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Americas second harvest


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									      Group Members:

   Alberto Aldana
                             Iwona Kowalska
   Kinga Blasik
                             Jacqueline Noble
   Christen Bockenfeld
                             Steven Summers
   Jack Dhepyasuwan
                             Charles Turley
   Lezette Henderson
                             Agata Zgiet
   Monika Kiernoziak
    Hunger in America

   27 million people food insecure
    – 12 million are children

   3.1 million households suffer
    from hunger

   10 million households risk food insecurities
    America’s Second
   Largest hunger organization in the United States

   Provide food assistance to more than 26 million
    – 8 million children
    – 4 million seniors

   Distributed 1.7 billion pounds of food to hungry
The Company’s Mission:

  “America’s Second Harvest is the largest domestic
   hunger-relief organization in the United States. Its
    mission is to feed hungry people by soliciting and
     distributing food and grocery products through a
   nationwide network of certified affiliate food banks
   and food-rescue programs and to educate the public
    about the nature of and solutions to the problem of
                    hunger in America”
           Brief History
   1960’s – John Van Hengel started the first food bank
    in Phoenix, AZ
   1976 – Food bank received government recognition
    to assist in developing food banks             throughout the
   1976 – Tax Reform Act
   1979 – Organization officially incorporated as
                America’s Second Harvest
   1982 – Federal funding discontinued
   1984 – National office moved to Chicago, IL
   1999 – Name officially changed to America’s
    Second Harvest
   2000 – The Company merged with Food chain
   2002 – A2H running over 200 food banks in all         50 states
    Who Does it Serve?
   Number of People Served and Their Gender
   Age of People Served
    – Children
    – Elderly
   Household Composition
   Ethnicity
   Education
   Geography
       Emergency Food
   A2H is the provider network that includes:
    – 26,300 Pantries
    – 5,700 Kitchens
    – 4,100 Shelters
   Food Banks are by far the single most important source
    for most A2H agencies
    – Its network accounts for about 80% of all food banks in this
   Religious organizations and federal government
    commodity programs
 Community Kitchens
 Disaster Relief
 Fresh Food Initiative
 Kids Café
 Seafood Initiative
 Pallet for the Hungry
 Production Alliance
 Relief Fleet
Funding and Donations
     Sources of Food:
      – Food Banks
      – church and religious
      – local merchants
      – local food drives
      – federal food or commodity programs such as
        TEFAP or CSFP
      – state programs
       Funding and
   By donating you can:

    – Help Prevent Waste

    – Keep America’s 2nd Harvest
      System Running

    – Help End Hunger

Make a Donation
Thank you for supporting our efforts to end
hunger in America with your tax-deductible
donation. Every dollar received helps us
secure and distribute 28 pounds of food
and groceries to hungry Americans across
the country.
You can make a contribution in one of the
following ways:
Make a secure donation online.
Make a donation by mail.
Donate stock.
 America's Second Harvest has generous
  support from hundreds of companies
 Partnerships and contributions are able to
  distribute food to feed 26 million Americans,
  upgrade and enhance their network of food
  banks and food-rescue organizations
   ConAgra                     Keebler
   Pampered Chef               Kentucky Fried Chicken
   Kraft Foods                 McDonald’s Corporation
   Sara Lee                    Nantucket Nectars
   Ford Motor Company          Nestle
   General Mills               Starbucks
   UPS                         Sunkist Growers
   Kellogg Company             Taco Bell
   Nabisco Foods               American Airlines
   Frito-Lay                   United Airlines
   Ben & Jerry’s Homemade      Walgreen’s
   Pillsbury                   Dominick’s
   Tropicana                   And hundreds more.
   Johnson & Johnson
   America’s Second Harvest distributed 1.7 billion
    pounds of food
   186 boxes or bags of food during
    a typical week
   On an average day:
    – Pantries distributed 73 boxes/bags of food
    – Kitchen programs distributed 159
    – Shelter programs distributed 80

 More than 940,000 volunteers donate an average of
  43.8 hours of time to hunger relief activities
 More than 90% of both pantries
  and kitchens use volunteer staff,
  76% in shelters
 Many programs rely entirely on volunteer staff,
  only 33% of pantry programs and 55% of kitchens
  have any paid staff at all
   Ways in which you can get involved:
    – Help tutor children
    – Help repackage donated food
    – Bring youth groups to the food bank
      to help sort salvaged food
    – Encourage businesses to donate to
      the food bank
    – Help prepare and serve food at a local community
      feeding center
    – Help transport food to charitable agencies
    – Share your skills
   Where you can help fight hunger in Chicago:
    Greater Chicago Food Depository
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Categories: Community, Emergency &
    Safety, Homeless & Housing, Hunger

    Northern Illinois Food Bank
    Location: St. Charles, IL
    Categories: Community, Emergency & Safety,
    Employment, Hunger, Seniors
             Robert H. Forney
   Received his MBA and BS in accounting and finance from Indiana University
   Prior to 1992 – Senior Vice President of Technology Solution
                     - Senior Vice President of Pansophic Systems
                     - Managing partner of KPMG Peat
                       Marwick Advanced Technologies
   1992 – Became a board member of the Chicago
              Stock Exchange
   1992-1994 – President and Chairman of Fortex
   1995 – Senior Vice President of Bricker & Associates, Inc.
   Sept. 1995 – Named President and CEO of the Chicago Stock
                The only technologist to serve as president and CEO of a U.S. exchange
   May 2001 – joined America’s Second Harvest
   May 2001 – joined America’s Second Harvest

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