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					Your Passion IS Your Success Most successful people will tell you that one of the critical elements of their success was doing what they loved. In response, those seeking success say, “I can’t make money doing what I love.” The counterpoint rings clearly. “If you do what you love the money will follow. If you only focus on the money, you may grow rich, but you will not be happy.” I am sure every reader has heard this several times, but does anyone ever feel a sense of relief that they now have the key to success? I doubt it. In this article I am going to explain why pursuing your passion is the only sustainable path to success. The first thing to do is identify your passion. Your passion is that which causes your whole being to light up. You are in a state of bliss when you do what you love. If you have no idea what you are passionate about do the following exercise. Write one sentence for each of five or ten times in your life when you were really happy and full of joy with what you were doing. Then expand each sentence into several paragraphs that describe the situation, circumstances, your thoughts at the time and the details of your actions. Set these aside for a few hours. When you return, read through each description carefully and note the words or phrases that are common in many of the narratives. This is your passion. Now you must take that passion and direct its use through a purpose, build a vision of what you want, focus your thoughts and efforts, and develop a series of goals. This takes time, but it is critical for you success. Researchers have found that expertise is developed in virtually every field after 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Many argue that talent is not a gift, but rather, it is a result of long hours of training. There seems to be no shortcut for the training. The knowledge that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert is not enough. Every successful person was also able to take advantage of opportunities to practice and learn. This allowed them to continue to hone their skills and become an expert. It is my conclusion that you need to do what you love because it takes a lot of practice to become an expert. This practice requires long hours of challenging work and demands that one be aware of every opportunity available to practice. This requires unwavering focus. A person pursuing his or her passion is also a person in love with an idea. When one is in love, he or she will do anything and everything to be with the person or idea that is the subject of that love. Success depends on doing what you love. If you want to grow your company, you need to engage all of your employees in something they love. It may not be related to their job, but it will improve their performance in their job. Employee morale will improve and engagement will be higher if managers begin to assist the employee in pursuing their passion. I have coached hundreds of managers and business owners through the process of pursuing their passion. I learned first hand that it is critical as a company grows to focus on the passions of all

employees, not just the managers. My experiences and months of research resulted in the creation of a program that engages all employees in their passions. Through the program I developed, called ProfiTornado, every employee will grow. In return, the company will grow as well. Following are two links for you to consider. The first link will provide more information about ProfiTornado. The second link will connect you with a recorded radio show during which I was interviewed. This is a gift to help you improve your business. It is my passion to see the light in a person’s eyes when she has an “Ah ha!” moment. I channel my passion through my writing and coaching so thousands can experience that moment. Take advantage of my passion by helping everyone you know develop their passion. Recommend ProfiTornado to them and send them the link to the radio show. You will build a substantial amount of emotional capital in the process.

### About Tony Bodoh You can contact Tony Bodoh through tony.bodoh at or 877-826-2521. Tony Bodoh is the CEO of Tony Bodoh International. His firm coaches executives to create organizational alignment. With a focus on aligning the thinking, relationships, and processes of an organization, Bodoh has a track record of creating extreme value for customers. Bodoh also uses his expertise to help professionals build successful and significant relationships with their families. As President of Daddy Daughter DaysTM, Bodoh produces live or recorded teleseminars and workshops. If you are interested in improving your family’s relationships, please visit to learn more about Bodoh’s workshops.

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