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					                             Sewer Treatment Plant

One of the exceptional advantages of the Littles Hill subdivision is the state of the
art sewage treatment plant. All the homes in the subdivision will be serviced by
this "environmentally friendly" system, eliminating the need for individual septic
systems. Residents will never have to worry about compliance with Title V or the
expenses and disruption of replacing a failed septic system in the yard. This type
of sewage treatment is time tested and has proven to be a successful method of
effluent disposal for over 25 years. The state Department of Environmental
Protection (DEP) prefers a treatment plant for the environmental protection it
affords you and your neighbors.

The sewage from your home and the other homes in Littles Hill will flow through
pipes under the road to the treatment building where these wastes will receive
advanced treatment. The process is monitored around the clock, and DEP
licensed operators maintain the plant on a daily basis.

Our sewage treatment plant is similar to a private utility. The state DEP requires
the owners have a homeowners association to ensure that each person pays
their fair share of the cost. The developers followed a model used in similar
developments and approved by the DEP for this purpose. Your house lot will be
an Exclusive Use Area owned by the association, as will all the lots in the
subdivision. The association that the DEP requires must meet certain protections
that are only met by a condominium form of ownership in the land. You will own
your house and have the exclusive use of your lot. The protection of this form of
ownership is that the condominium association that owns the land and operates
the treatment plant also has lien authority over anyone who fails to pay the fees
required to run the association.

Each owner will incur a monthly fee to the Littles Hill Condominium Association to
maintain the roads, the treatment plant and all other common areas of the
development. Please contact Lillian Montalto Signature Properties, 888-681-0001
for details.