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									Misconceptions about Internet-based Marketing So many people know about the Internet, yet only a number of people realize the value and the potential the Internet offers to their business. Even though there are a lot of businesses that have flourished and grown through the powers of the Internet, some companies and marketers are still hesitant to use the Internet as an advertising medium. This is because of some misconceptions that have unfortunately permeated into the minds of some businessmen, especially the inexperienced ones. Because of these misconceptions, some people end up thinking that Internet advertising is up to no good. Here are some of those mistaken concepts about the Internet. Through this article, you can find why these suggestions and common beliefs about the Internet are wrong and unfounded. Through this article, you can also find ways to correct yourself if you are pursuing any erroneous practices based on these misconceptions. In the Internet, You Are One Voice among Many Although that is true, this can be taken another way. This simply means that the Internet is such a big place to do business in and that there are a lot of customers to whom you can offer your products. Just like you have ways of reaching out to many people in a gathering, there are also ways that you can be noticed amid the rabble and manage to get yourself in a position where the users of the Internet will know that you are there waiting for them. Most of the Leads Obtained through the Internet Are Rubbish There is also a misconception among the marketing community that the referrals that you can get from the Internet are simply useless. While it is true that barely a fourth of the total leads that you can harness from the Internet are interested in your offers, part of this stems from the practice of marketers that tells them to concentrate more on getting new leads. This leads them to disregard the leads that they have already made, who are actually people who have at least a semblance of interest in the products that they offer. Sadly, most people are intent on contacting new people, offering their products and moving on to other people when the prospect refuses. This should not be, as these efforts end up in a database of contacts that grows in time as the lead generating efforts also grow. As a result, this database is neglected when they should be nurtured. These are people who are already interested in your products. Just because they refused the first time doesn’t really mean that they won’t budge again on your second proposal. They just lack following up.

Advertising through the Internet Is a Waste of Money and Time While it does take some time and money to advertise in the Internet, it is not a waste of effort. When you start your campaign, you will have to do a lot of things in order to get your new website to the attention of your prospective clients. This would include writing a lot of articles and submitting them to directories. This way, people who read them will be curious about your offer and click on the link included in your tagline. Another way to generate leads through the Internet is through forums. By frequenting forums, you can expose your website through your signature. Through the forums, you can also find people who are expressing their desire and interest for your products as long as you stick to message boards that are related to your niche market. As long as you continue to make quality responses and refrain from directly advertising your website in these venues, you’ll do just fine. Content provided by: www.salesleadsoftware-info.com Visit our lead management software sponsor: www.leads360.com

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