check appropriate box          City/State/Zip
2001 issue

Nov. 1                                                                                               Phone

2002 issues
Jan. 1        Feb. 1       Mar. 1         April 1           May 1           June 1

July 1        Aug. 1      Sept. 1         Oct. 1           Nov. 1           Dec. 1                                     PLEASE MAKE A COPY FOR YOUR FILES

 MATERIAL AND REGULATIONS                                                                           SIGNATURE
                                                                                                  Signature Below constitutes advertiser/agency agreement
Contract space is to be used within one year of first insertion date. Recruiter Magazine
is not bound by any conditions appearing on insertion orders or material instructions             to the terms, conditions, and regulations specified above.
that conflict with the previous terms of this Contract. All advertising must be inserted
within one year of contract date to earn any Multi-ad Rate (3X, 6X, 12X, 24X) .                   Name
Charges incurred by client-requested changes in advertising materials will be billed
at cost plus 50%. If an advertiser fails to provide required material to meet issue               Title
deadlines in which space has been ordered, the last published advertisement
available will be repeated. If no advertisement is available, the advertiser will be
billed for the space reserved.
 TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                                                               PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS
                                                                                                  Once the Insertion Order has been signed, please fax the signed
All advertising material is subject to approval by Recruiter Magazine. Recruiter
                                                                                                  document back to your sales representative and mail a signed
Magazine accepts the advertising placed by advertising agencies on behalf of their
                                                                                                  copy of the Insertion Order with your check or money order to:
clients under the rules of agency as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code. As
such, all costs and liabilities associated with the placement of such advertising are             Recruiter Magazine
the responsibility of the company for which such advertising space was ordered.                   ATT. Advertising Sales
Failure on the part of advertising agencies to pay for space ordered does not release
the client company from obligation to pay for all costs contracted on the company's
                                                                                                  427 Bloomfield Ave Suite 201
behalf. Recruiter Magazine reserves the right to determine the suitability of all ads             Montclair NJ, 07042
submitted for publication or distribution, and to reject advertising that does not meet its
editorial or production criteria. Each advertiser will receive three complementary copies
                                                                                                    SALES CONTACT INFORMATION
of the issue in which they Advertise. Additional copies are available for $8.00 each.                Territory            Email
                                                                                                   Northeast Territory      
 PRODUCTION CONTACT INFORMATION                                                                    Southern Territory       
 Jose Chicas                                                                                       Ohio Valley Territory      
                                                                                                   Midwest Territory        
 T. 973.509.2300 X 14
 E.               Online Production Information                           Southwest Territory        
                                                                                                   Northwest Territory        
 F. 973.509.8884                  
                                                                                                             Online Sales Contact Information