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College for all Texans foundation


									College for All Texans

    AmeriCorps*VISTA GO Center Pilot Program

    Jennifer Tywater, Program Coordinator
AmeriCorps*VISTA Mission
Helping Others Help Themselves

   AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America)
    provides full-time members to nonprofit, faith-based and
    other community organizations, and public agencies to
    create and expand programs that ultimately bring low-
    income individuals and communities out of poverty.
   Through AmeriCorps*VISTA, ordinary people provide
    extraordinary service in more than 1,200 projects
AmeriCorps*VISTA History
1961        President John F. Kennedy launched the
            War on Poverty
1964        President Johnson enacted the Economic
            Opportunity Act, which created a domestic
            volunteer program with 2o VISTAs
1966        3,000 volunteers in 412 anti-poverty
            projects nationwide
1966-2007   Over 140,000 VISTA volunteers serve
             their communities
2007        6,000 Volunteers serving across the
            country each year
 National Service Umbrella


Learn & Serve America         Senior Corp


      NCCC        State & Nat’l     VISTA
    AmeriCorps*VISTA Program Overview
   August 2006        AmeriCorps*VISTA Grant Approved
   October 2006       10 VISTA Volunteers Recruited and
   December 2006      VISTA Volunteers completed
                       AmeriCorps national training and
                       GO Center training
   January 2007       10 VISTA volunteers began service in
                       San Antonio schools
   February 2007-May 2007      Established GO Centers, recruited
                                G-Force members and served
   June 2007-August 2007       Summer Programming, VISTA
                                Recruitment and Training
Program Highlights: December 2006-August 2007
   6, 688   Students and parents utilized the
             VISTA GO Center services
   1,304    Students utilized CIS-VISTA college
             preparatory summer programming
   61       G-Force members to date
   $2,599   In-Kind donations raised
   12       VISTA GO Center sites open in
             August 2007
   20       Str8 to College Pilot Program: CIS,
             AT&T, Frost and College for All
             Texans Foundation
San Antonio Go Center Pilot Program
                      San Antonio Go Centers
                      Communities In Schools -SA
                      CFAT – AmeriCorps*VISTA
                      Texas Campus Compact
                      Catholic Charities-Retired and
                      Senior Volunteer Program
San Antonio Go Center Pilot Program Sites

     7 High Schools
         Harlandale High School
         John Jay High School
         Kennedy High School
         McCollum High School
         Somerset High School
         South San Antonio High School
         West Campus High School
     5 Middle Schools
         Carroll Academy (K-8)
         Gus Garcia Middle School
         Harlandale Middle School***
         Martin Luther King Academy (K-8)
         Wheatley Middle School
      *** Str8 to College Pilot Program Campus
Program Visions for this year

   Expand program to Houston, TX
   Recruitment of additional VISTA volunteers for San
   Recruit VISTA volunteers and VISTA Leaders for
   Create partnerships in Dallas for further VISTA
   Recruit and coordinate community volunteers,
    collegiate G-Force and service learning programs to
    support and conduct direct service with K-12 students
Frequently Asked Questions

   How are VISTAs creating sustainability?
   How do we recruit VISTA volunteers?
   What lessons have we learned so far?
   What opportunities do VISTA’s have after their
    year of service?
   What data are we collecting?
   How does CNCS evaluate our program?

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