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					                                                       CONNECT A
                                                  Awards & Training Section
                                        The Natural Environment Research Council
             Polaris House, North Star Avenue, Swindon, SN2 1EU - Tel: 01793 411500 Fax: 01793 411655
        To be completed in 12 point typescript, for information on completion of form please refer to the guidance notes
1. Principal Investigator (Full name and title)
   Je-S ID:
   Current Post & Period held:
   Official Address:

Tel No:                                                     Fax No:
2. Title (not exceeding 150 characters. Complete either a or b):
(a) Proof of concept proposal:

(b) Workshop/Seminar:

3. Abstract (Do not exceed 750 characters)

4. Duration ................Years .................. Months .................. Days   Proposed Start Date ......................

5. Summary of funds requested (maximum of £4,000 Directly Incurred)
Summary fund       Fund heading Full economic Cost [RC] contribution                                       % [RC] contribution
Directly Incurred  Staff                                                                                   80
                           Travel &                                                                        80
                           Equipment                                                                       80
                           Other Costs                                                                     80
                           Sub-total                                                                       80
Directly Allocated         Investigators                                                                   80
                           Estates Costs                                                                   80
                           Other Directly                                                                  80
                           Sub-total                                                                       80
Indirect Costs             Indirect Costs                                                                  80
       6.   STAFF
                                                                                                                                    EFFORT ON
Role                          Name /Post Identifier   JNCHES    Basic Starting     Grade/ Scale         Increment        Start       Period     % of Full       London      Super-            Total of Other        Total cost
                                                                   Salary/                                 Date          Date          on        Time          Allowanc    annuation           Allowances          on grant (£)
                                                                  Starting                                                           Project                      e (£)    and NI (£)        (over period of
                                                                 Spine Point                                                        (months                                                   appointment)
                                                                                                                                        )                                                           (£)
[1 of in order :     [title] [initials] [surname]     [y]      [value]             [text]             [date]        [date]          [value]     [value=<         [value]    [value]               [value]       [calculated
PI,                                                                                                                                                  100]                                                       value]
                     for VR also
Co-I,                [organisation][department]
other staff]

Role               Name                                                    Post will        Contracted working       Total number of hours to be            Average number of           Rate of Salary         Cost estimate
                                                                           outlast          week as a % of full      charged to the grant over the          hours per week              pool/banding
                                                                           project          time work                duration of the grant                  charged to the grant
[1 of in order     [title] [initials] [surname]                            [y/n]            [value]                  [value]                                [value]                     [value]                [calculated
PI                                                                                                                                                                                                             value]
Co-I ]

7. Description of Commercial/Industrial Involvement in the Proposed Research Project.

8. Expected Outcomes and Achievements
9. Description of Proposed Activity and Justification of Resources Sought. (Other costs and other directly
allocated costs from section 5 should be detailed here)
9. Description of Proposed Activity and Justification of Resources Sought, continued.

10. Signatures
I have read the terms and conditions relating to applications for research grants and consent to the use of
data in relation to this application by NERC for the purposes specified in Section 10 of the attached Guidance

                                                                                               Put ‘X’ in box
To be signed by [Name]:                           Signature:                    Date:         only if you do not
Principal Investigator/Institution
                                                                                                  [      ]
Head of Department
                                                                                                   [     ]
Collaborating Agency
and position
                                                                                                   [     ]
Administrative Authority
(State Office held)
                                                                                                   [     ]

Please classify your proposal under the four sections for Science Area, Secondary Classification, Science Topics and
ENRIs (Environmental & Natural Resource Issues). For further information refer to NERC web site:

Science Area (Assign % relevance to one or more              Secondary Classification (Tick any that are relevant, or
Areas in units of 10% and 25%, totalling 100%.)              leave blank, as appropriate)
                                                                             Science                      Cross-     Co-
                                                               Earth                     Polar   Polar
Atmospheric   Earth    Freshwater   Marine    Terrestrial                     Based                      Research   funde
                                                             Observation                 North   South
                                                                           Archaeology                   Council      d

See table below for codes and Annex A in
Guidance Notes for list of definitions
Science Topic (Assign % relevance to                ENRI (Assign % relevance to one or more ENRIs in units of 10%
between one and four Topics in units of 10%         and 25%, totalling 100%)
and 25%, totalling 100%)
  Code        Code       Code         Code                           Environ      Natural
                                                                                                 Global        Pollution
                                                     Biodiversity    Risks &      Resource
                                                                                                 Change        & Waste
                                                                     Hazards       Mgmt
       %           %           %             %


Code                      Science Topic                       Code                      Science Topic
  1     Atmospheric kinetics                                   27     Ocean – atmosphere interactions
  2     Behavioural ecology                                    28     Ocean circulation
  3     Biogeochemical cycles                                  29     Palaeoenvironments
  4     Boundary layer meteorology                             30     Palaeobiology
  5     Climate and climate change                             31     Physics and chemistry of Earth materials
  6     Community ecology                                      32     Planetary science
  7     Conservation ecology                                   33     Pollution
  8     Earth engineering                                      34     Population genetics and evolution
  9     Earth resources                                        35     Population ecology
 10     Earth surface processes                                36     Quaternary science
 11     Ecosystem-scale processes and land use                 37     Radiative processes and effects
 12     Ecotoxicology                                          38     Regional weather and extreme events
 13     Environment and health                                 39     Science-based Archaeology
 14     Environmental biotechnology                            40     Sediments and sedimentary processes
 15     Environmental genomics                                 41     Soils
 16     Environmental informatics                              42     Stratospheric processes
 17     Environmental microbiology                             43     Survey and monitoring
 18     Environmental physiology                               44     Systematics and taxonomy
 19     Geohazards                                             45     Technology for environmental applications
 20     Glacial and cryospheric systems                        46     Tectonic processes
 21     Hydrogeology                                           47     Tropospheric processes
 22     Hydrological processes                                 48     Upper atmosphere processes and geospace
 23     Land – atmosphere interactions                         49     Volcanic processes
 24     Land - ocean interactions                              50     Water in the atmosphere
 25     Large scale atmospheric dynamics and transport         51     Water quality
 26     Mantle and core processes